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Comment yawn. (Score 2) 314

Who'd'a thought the DNC would favor a centrist party insider over a left-leaning outsider? (The Bernie camp has been complaining about this since day one.)

Who'd'a thought the internet is full of hax0rs that break into any and every system they can and proclaim that they've done something earthshaking?

Who'd'a thought Assuange would try to spin it as something to do with the Hillary server scandal?

Who'd'a thought a campaign manager would have made an outrageous claim?

Who'd'a thought the opposing campaign manager would make a vacuous counter-claim?

Who'd'a thought Slashdot would run with such a nothing-burger story when there are actually interesting things going on in the world?

I take my subject back - a yawn overrates the whole thing.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 247

I do not, nor have I ever, used my personal cell phone for work purposes. Key work people may have the number for emergency purposes, but it's made clear that me providing that number is a serious point of trust, and that it should never be used except for the most dire circumstances. My work cell not answering doesn't count. Clients are to *never* get that number.

About a year ago, I took a job where they don't provide a phone. I chose instead to purchase a separate line that is used entirely for business. Only a few personal contacts have the number (parents and wife, basically). If I ever leave the company, the line gets disabled (phone was purchased off contract) so I don't have to field calls from clients. Even if I choose to use the phone with a new employer, it will get a different number. The cost of the phone and extra line comes off taxes each year.

When traveling internationally, the phone gets backed up, wiped, and reinitialized with a separate ID that has no links to the old except for necessary work contacts. Something similar happens to the notebook. After returning home, what little new data is present is backed up, then the pre-trip backups are restored.

All devices are fully encrypted, so reinitialization gets a fully clean start.

Comment What "minimal functionality" for Cookie Clicker (Score 1) 113

Eliminating the NES from the equation:

I imagine that Orteil, developer of the game Cookie Clicker, might be interested in implementing "some kind of minimal functionality" for a page on his website. Currently the game requires JavaScript for its core function of executing game rules and displaying its graphics. What "kind of minimal functionality" would be appropriate here? How could a game written in JavaScript be made downloadable? Are you referring to providing a zipfile with all game assets and then hoping the user knows how to override Chrome's default policy of not allowing XMLHttpRequest to the file: URL scheme? Overriding this policy requires closing all tabs and restarting Chrome with the --allow-file-access-from-files command-line option.

Likewise with the game Pirates Love Daisies.

Comment Pay for ROM (Score 1) 113

Would it be acceptable if the play button is available without charge but requires JavaScript to use, and the download button works without JavaScript but requires payment to obtain? Or what am I missing?

In your previous example the application in question is native to the NES so it seems you've already made up your mind. Just provide the native NES ROM file

Would it be acceptable if the play button is available without charge but requires JavaScript to use, and the "Download ROM for use in FCEUX or PowerPak" button works without JavaScript but requires payment to obtain?

Comment CPALead (Score 1) 113

What you describe sounds like "cost per action". I've seen where that has gone in the past with networks like CPALead where sites require you to sign up for a free trial of something (with your credit card number so it can auto-renew) or download and install a Windows-only, binary-only application before a page will display.

Comment Hercules InColor Card (Score 1) 118

In addition to the MDA-with-graphics Hercules Graphics Card (HGC), Hercules also made a CGA clone called the Hercules Color Card designed to coexist with the HGC. I don't know if it's compatible enough to run the 8088 MPH demo. This was followed by a 16-of-64-color card comparable to EGA, called the Hercules InColor Card. But you're correct that no well-known Hercules card could do 256 explicit colors.

Comment Re:Cool idea but.. (Score 1) 117

The problem with a projected keyboard is that you can't feel where your fingers are relative to the edges of the keys. This causes typos because the user is unable to rapidly adjust his fingers to stay centered on the keys for the rest of the phrase. Virtual gamepads on a touch screen have the same problem.

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