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Been a while..

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    • So you might appreciate this.

      I'm a Knight now -- 4th Degree. I'll be participating in a Standing at a pro-life Mass on Monday.
      • WOW- I'm still struggling with the decision to become 4th. I'm pretty patriotic about Oregon, not so much about the United States. Well, that and I've got a ton of house repairs and a refinance to get through before I can afford regalia.

        I am, however, Grand Knight of my own council (again, after a really bad meeting in September that ended in three resignations, two from officer positions and one from the order under a bit of duress), and in about an hour and a half I'm getting off work early to conduct a

      • My current church frowns upon membership in such.
        • Frowns?

          My church (Catholic) outright forbids membership in the Freemasons, as the church has found the Freemasonry teachings incompatible with Catholicism.

          The Knights of Columbus, the organization I am a proud member of, is officially recognized and blessed by the Vatican. We include many deacons, priests, Bishops, and Cardinals in our ranks despite the fact we are officially run by the "Laiety". The Vatican has called us the "Strong Right Arm of the Catholic Church".

          The EWTN television network? The
          • I'm not inimical to Catholicism.
            Freemasonry is agnostic in its spirituality on a good day. But it's not at tall the Bavarian Illuminati conspiracy some would have you believe.
  • It's more or less a ghost town around here anymore. I still read the front page, but few people post anything of interest. The only thing keeping me here is an extreme case of apathy.

    All is well with you?

    • I'm OK. I'm still getting over the untimely death of my second son.
      • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot


        • Thanks man. Going through this is not something I'd wish on my worst enemy.

          Also, I can not imagine how I'd be able to cope with this without my faith. Knowing my son's alive and in the presence of glory makes this easier. Not easy... but easier.

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