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Comment This is why we can't have nice things (Score 4, Interesting) 231

Like mastodons.

If human beings, or our earlier ancestors, were killing mastodons 130,000 year ago without eating the meat, then it seems awfully likely that human/hominid hunting was an important factor in the eventual extinction of mastodons and other North American megafauna. Killing a big mammal like that for the bones/marrow implies a very effective predation capability and possible big environmental impact.

Comment Normal practice in Corporate America (Score 5, Insightful) 169

This is the de facto business model in the US: steal from somebody. To prove my point all I have to do is say "Wells Fargo".

The three types of suckers are investors, clients and workers. The most profitable form is to steal from all three and keep the fraud rolling along indefinitely. That is the fundamental model for the financial industry. All the top banks, investment houses, hedge funds, etc skim the wealth generated in the country and put it in their own pockets. That's, along with regressive taxes, underlies the ever increasing wealth disparity between rich and poor.

So what do you think will happen to the scam artists who pulled this off? Will they suffer any economic or reputational damage? No way. They all got out fat and happy, and their business reputation will be enhanced because of their successful raid on a gullible public. I expect they will get better positions with larger companies because of their proven track record of theft.

I expect no change, although it might get worse. I just wish they would stop calling it capitalism.

Comment Re:What else is new? (Score 1) 145

Consumers are responding to prices.

In the case of Uber, their business practices are reprehensible and in many instances flat out illegal. It's just that they have managed to avoid disaster so far, but that is about to change.

Uber users are in the same situation as consumers who buy products that are made by child labor. All the see is the price, and there is a disconnect from how that price point is achieved. Not only is Uber breaking laws, they are also charging unsustainable prices to buy market share. Their house of cards can't last much longer.

Comment One strategy that will guarantee success (Score 1) 140

This is 100% fool proof.

1. Move to Silicon Valley in the early 1980's.

2. Buy real estate.

3. Profit!

Assuming you will reach any achievable goal in a startup is delusional. That includes getting anything out the door, making any money, having a life outside of work, or having anything to show for your time except war stories.

You can have a lot of fun if you realize that you are doing it for the experience, and you understand it will eat your life. If you don't understand how much of a gamble you are taking you are in for a rude awakening.

As an alternative, consider going to Alaska and panning for gold. You will get a lot more exercise and get to be outside a lot more. And you chance of success is roughly the same. And you'll also have cool stories to tell afterwards.

Comment It also reduces sysadmin's wrinkels by %17.0711 (Score 1) 136

And lead software types got an average of twenty four minutes and fifty six seconds more sleep per week, while coders had an extra eight minutes plus every day for lunch and coffee time.

The next report will include figures for weight loss and blood pressure improvements.

Comment Fulfillment work is being a galley slave. (Score 1) 95

I know someone who ran out of other options and started working in an Amazon fulfillment center. It was brutal.

The location was in San Bernadino California. The climate sucked. They had to work long hours with uncertain shifts, so planning life was impossible. The pay was so low that if you didn't live in the area you could not afford a motel. Renting a room was not an option because the work was irregular. People ended up trying to sleep in their cars, but the cops would drive around and roust anyone sleeping in a car. Car thievery was common when people were at work.

Shift hours were strict, and checking in and out took a lot of time that was not paid for. A shift could have an extra two or three hours added time because of this. If you didn't show up early enough you wouldn't get clocked in on time and you could get fired. If you fell ill on the job or hurt yourself with the physical labor you had to cover it up or get fired.

This was in the US within the last 18 months or so. Obama was in office. Guess how it will become once Trump gets his plan in place?

Amazon adding 15,000 part time crap jobs means nothing. Amazon already directly employs over 340,000 people (world wide). They could hire this many people as a PR move and it would make no difference.

Comment Re:Thanks Trump (Score 1) 95

Wow, you can see into alternate time lines!

If Hillary were president Amazon would be layout off 30k workers

By the way, nice sentence structure there.

I'm curious. Since you have this phenomenal ability to know the outcome of events that did not occur, why are you wasting your time posting on Slashdot? Since truth is stranger then fiction, you should be taking note of fantastic events in lots of other time lines and turning them into movies scripts, comics, fiction, etc. You could be rich and famous!

Heck, you should be writing for Fox News right now. Since they have been worldwide leaders in what is now termed "fake news", you could write news stories that didn't happen in this timeline and the Fox audience would love it.

Sadly, you might not be able to cut working at the White House these days. Trump and his toadies have clearly departed the time line that all the rest of us are stuck in, so they are even further along then you are. You just can't compete.

Comment Don't forget Wells Fargo's criminal behavior (Score 2) 71

Wells Fargo is in a steep decline right now due to it's recent credit card scandal. They were caught pressuring clients to get too many credit cards and even opening fraudulent account without customer's consent. Besides big financial penalties their new credit card applications are down %55.

So take this with a grain of salt. It is part of a new advertising push to help shore up their image and recover from their self imposed failure. It's not about innovation as much as it is about trying to erase the past.

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