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Comment Re:And this is one reason why ... (Score 1) 244

We can fly to Mars, but we can't install planet-sized plumbing?

You're trolling, right? Nobody is even proposing to fly to Mars any time soon. You aim yourself at mars and you coast for a long-ass time. Maybe by the time we have the tech to accelerate at 1G halfway to Mars and decelerate at 1G the other half the way to Mars, we'll have the tech to run a fiberoptic link through the mantle. But... probably not.

Comment Re:Abandon hope all ye who enter Slashdot? (Score 1) 40

There have been at times people who identified as full-time programmer employees of slashdot. It is hard to tell if they were just really awful at their jobs or what happened, but they never made any real improvements to the system since Taco's first version. Questions that I do not expect to ever know the answer to (and am not interested in putting any time in to resolving) include how much these supposed programmers were paid and why they were let go...

Could an economic carrot make the difference? Only if the cart is being pulled by a donkey who wants another carrot. Lately it has been hard to tell if there is anything pulling the cart anymore; I've never known a carrot that could bring a donkey back from the dead.

Comment Re:The problem is not the ratio but the total carb (Score 1) 37

Why China? Why not everywhere else. Seems a bit unfair to expect China to stay on bicycles and not adopt ICE and only allow electric if other countries are not willing to do the same. Indeed, whilst the POTUS is promoting Coal as the fuel of the future, China has been promoting renewables. (it sucks that they have all the pollution and disregard for the environment from all the factories).

Because only China is doing this in large part. They have the top emissions worldwide. The US & Canada are both dropping.

it's 2017, not 1997. wake up.

Comment Most of this comes from certain Net block regions (Score 1) 158

Just don't let them post news without it being verified first.

Problem solved.

Their motivation is to lie to get the click ad dollars. They will do whatever Russia asks them to get the sweet bonus spiff for pushing Russia fake news, since they get both the ad dollars and the Russian extra.

Comment The problem is not the ratio but the total carbon (Score 3, Insightful) 37

While it is true that China is rolling out more all-electric cars SUVs and trucks than North America, the problem is not the ratio of electric vehicles but the shift from 80 percent bicycle to more cars and SUVs.

China needs to stop providing parking spots for non-electric cars in high demand areas, and use those spots for bicycles.

Comment Re:Life's unfair (Score 1) 244

There doesn't need to be any unfairness here, FWIW. Well, OK, maybe if you want everyone to be part of the exact same MMORPG, but if that's not an issue (simple arena matches), why not have servers... all across the world? Including Hawaii? Each player just connects to the lowest latency server available to them to play with others connected to that server?

Doesn't that pretty much fix the problem?

Comment Re:Abandon hope all ye who enter Slashdot? (Score 1) 40

Worth noting that this discussion itself will soon run into another slashdot "feature" that nobody ever thought to change over the years. Once a discussion has reached a certain age - completely without regard to the volume of comments - it is permanently closed. I never bothered to figure out what that age is, though I suspect some people knew it and used it to enhance their ability to get the "last word".

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