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Comment Re:You don't know what a free market is, do you? (Score 4, Interesting) 372

You are too young to for this to be part of your personal experience, but there once was a drug called Thalidomide. It was sold for morning sickness and caused severe birth defects. Thousands of infants died and tens of thousands were born with deformed limbs. This was in the mid 1950's and caused a massive change in how drugs were tested. Thalidomide is still used, but not by pregnant women.

More recently there are significant problems with metal on metal joint replacements. For some designs the failure rate is 75% to 100%. And this was after FDA approval was granted.

So is the requirement for government approval the "bureaucracy" you are talking about? If so, I'm sure you can find somewhere in the world where you can get a completely unregulated major medical procedure, say involving surgery. Before you go, just leave a contact address so we know where to send the condolences for your funeral. I, at least, would consider your demise to be suicide.

Comment Re:Impressive, but (Score 0) 148

Just how stupid are you? Do you actually know anyone doing research? Have you ever been in a research environment, either in the private sector or in academia? I doubt it, because if you had any direct experience you would know that researchers care a hell of a lot about "having to pay the bill."

In today's competitive environment there are two ways that academic researchers can advance their careers: producing research results that advance the state of the art AND doing research that leads to commercially viable results. In point of fact, it is very hard to get funding if there is no clear relationship between the research goals and practical applications.

So take you anti-intellectual bias back to where you live in your parents basement and stow it next to your resentment for people who do things that are meaningful. If you ever get that chip off your shoulder you might actually be able to make a contribution to society some day.

Submission + - A Case of Legalized Software Vulerability Exploitation? (

Required Snark writes: CIO Magazine reports that a venture capital firm teamed up with a medical software security company to monetize a flaw they found in a medical device. The security company is MedSec, and the device is a pacemaker manufactured by St. Jude Medical. The venture capital firm is unnamed.

For better or worse, a security firm’s attempt to cash in on software bugs — by shorting a company’s stock and then publicizing the flaws — might have pioneered a new approach to vulnerability disclosure.

Last August, security company MedSec revealed it had found flaws in pacemakers and other healthcare products from St. Jude Medical, potentially putting patients at risk.

However, the controversy came over how MedSec sought to cash in on those bugs: it did so, by partnering with an investment firm to bet against St. Jude’s stock.

Is this a good development or another litigation nightmare that will consume resources and deter innovation? Given that companies find critical flaws and never disclose (or even fix) them, is the legal system and effecting stock values a reasonable remedy?

This is the first instance of clearly explosive trend. One security researcher said “Every single hedge fund has reached out to me.”

Comment Why listen to financial analysts at all? (Score 2) 232

Everyone here is acting like financial analysts are useful and/or accurate. Are you all stupid? Do you remember back to 2008?

Wake up: The job of financial analysts is to pump up the market by getting people to invest in it. It's not to give useful advice, or to be right, or to report the truth or anything related to the truth. They are part of the infotainment media segment and their target market is the greedy, fearful, foolish, and ignorant individual investor.

Analysts always say that the future is great.They may occasionally say that one company is less then stellar. They mostly do this to give the false impression that they know something. Of course there is the small contingent that says that everything is just a heartbeat away from going to hell, but they are just the mirror image of the "it's all swell" crowd. Neither group has any proven capacity to predict what will happen. Just look at the disclaimers they all attach to the swill they all spew out.

Anyone who has a handle on how the market, or a specific stock, will perform will never tell the likes of you. They will keep it to themselves and make a killing or advise the people with real wealth and also make a killing.

Remember, you are the sucker in this game. To assume anything else is egomania. The deck is stacked and the house makes a guaranteed profit. And when they screw up the taxpayers (i.e. not the wealthy) pick up the tab.

If you want to see how things really work watch The Big Short. It's a really good movie with some great performances. It will make you laugh until you realize that nothing has changed since 2008. They same greedy assholes are still running the game for their own profit, but now it is going to be much, much worse. The asshats that Trump puts in place will make Greenspan and Paulson seem like financial Einsteins, rather then the architects of the biggest crash since the Great Depression.

Comment Re:Dear AMD: (Score 0) 157


The drop in AMD graphics card use is because the world is switching to LINUX, not because of any branding nonsense. NVidea rules Linux, so that's the reason.

In the current post-truth era, facts just get in the way. Making logical inferences is so 2016. If you want to prevail, just lie your teeth out and get a bunch of know nothings to become you fanatic followers. In this case, Linux fan boys. Then have them repeat your nonsense and attack anyone who disagrees. One you get the press reporting your stuff without saying it's all crap, you can take over the world. Just look at who will be sworn in on January 20th next year...

Comment How will Disney defend itself? (Score 3, Interesting) 455

I can't think like a lawyer (because I am still human and have not sold my soul to the devil) so it is tough for me to figure out how Disney will try and wriggle out of this. It looks to me like there is no feasible defense. The facts are crystal clear. They broke the law.

Their big problem is that they fired all the previous workers because hiring Indian 1HB was cheaper, despite the delusional claims in some of the previous posts. Replacements never are paid equal wages in the real world. However, if Disney goes anywhere near that then they can be sued for breaking the 1HB regulations. Just because the Feds side with Big Business in screwing workers doesn't mean that law has been repealed, so civil suites can still provide an individual with some legal recourse.

This case could really shake things up. In fact, I bet that it never goes to trial and Disney settles out of court because they are terrified what would happen if it got in front of a jury. Unless there is some sort of in court judgement against the workers bringing the suite, you can be sure that this will be the first of a big wave of long overdue lawsuits. I can't wait.

Comment How do we know this is true? (Score 0, Troll) 328

Trump has shown that you can get anything you want by lying. What's to stop a greedy corporation from applying the same technique to marketing? In a post-factual world even if authorities say that something is not true it makes no difference if enough people are convinced.

Unexpected consequences don't have boundaries.

Comment Do they have a Black Friday sale? (Score 2) 58

Are their discount codes? Should I be looking in my junk mail for coupons?

Maybe Kim Jong-Un can use this to put some spy satellites into orbit rather then use his hit-or-miss rocket program. If Kim can get the right rate on multiple launches maybe he can use ULA to nuke the US. Remember ULA is really an international organization and the main stage engines are from Russia. Putin might give ULA a discount for helping North Korea nuke the United States, and Trump might be willing to partner up with his bromance pal to seal the deal.

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