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Comment Re:How do you demand honesty (Score 1) 575

I didn't miss that part, I just don't think that alone explains it. If they're just out to troll or destroy, they could write "1 trillion" and be done with it. Someone who takes upwards of five minutes writing nine after nine and giving themselves a hand cramp to do it ... I've got to think they thought they'd get money out of it, beyond someone calling them up and saying "you won nothing." And paying for the stamp to send in the entry, to boot.

In summary, I think it's slightly more likely they're dumb and don't understand, than that they're jerks or desperate to "win" nothing. Not all of them, maybe, but an 80-20 split at least. Well, maybe 60-40.

Comment Re:How do you demand honesty (Score 1) 575

Hadn't heard that story before. That's fascinating. I wonder if besides being driven to win, some didn't understand that the prize would be divided by entries or, worse, don't understand division at all. Because a single person submitting *only* 100 million has already turned the prize into a penny all by themselves. Anyone going beyond that is guaranteeing that nothing will be paid out. Someone filling a postcard with 9's could have stopped at ten digits, because they'd already burned the whole contest to the ground.

Comment Re:*** INFINITE FACEPALM *** (Score 1) 89

I normally use information to decide if I need an umbrella - I don't randomly go around the house touching things and waiting for an LED to flash.

It would be much cooler if the entire umbrella skin could change color. As you're walking out the door, you just glance at the umbrella, and if it's sky blue you know the day will be clear, but if it's dark red then you'd better take it with you.

This will eventually set up a movie dramatic convention where someone runs out of the house in a hurry and the camera slowly pans to the umbrella, delivering its silent, ruddy foreshadowing of trouble.

Future editions of the umbrella will also turn bright yellow (known as "mosby yellow") if the future love of your life is nearby.

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 297

I'm not the OP you responded to, but my experience matches theirs. I get that the homeopathic principle is based on dilution, but I've seen stuff marketed as "homeopathic" that's definitely not diluted, and is instead basically a regular strength herbal remedy. I know that doesn't line up with your definition, but that kind of stuff is out there.

Comment Re:Similar Situation (Score 1) 161

It's been more than a decade since I've frequented that store, so maybe it's changed for the worse. It was always nice to visit back when I lived near there. Never saw anything like that. I do miss that place, though. I'm probably 300 miles from a decent electronics store now.

Comment Re:Never Got It (Score 1) 227

the only choice any of the characters ever make is "Will I have sex with everyone, or nah?" and spoiler alert they all have sex with everyone.

My first thought was they were looking for a lite Game of Thrones, but with some martians to make it a little more sciencey.

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