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Comment How do we know this is true? (Score 0, Troll) 325

Trump has shown that you can get anything you want by lying. What's to stop a greedy corporation from applying the same technique to marketing? In a post-factual world even if authorities say that something is not true it makes no difference if enough people are convinced.

Unexpected consequences don't have boundaries.

Comment Do they have a Black Friday sale? (Score 2) 58

Are their discount codes? Should I be looking in my junk mail for coupons?

Maybe Kim Jong-Un can use this to put some spy satellites into orbit rather then use his hit-or-miss rocket program. If Kim can get the right rate on multiple launches maybe he can use ULA to nuke the US. Remember ULA is really an international organization and the main stage engines are from Russia. Putin might give ULA a discount for helping North Korea nuke the United States, and Trump might be willing to partner up with his bromance pal to seal the deal.

Comment It must be Pinky and the Brain! (Score 2) 28

This must be how the Brain is finally going to take over the eartht!

They're Pinky and the Brain

Yes, Pinky and the Brain

One is a genius, the other's other insane

They're laboratory mice

Their genes have been spliced

They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain

Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain


Before each night is done

Their plan will be unfurled

By the dawning of the sun

They'll take over the world

Comment Re:One rule for them and another for us (Score 5, Insightful) 314

You've got it ass backwards. Have you ever heard the phrase "Do as I say, not as I do"?

Just how hypocritical/stupid do you have to be to nominate someone who blatantly compromised security at the DOD after the Republican House spent years hounding Hillary Clinton about email security as the Secretary of State?

Your question implies that you don't understand the nature of time. When event A happens before event B, normal humans have the ability to evaluate event B by remembering what happened during event A. You seem unable to grasp this concept.

On a more personal note, do you identify more with NAZI propaganda or KKK propaganda?

Comment Re:The eagles are right (Score 4, Insightful) 136

Wow, you have real anger issues. Calm down.

No where did I imply that the eagles were consciously recognizing that their future as a species was endangered. I was pointing out that their natural instinct to defend their turf happened to impede intrusion from humans as well as their natural opponents, other birds.

As for "human needs", given that this is Australia it's very likely that these are going to be huge mining operations that alter the landscape radically by moving cubic kilometers of rock. The easy picking are gone when it comes to minerals, so that is what happens in most of the world these days.

After this kind of mining the landscape is so torn up that there is not much left for any form of life after the mines are closed. That includes humans. Just look at the mountain removal for coal in the US Appalachians. They leave a shattered toxic landscape where the locals are stuck with horrible pollution.

Even without open pit or removing entire mountains there can be serious environmental consequences for more traditional mines. Take the toxic discharge from the Gold King Mine mine in Colorado. Abandoned since 1924, it had been filling with acidic water with high heavy metal concentrations. In 2015 it burst open during an attempt by the EPA to clean up the sight. Significant amounts of toxic water spread downstream into New Mexico affecting Navajo lands where people subsist of locally grown produce and sheep herding. They depend on the river water for their livelihood.

So when you talk about human need, are you including or excluding the people who have to live where the mining happens? Do the Navajo count? Do the people of Appalachia count? What about the people in Oklahoma who are experiencing earthquakes for the first time in their lives? Remember that a lot of time when the word "need" is used, the real word is "greed".

Comment The eagles are right (Score 5, Informative) 136

The eagles attack the drones because they are defending their territory. In this case the intruders are "commercial mining" interests. If the miners find anything they will inevitably destroy the local ecology and the eagles will suffer a great population loss or even be wiped out in the mining area. So the eagles are doing the right thing by making it harder for land exploitation businesses to destroy their homes.

I'm on the side of the eagles on this one.

Comment They should be using LISP (Score 5, Interesting) 73

It looks stranger then C or block structured languages. The other choice would be PERL, which looks like a cat walked on a keyboard.

The other reason for choosing LISP is that aliens would have a better chance of understanding it. Being based on the Lambda Calculus. it represents a fundamental understanding of the theory of computation. It is likely that other intelligent species would recognize it. It's unclear that C or C++ show that any intelligent life exists on earth.

Comment Who would Trump being spying for? (Score 0, Troll) 412

When the Trump administration begins spying on Americans, will they be doing it for Trump or for Putin?

1. The email leaks from Wikileaks went through Russian hands.

2. The email leaks from the Clinton campaign were from Russian hackers.

3. There is strong evidence that a Trump owned server was in communication via email with a server in Russia at a bank close to the Putin regime.

4. The Kremlin announced that they had been (illegally) in contact with the Trump campaign before the election. Trump surrogates deny this. However given point 3 the Russian statement appears true.

5. Trump has said on multiple occasions that he admires Putin.

Given the above, what are the chances that some of Trump's people have been compromised by Russian intelligence? The Russians have obviously had a lot of opportunities. The blackmail potential alone is enormous. There are a lot of Trump cronies who are desperate to join the new administration, and some of them may suddenly find that really damaging information exists on their contacts with Russia before the election.

Consider Christie. He comes from the Spiro Agnew school of governance: corrupt to the bone. If he is in the Trump administration and he faces a credibility problem he will throw anyone he can under the bus to save himself. He already did that with his convicted aides and Bridgegate.

And what about Trump himself. If at a critical moment the Russians can credibly show they interfered in the election and helped Trump, the legitimacy of the administration could be called into questions. At that point it makes no difference if Trump was in the loop or not. He can't avoid a crisis if that were to happen.

So welcome to a world where an incompetent mentally unstable "leader of the Free World" may be at risk of blackmail from a resurgent Russian Empire. And it's been less then two weeks since the election. What other muck could ooze out between now and the inauguration?

Comment J Edgar is still in charge of the FBI (Score 1, Offtopic) 59

His body is in suspended animation, but he has telepathic control over the entire organization.

Actually it makes no difference if he is dead, alive or none of the above. Nothing has changed since Hoover was in charge of the FBI. They don't care about the Constitution and are lawless, which means they act as if no law applies to what they do. Their agenda, which includes expected areas like going after bank robbers, kidnappers and organized crime also includes suppressing and criminalizing any attempt to alter the current political order, even if it is totally legitimate. This activity is rarely targeted to any right wing movement, but the mere existence of a left wing or minority organization brings the hammer down.,

Compare and Contrast: Occupy Wall Street and the take over of the Oregon wildlife facility by armed Christian terrorists. Law enforcement, including the FBI, sent in provocateurs to incite violence, infiltrated to gather (illegal) intelligence, and engaged in intimidation during and after Occupy events. Just sending an FBI agent to do "routine" interviews with employers, co-workers or neighbors is a way of punishing a person for using their right to express their opinion, and the FBI takes great advantage of that, and they did a lot of it

Now look at the Oregon armed takeover. For weeks right wing Cowboys with Guns were wandering into town for a hot meal or a warm bed. There was no perimeter established. Local and Federal law enforcement (i.e. the FBI) stayed as far away as possible. The didn't want to cause an "incident". It was only after the press stated to take notice of the absence of law enforcement and the Governor of Oregon wrote a letter of complaint that law enforce showed up.

The FBI always takes sides. They only go after right wingers after events become so extreme they can't be swept under the rug. They go after anyone else just for opening their mouths. So J Edgar continues to assert his rule.

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