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Comment Re: Morons (Score 1) 207

No, we're talking about people here. Gender doesn't even enter the equation, there's about as many men as there are women in the "battle of the sexes". On BOTH sides, just to make shit more interesting.

No, I couldn't make something as fucked up up. Open up YouTube, grab a big bowl of popcorn, look for SJW, MGTOW or anything related and just watch the insanity spill into your living room.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 384

What matters is the intent, mens rea, the will to steal, and the intent to permanently deprave the rightful owner of his use of the item. This is critical. Without, you could become a thief without even wanting to steal anything, by mistake and accident, and I hope we can agree that this is not the intent of the law!

Allow me to show a counter example.

You are in a meeting and you have the habit of putting your cell phone on the table because it's uncomfortable in your pocket. After the meeting, you pick up your cell phone and go back, only to notice in your office that you forgot to take your cell phone along, it's on your office table, and you swiped the cell phone of someone else who just happened to have the same habit and the same phone model. Are you a thief?

According to your original statement a few postings up from this one,

"A thief takes something away from the owner dishonestly without the owner's consent, regardless of whether or not they plan on returning it."

you would be.

Maybe that's why they don't let you word laws.

Comment Re:Welcome to capitalism, bitches (Score 1) 207

I left it vague because a studio doesn't care who pays for a seat. The studio doesn't even care whether anyone's sitting in it, what it cares about is that someone pays for it. If you have a few billions to pump behind your agenda you can take over Hollywood and make it create only videos that support your view of the world. That the movie theaters are empty because you're buying all the seats since nobody gives a shit about the movies 'cause they suck worse than Battlefield Earth is secondary. Actually, not even secondary.

And yes, everything that attracts audiences (or, more exactly, sells seats) will be made unless it's illegal.

Comment Re:It's a factor of overall scale. (Score 1) 384

The fault in your argument is that you seem to think a refund is warranted if something doesn't please you or fails to achieve it's goals.

That's not what he said, and you are an idiot at best for thinking so. Or, perhaps you are a troll. Or, perhaps you are a shill. There's no fourth way.

It literally does not matter if you enjoyed a product.

That is not the claim, and you are a douchebag for suggesting such.

If you listened to the twee snake oil salesman who winked his eye and said "maybe" a bunch of times to people asking questions about what his game did, then elsewhere quietly said "no"? Caveat emptor.

Not only are you wrong about that, but that's not what happened. The snake oil salesman said over and over again that it already had all these features right up to the release, when he knew those statements to be false. In civilized countries, we call that fraud and it is illegal.

Comment Re:Bechdel Test (Score 1) 207

It was actually more the other way around, she make a bunch of videos, then asked for money to create more, delivered, IIRC, 2 of the promise dozen and wanted more money. But hey, what am I complaining about, if that's what you wanted out of your money, I guess it's ok.

Still a better comedy than Ghostbusters. And cheaper too!

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