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Comment Re:The Great Bird of the Galaxy.... (Score 1) 171

You're missing a lot of the TNG story I think, and in particular two people. McFadden left the show because she didn't get along with Maurice Hurley, the lead writer, and Gene's drinking buddy (probably because of the sexist stuff you cited, but probably many other things too). Hurley wasn't all bad (he invented the Borg), but mostly his writing was crap, and you can tell because season 1 was so bad. Hurley left after season 2.

The other person you're missing is Rick Berman. He took over running the show in season 3. He begged McFadden to come back, and is the reason she did. Also notice that season 3 was probably the best of the lot, along with 4 and 5, where he was running things. All the "classic" TNG episodes were made under Berman's supervision. Berman's gotten a lot of flak for stuff (he also went on to work on DS9, VOY, etc.), but he really deserves full credit for turning TNG around and keeping it from sinking, and making it a real gem.

Roddenberry's problem is that he was just like George Lucas: an ideas man, but terrible at execution. He came up with some great high-level ideas for stuff, but when he was too involved in the low-level details, the results were bad. He also apparently sucked at picking good lieutenants. Berman is probably the opposite.

Comment Re:The Great Bird of the Galaxy.... (Score 1) 171

WTF? The re-imagined BSG was utterly fantastic... well, at least for the mini-series and the first couple seasons.

Unfortunately, it jumped the shark in season 3 I think, and the whole "final 5" thing was just ridiculous and kinda ruined it.

But yeah, if they could give us something like Moore's BSG first 2 seasons, then count me in.

The main problem with BSG anyway was that it had to have some kind of ending which explained things, since the humans there were obviously related to us somehow, but it wasn't apparent how, so they ended coming up with a horrible supernatural explanation at the end. Star Trek shouldn't have that problem, especially if they could avoid the urge to have a big "story arc", and stick to self-contained episodes (though with some reasonable character development along the way that assumes some knowledge of past episodes, but not too much). It's not about explaining humanity's origins, it's about a glimpse into life in the future.

Comment Re:Because Enterprise Faired So Poorly (Score 1) 171

The Romulans were confined to a single star system in early ToS and didn't get warp drive until later. The neutral zone was just a bit of interstellar space around their system.

I must have missed that bit, I certainly don't remember it (not saying you're wrong, I just don't remember whatever dialog said that, and I did re-watch the 1st season episode about them fighting the Romulans about a year ago).

Anyway, there was a lot of bad stuff like that in TOS, and even in TNG too, apparently written by people who don't understand basic astrophysics. A war with a race without warp drive makes no sense at all; either the combatants will be completely mismatched (any race without warp drive will be no match at all for one with it), or it'll be impossible to have the war in the first place (if both combatants are confined to sublight speeds, unless perhaps they're in neighboring star systems but even then you're looking at decades to send your Navy to fight the enemy).

Remember also, in the 1st season of TOS, there was no Federation of Planets! They kept calling themselves "United Earth Ship Enterprise". They didn't invent the UFP until later, probably sometime in the 2nd season. They just completely glossed over that.

Even TNG wasn't immune to science problems. The whole idea of the "star drive" section and saucer separating was idiotic, because apparently the saucer section didn't have warp drive. Without warp drive, you're not going to get very far; it's basically like having a canoe in the middle of the Atlantic. I still remember the episode "Arsenal of Freedom" where they do a saucer separation for some dumb reason (I think it was something related to convenience, not any kind of emergency). Without warp drive, the saucer section isn't going to even get out of the star system, much less to some other star system dozens of light-years away. If it takes 4 *years* for light to get from here to Alpha Centaur, that means the fastest the saucer can go that distance is some fraction of that, probably at least a decade (plus they'll have relativistic distortion, depending on how close to c they manage to go).

The bottom line is: you really have to take some Star Trek stuff with a big grain of salt, and this especially goes for anything involving TOS and worst of all the 1st season of TOS. Their understanding of astrophysics on that show back then really wasn't that much better than "Lost in Space".

Comment Re:Because Enterprise Faired So Poorly (Score 1) 171

Enterprise could have and should have been the ultimate Star Trek prequel, and other than the stupid temporal cold war and Xindi things, I quite enjoyed the show. It was quite fascinating to see how new technologies and discoveries were dealt with by the crew.

Yep, this is exactly what I thought of that show too. The other thing that really sucked about it was the horrible, horrible, opening theme song. Luckily when viewing it on Netflix, it's not hard to skip past: make sure to memorize the exact length of it.

Seasons 1, 2, and 4 were mostly good. The whole Xindi thing was not, nor the "temporal cold war". Also, those 2 episodes in the last season about the mirror universe were fantastic, as was the opening theme for those episodes. It was there that I realized why the Star Trek future seems so unrealistic to us: we're living in the mirror universe.

Comment Re:Showrunner? (Score 1) 171

Huh? You're completely forgetting Enterprise, which came before JJ's lens-flare crap. Enterprise was surprisingly good; I turned up my nose at it, but got around to watching it a few years ago, and wished I had given it a chance when it was new. It had its problems of course, but overall it was fun to watch.

The biggest problem with Enterprise, however, was the horrifically bad opening theme song. Just awful. Luckily, I watched it on Netflix, so I got really good at skipping past it.

Also, the whole Xindi arc in season 3 was disappointing, but it was in direct response to 9/11 so it was somewhat understandable.

Comment Re:Easy win so load show up with friends (Score 1) 171

Star Trek TOS came out when color TV was still very new, and a lot of people still had B&W TVs. There were 2 issues: 1) the color TVs didn't have the greatest color rendition or resolution or clarity, and 2) they wanted to "wow" viewers who did have color TVs. As a result, everything in the show had crazy, vivid colors.

Comment Re:Discourage, don't ban (Score 1) 71

Since it sounds like you're already interviewing for other jobs, the solution is pretty simple: ignore the on-call stuff and do whatever you'd normally do. If they're able to reach you and you can help, fine (you apparently get extra pay for this). Otherwise, oh well... "sorry!". What are they going to do, fire you for a mistake? (Or rather, a "mistake".)

Remember, it's always works better to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Comment Re:"due to human error"? (Score 1) 30

[...] the unsecured data had been posted on a website by a contractor who maintains and develops the Red Cross website.

Sorry, but could someone please explain to me how is it even possible to do that accidentally?

Hellary and the DNC did it on purpose. And Mexican rapists. And that Baldwin guy. And Megyn Kelly. And Muslims and Bill Maher.

It all makes perfect sense now doesn't it?

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 252

Florida is predominantly swampland and sinkhole ridden. Florida is being developed at an alarming rate.

Couldn't POSSIBLY have anything to do with either of those things though!

Yes, it could have a lot to do with it. But that doesn't mean the ocean levels are not rising. Especially in the southern part of Florida, the land is all very near to sea level. This means that small increases in sea level will have large effects on real estate. So places that were not affected years ago, are now. Portions of Miami regularly have incursions of seawater diring spring tides, that did not have them in years past.

But fear not, The Governor of Florida has simply banned ocean level rise, so the problem has been fixed.

That and a lot of pumps. We are not truly pissing against the tide.

And as noted, the sure fire cure foro this is , as noted “Let’s pray, let’s pray, let’s pray, it’s going to get better,” said Caballero."

Who knew?

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 252

That's a feature - you can stand on the roof and hope for rescue. Ever tried to sail a house?

Reminds me of the old Joke.....

A man was in an ara struck by a hurricane. The police came by and told him he needed to get on the bus that would take him to a shelter. P "No thank you sir, My faith is strong, and God will protect me"

The policeman shrugged his shoulders and left.P The storm raged on, and the water filled the streets and came up to the porch. A boat came out to rescue the man.

Oh, no! My faith is strong, and God will surely provide for me as long as I have faith!" the man told the person in the boat.

The boat left to rescue others.

The water rose and rose, and a dam near th eman's house broke. The man climbed onto his roof, but the water was still rising.

A rescue Helicopter came by, and dropped a ladder for the man to climb up and be pulled out of certain death

The man replied "NO! Who would I be to lose my faith in God? He will deliver me from this flood so long as I believe!!" The Helicopter left.

The water continued to rise, and the man was swept off his roof and drowned.

Arriving at the pearly gates, The man met God.

"God! Why have you abandoned me in the moment I needed you most? I needed saved, and you let me drown!"

God replied, You idiot! First I sent the police to rescue you, then I sent a boat to rescue you, then I sent a helicopter to rescue you! What more did you want?"

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 252

But I fear this constant fear-mongering is damaging climate science credibility as much as it's helping to push forward good environmental policies.

I fear that people who jam everyone into the most radical fringes of any thought process do a fair bit of damage as well.

Because life just doesn't work that way. Not everyone is fringe.

If there is an apocalypse that is based on AGW, it will possibly be based on humanity destroying most of itself through the time honored standard ways, such as warfare. As countries find a changing climate they might become desperate and invade other countries.

Because as the climate and resulting weather patters shift, some places will be hammered hard, and some places will be greatly benefited. And now that we have the means to wipe ourselves off the face of the earth with not a lot of effort, it might behoove us to look into the resulting social upheaval.

That's why the US military does a lot of planning for that upheaval. Whatever others think of them, they are pretty smart people.

So just because your crazy uncle Don thinks AGW is a hoax created by the Heathen Chinee, or cousin Moonbeam says our only chance is if the crystal aliens rescue us and take us to heaven, doesn't mean ti ain't so, just that our families have some nuts in them.

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 2) 252

I've lived on Miami Beach for 30+ years. In the last 6 years or so, when there is heavy rain, the water comes up over the sidewalk and completely floods the streets - **every time**. This never used to happen, and now it's totally predictable. So yeah, shit is happening, and you can observe it yourself if you choose to.

Oh boy - there's some dingdong I've had a row with who is gonna be pissed at you! He claims that there is absolutely no water rise issues in Miami, all is well, and all of the data claiming water rise is a conspiracy, all of the reports are a conspiracy, and there is no such thing as sea level rise.

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