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Comment Re:Well, Frack (Score 1) 220

I ran a game for a while that developed something of a meme with people saying they were kicking one of the other players. I don't think he cared, but over time it got kind of heavy and seemed a little aggressive, so I put in a snippet of code so that any time someone said "kicks playerx" it would say "hugs playerx". There were workarounds, of course, like the punctuation above, but the first few times someone new stumbled one it and caught themselves hugging instead of kicking, it was pretty funny. Eventually I changed it back, once enough people had gotten the point, and the meme sort of dried up.

Comment Re:I read a lot (Score 1) 140

I don't fault your logic at all on the price. I buy used print quite a bit for the same reasons. Only commented because you transitioned from the price considerations to arguments about author rewards in a way that didn't make sense to me.

I do think a lot of indie ebook authors and publishers understand the economics the same way you do, but the big publishers for the most part haven't caught on yet. Still hoping they eventually do, rather than pursuing heavier DRM and more legal restrictions to try to protect the ebook market. As a self-published author, I agree entirely your principles: $5 for the ebook without DRM, $12.50 for similar profits on a physical book because print-on-demand is so darn expensive. I would think a large publisher could get that down to $5/$10 and keep the balance about right.

Comment Re:I read a lot (Score 1) 140

While on Amazon I can get a used paperback for $.01 regularly plus 3.99 shipping the kindle versions are almost always the same or more expensive as a new paperback. The kindle version doesn't smell right and in the end I can't donate it to charity or sell it back to the half priced book house in town. Just like the promise of digital music downloads, the much hyped cost savings never really materialized for the end users, just a cut in production cost for the publishers resulting in more profit. I doubt if the author's even see any of it.

I guarantee an author would get more from your digital purchase than from the used physical book, if that's a genuine part of your decision making process.

Comment Re:Don't use Kindle. (Score 1) 140

You can use the Kindle like a generic reader and do lots of management outside of Amazon. I've got ebooks from many sources (Project Gutenberg being a big one) loaded on my Kindle, no problem. And even Amazon sells some books without DRM. Probably not from any of the big publishers, but it's an option when you self-publish - I've done it myself with my books. I almost never do a direct purchase to Kindle from Amazon, though sometimes I'll push a sample or free ebook from there.

Comment Re:Let me make this easy for you. (Score 1) 140

Well, it's possible with certain books from certain vendors, but that's far from being true about all ebooks/readers in all occasions.

You can get ebooks without DRM. You can get ebooks from lots of sources, and manage the files yourself without any outsider having any way to access/control them. You can often modify/strip DRM from books that have it, putting them in your control.

There was one incident, with Amazon and the book 1984 (I think?) years ago. The grandparent is acting like it happens all the time. The idea that books regularly disappear, and that there's no recourse, is, as a general philosophy, pretty ridiculous, bordering on paranoid.

Comment Re:Misleading Headline (Score 1) 467

and then you're thrown out into another galaxy to start from scratch. This is arguably the biggest Fuck You sent a player's way I've ever seen in a game.

If done right, NewGame+ is a fine concept. Starting over in a new galaxy wouldn't be a problem at all, if you got some variety out of it. What it sounds like here though is the implementation is so bad, the plus is entirely missing and it's just NewGame.

Comment Re:Given the reviews (Score 1) 467

To be fair, the landscapes can often be quite beautiful. The procedural generation algorithm can have its limitations, but it also shows promise. It was just released too soon. It's actually IMHO the best part of the game.

One of the reasons I've thought about buying the game was to just show the kids alien planets and tickle their imagination. But that's when it hits a $5 bargain bin price; definitely not worth it at $60.

Comment Re:Sticking to the caps? (Score 1) 193

As a habit, no. But considering most of the interviews in my life I've been borderline desperate and/or anxious, I think maybe I could find a couple of hours one time, if I thought I could 1) enjoy it, 2) have a fantastic story to tell, and 3) make a point at the same time. It's like good karma, community service, and a practical joke all rolled into one. I've got to think someone on this site is both skilled enough, bored enough, and has just the right sick sense of humor to do it, once fed the suggestion.

Also, 4) it's easy to make a joke about what someone else should do.

Comment Re: Archival grade (Score 3, Insightful) 385

Language drifting doesn't bother me much in general. However, I would prefer to take a stand in cases where the drift would cause the language to lose functionality. In this case, "begs the question" is a short an easy way to convey a particular concept that doesn't have other analogues, whereas there's lots of other ways to say "it poses the question" or "it brings up the question". Given the choice between losing a useful phrase or telling people to learn their language right, I pick user instruction.

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