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Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

Voice control ... What is 12 lbs in ounces?

Yeah, I agree with you that would be handy. In about twenty years, when they get voice recognition to work well enough. I asked my phone the above question just now, and it turned that into "when is profound's announcements?" Currently I have to speak slower, louder, and with more effort than it takes to type.

Comment Re:But! (Score 1) 726

Pretty simple. Even more simple would be for every screw in existence to simply be manufactured with both the plus and extended wings for the minus, so that you can use either screwdriver on them, eventually removing the need to make the distinction. Except for hex, of course.

Comment Re:Nothing surprising here (Score 1) 265

but the horse-shoes survived (and are not crabs), then outlived the great reptiles and continued right into present day - where they now hold the record as the animal that has directly saved more human lives than any other.

How do they save human lives? I must have missed that headline.

Nice rundown, particularly of the aquatic history, which I don't know as well as the land-based history. I was recently at the Houston natural history museum and saw a couple of the giant turtle skeletons. Those things were enormous! I think the kids were most impressed with them, maybe because they're already familiar with modern turtles and could appreciate the difference in size.

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