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Comment Re:Ah. A welfare state. (Score 1) 635

I was almost going to foe you because of your post but then, whenever I might block someone, I look at their journals and other posts.
The first journal, 10 - decade - years ago was about Apple fanbois buying anything with the apple logo.
So I decided not to.
As you can tell I am anti-apple.

Comment I saw that too (Score 1) 2

I wanted to add more ads-removals to my subscription also.
Before it was removed it has credit card and paypal.
Then only paypal.
Now nothing.
Of course I wasn't going to use paypal so even if it came back I might not subscibe.

I keep it on "allow ads" to prevent it from running out but allow a "plum" of more friends, unless that'sn't done.

Comment Re:Classic PR trick (Score 1) 68

Yeah, this is a late reply.
I looked at the Wiki page and the "index", ohh scare quotes, isn't really useful at all.
It doesn't list like 30 countries, including Somalia.
It also even mentions on it's 'methodology' section many of the problems.

I noticed your frog part.
Don't insult frogs, they aren't as bad as people.
They actually will jump out at some temperature, unlike humans who wouldn't and do agree with the analogy.

Comment Re:I think this is something we can work out. (Score 1) 380

Obviously they are physical books but can you list some of the EULAed ones?
Maybe they are on Gutenberg(sp), including the EULA.

"Copyright is essentially a bargain struck between the public and the publishers"
I would say it is between the public, i.e. all and only humans, and AUTHORS.

Comment Re:And then there's me (Score 1) 223

First, I found you comment from the Facebook silo story and searched your history as I also don't like the various groups.
What is Diaspora like?
Can it be used as an online only site without needing people in the physical world to deal with?

Second, about the "Apple Pay Has a Siri Problem" story comment - - I got from your history:
You mentioned not dealing business with a company that has a "No Apple Ipay here" sign.
To create an extreme example:
What if the KKK created an online pay method like those?
What if the store said, "No KKK pay here but ipay allowed"?
Would you still boycott it?

Comment cameras and physical privacy (Score 1) 111

When I read the title I was thinking of cameras and such - until I read all the cyberprivacy stuff.
It seems to apply to that too.
Since poor people need to go through public places to get to food stores, private, they need to go through 2 sets of cameras.
"You have no expection of privacy in public," and, "It's private so they can do whatever they want," statements are used.

A poor person can't hire someone else and must go themselves and hence be caught on camera.

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