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Comment Re:Super Metroid (Score 1) 92

Heh. I bought a SNES back in the day. I know I had at least a few games for it, but for the life of me the only one I actually recall playing is Super Metroid. Later I discovered emulation and I've played the heck out of dozens of NES titles, but again, for my SNES emulator, the only game I can remember ever firing up is Super Metroid. So I saw this product, and I thought, oh, that would be neat, I could play Super Metroid. Guess I should see what else is available, as I'm sure there's more games out there.

Comment Re:Don't buy this (Score 1) 435

I find this unaccountably negative. It's not "stupid" for people to be disposed close/clean up tools when they're done, or to require special instructions to use basic household gear. By contrast, I'd argue it *is* actually stupid that a device cannot be closed when it's done being used, and actually defaults to *trying* to close itself if left in the default state, and needs to be jury rigged with a home-made propping device in order to prevent a device from self-destructing.

Can't speak to her experiences with my other relatives, but I generally think of them as smart and attentive. Just the knowledge that the device is prone to self-destruct, and that anyone who isn't especially informed of this design flaw would have no reason to suspect it, is reason enough to be paranoid.

Comment Re:Your headphones are spying on you. (Score 3, Insightful) 230

There's nothing special about the right to privacy, and stigmatization doesn't have to have anything to do with it. Anything you don't want to reveal, you ought to be able to keep to yourself. Religion and sexuality get cited a lot, because they're commonly things people might not want to reveal to strangers, corporations, etc.

Comment Re:Don't buy this (Score 1) 435

Ah, good to hear. My mother-in-law has a front loader that's about 10 years old, and she goes into a panic if anybody even breathes near the machine. She will do our laundry for us if we visit, it's constantly propped open, and she's given me paranoid lectures when I've simply walked through the laundry room on the way to the garage. It's made me wary of them.

Comment Re:That Clarke quote applies to other fields too (Score 1) 166

No, but in 2001 the web firm I worked at created a prank hand scanner app. It told people to press their hands to the monitor and let it scan their hand. Nearly everyone we showed it to went along, thinking somehow a 2000-era CRT could be converted into a scanner, "because internet."

Ours just concluded with "your screen is dirty" and then people got it.

You say "stupid," but if it's new and people don't know how it works, practically anything is possible, or will seem like it to them.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 40

My company has so far resisted any attempts for us to get them to create a data retention policy. I think they don't want to admit that there's a time when it's okay to throw things away. So far technology has kept up, so that we've just continued being able to hold on to things forever. I've got to think at some point that'll give, though.

Comment Re:The three golden rules of borrowing (Score 1) 399

One must be on top of one's financial game to be able to apply these principles properly, but they are superior and will result in one being wealthier, if properly applied.

Yeah. A lot of people who advocate that kind of activity in theory might overlook key considerations, like cashflow, potential risk, and the burden of the total amount leveraged. Juggling those things plus all of the above may be worth it for 3%, if you've got a big enough pile that 3% isn't insignificant, but if you've got a small pile, or you're doing it for 1% instead of 3%, etc ...

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