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Comment Re:Imaginary benefits of social media advertising (Score 1) 30

I work in the marketing analytics and attribution space and can confidently speak to this topic. While Social isn't the BEST performer, it doesn't carry with it the dire statement of a "complete lack of results" as you state.

With dependencies on vertical and how the advertising is used in known conjunction with other channels, Social definitely does have an assister effect on those other channels. The problem you may be encountering is relying solely on outdated analysis methods which do not appropriately track credit for known users across the entirety of their path to purchase or you're simply just looking at in effective ad buying behavior resulting in poor ROAS.

Done right, Social is definitely valuable for relatively low cost when compared to the much larger channels (based on investment) and can absolutely jack up your return on those other channels as an assister but definitely is not going to be a 1:1 return as the only advertising channel you should leverage if you are hoping for conversion.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 241

Well, if it's any comfort, there are several Republican Senators asking the same question. But really, whether you trust Obama or not, he was elected by the same rules that will put Trump in the White House. In other words, he has the legitimate constitutional authority to order such an investigation. Your trust in it is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 1) 241

For now the bulk of Trump's die hard supporters will continue cheering for him as he breaks promise after promise. The Rust Belt voters didn't vote for him for anything he said, he was indeed their version of a Brexit vote, a way of sticking to the elites real and perceived. I doubt many voters in these areas hold any illusions as to his capabilities.

What will be interesting isn't four years of Trump's "Twitter presidency", it will be how the Democrats respond, because in all likelihood, a man of Trump's age is unlikely to be seeking a second term, so it will be another non-incumbent election. Will they be able to find an answer to Trump?

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 5, Insightful) 241

1. Not ousted, merely at the end of his second and final term (and one wonders if the 22nd Amendment didn't exist if the election might have been rather different).
2. He's still the lawful and constitutional POTUS until January, so he has ever right to order such a review.
3. Why are Trump supporters so nervous of investigations and recounts? It almost seems like they think there's something to hide.

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