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Comment Re:Who is Kurzweil? Why should I care? (Score 1) 181

I'm particularly troubled by these comparisons of DNA to source code. First of all, any programmer that would create code as sloppy and filled with junk sections would probably be canned. While the analogy works in simple terms, the way DNA and RNA encode and then transcribe that back into proteins is far far more complex than how a computer runs code. In some ways, DNA is far superior, because it tends to be a lot more fault tolerant, but in other ways it is much less efficient and tends to be much more error prone (which is a good thing, those transcription errors are one of the major ways in which life evolves).

Ultimately the analogy fails because cells are not computers. They do not function like computers. DNA could almost be more compared to something like a printing press, except that on occasion letters get inserted into the process, sometimes even entire sequences, and on other occasions letters go missing, not to mention the odd occasion where another press's sequence of letters get transferred.

It is a useful analogy for introducing certain concepts surrounding cellular activities and protein production, but it remains an analogy only at that basic level, and fails on the details.

Comment Re:Who is Kurzweil? Why should I care? (Score 1) 181

It doesn't keep me up. Even if we are cosmic accidents (and I happen to believe we are, though I suspect life, mainly unintelligent, is widespread throughout the universe). There's no "why" to the fact we are here, beyond explaining the biochemical origins of life and the peculiarities of hominoid evolution that lead to the rise of genus Homo. We are here, and that's what counts, and to my mind, the fact that we are the end result of a series of many probable and equally improbable events makes human life incredibly precious. Without some big sky god who can do it all again any time it wants to, it means if we wipe ourselves out, we may be wiping out something that is rather rare in the universe.

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 1) 74

If they deleted it from their drafts folder, I would expect it to be clobbered from the backup system after the expired time

What is the "expired time"? Is there an RFC that defines this term?

simply because it is only in backed up files of the entire email database.

Drafts are not email, and are not necessarily in the "email database". I've written plenty of drafts that really are "just files", imported to the email client later. is in a separate database just for drafts (or all non-sent, non-received data)?

You mean, like, "files"? I think people want their files backed up. Yes, I'm pretty sure that most people would be unhappy were the server to crash and their files are all lost.

Comment Re:Just because you have access (Score 1) 88

So it must be verified at the server end too, anyhow.

Most people are not going to know how to modify the javascript, and it isn't trivial anyway. The code isn't verifying the address, it is validating the syntax. You can't verify an address without actually trying to send to it.

It's not for the sender to decide what's valid.

If you can properly manage RFC5322, there is no reason not to flag invalid syntax as soon as possible. The failure is people who ignore the standards, or are working in a job where knowledge of the standards is critical and they just don't care.


Nintendo Shares Plummet After Investors Realize It Doesn't Actually Make Pokemon Go ( 103

Sam Byford, reporting for The Verge: Nintendo shares have skyrocketed since Pokemon Go's release and instant transformation into global cultural phenomenon, but they fell dramatically today after investors realized that Nintendo doesn't actually make the game. Nintendo put out a statement after the close of trading on Friday pointing out that the bottom-line impact will be "limited" as it only owns 32 percent of The Pokemon Company, and that revenue from the game and its Pokemon Go Plus smartwatch peripheral have been accounted for in the company's current forecasts. Pokemon Go is a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs, the developer who previously created the similar AR game Ingress as part of Google. This apparent revelation caused shares to plummet in Monday trading, with the stock dropping 17 percent at one point, representing about $6.4 billion in value; as Bloomberg notes, Tokyo stock exchange rules prevent share prices from moving more than 18 percent in a single day.

Comment Re: What's there to celebrate? (Score 1) 94

It works because the name is still valuable. We're talking about an established franchise after all, you can milk that for quite a while.

Ask EA. They have been pretty successful milking the "Sim" franchise. But with decreasing success, because the name has been tarnished by too many money-grabs. A brand that was established and well liked by its customers because it was a sure bet that a game by that name would be good has been destroyed by too many games that weren't.

The same works for movies. You can shit out a couple mediocre to outright dull Star Trek movies without noticing a dent in the box office numbers. But after that, the franchise is dead.

But don't worry, there's plenty more to milk. How about Aliens? Or is it too late already (I didn't bother to see the AvP line)?

Comment Re: What's there to celebrate? (Score 1) 94

Doing very well? 50 million first week revenue on a 150 million budget movie? Well, maybe the international market will recover it.

I would've expected more. We're after all talking about a franchise here, not some new movie nobody knew anything about and considering the hype around it in the past few weeks that even I, who doesn't give half a shit about movies, couldn't really ignore (fuck knows I tried), I honestly expected more.

And don't forget, the rest of the world doesn't even give a shit about the "big message" of the all female cast. That whole hype only exists in the US, again.

Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 1, Offtopic) 164

We are subsidizing Obamacare for almost everyone.

The middle class (taxpayers) are subsidizing Obamacare for the poor, while the rich are opting out because they can afford to. Which is why over 10% still haven't signed up. They're part of the middle class, and they can afford rent or insurance but not both.

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