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Comment Don't forget Wells Fargo's criminal behavior (Score 2) 71

Wells Fargo is in a steep decline right now due to it's recent credit card scandal. They were caught pressuring clients to get too many credit cards and even opening fraudulent account without customer's consent. Besides big financial penalties their new credit card applications are down %55.

So take this with a grain of salt. It is part of a new advertising push to help shore up their image and recover from their self imposed failure. It's not about innovation as much as it is about trying to erase the past.

Comment Yes, there is a market (Score 1) 243

Everyone has the target market defined backwards. It's not a crippled laptop, it's an Android smartphone with a 12 hour battery life and a keyboard.

Look at what just happened with Apple and Samsung. They both had significant problems with their product releases because they were trying to make smartphones that were thinner and had more functionality. Apple had a case warp problem and the S8 was an incendiary device.

Consumers don't give a rat's ass about "thinner" at this point. Given a choice between a thin phone with a shorter batter life and a fatter phone with a longer use time, 99% of the public would want more talk time. But the public doesn't get that choice because Apple and Samsung are engaged in a pissing contest on design aesthetics.

If you don't think this is true, consider the market in battery packs for smart phones. Right now on Amazon there are 22,828 listings for external power for phones. People are carrying around another device just to keep their phones working.

So there is a market for a phone with a longer battery life. This is just one approach. If the smartphone manufacturers had a clue they would be competing on the real world use case of how long the phone works without needed to plug in somewhere. If there was any actual competition in the market this would happen, but effectively it's a duopoly between Samsung and Apple, at least outside of Chine. So we're stuck.

Comment Has anyone seen the movies? (Score 2) 46

If you have been watching this case, you know that Steele and Hansmeier made four pornos available on the Pirate Bay. With this guilty plea, it is now 100% legal to down load the movies because the court has declared that any copyright claim on the content is unenforcable.

So has anyone seen these things? Considering that the lawyers/crooks scammed over $6 million using them, what did the victims end up with that caused so much trouble? This stuff is out there somewhere and it is probably easy to find.

Maybe they should have just become porn producers in the first place. They might have been able to make similar money for the same amount of effort and not ended up having to go to jail. They did produced two of the movies themselves.

This represents a case of epic stupidity. How dumb do you have to be to make some smut and then end up doing time in a federal pen because of it?

Comment Re:Memory Palace (Score 3, Interesting) 190

In the highly regarded fantasy novel Little, Big by Robert Crowley, the character Ariel Hawksquill uses Bruno's memory palace technique. It allows her to perform divination by remembering things she never knew about in the first place.

It's a wonderful book to read and has many places where the mundane world becomes intertwined with the world of magic. You might enjoy it if you liked Tolkien. However, it has no grand "save the world" plot, no epic battles and no iconic figures of good and evil. It's about people at the edge of a magical realm, and how this status changes them in both helpful and hurtful ways.

Comment Re:Better off with paper in wallet. (Score 2) 415

I have a notebook next to my machine. It does not have a big label on the front saying PASSWORDS. It's one of the anonymous things piled on my desk. I should keep a copy somewhere else like my safe deposit box, but I don't. If someone with bad intent can get into my house there's not much I can do about it, so that's where I draw the line.

I know it's a low tech solution, but no amount of computer hacking on any machine will get all my passwords. Since I usually remember the passwords I use all the time it is reasonably convenient. I use long easy to remember passwords with lots of non-alphanumeric characters, so that gives reasonably uncrackable passwords. An example would be !non-alpha.Numeric!. That's nineteen characters and relatively easy to remember.

Comment Re:Question... (Score -1, Troll) 300

Wrong on all counts. Democrats want to maintain personal privacy. They also want to regulate big business while the Republithugs want to eliminate all regulations. Remember what happened when Bush/Greenspan shut down all real banking regulation? The world economy went into meltdown in 2008. Trump and his toadies have already said that they want to roll back the legislation resulting from the banking sector malfeasance. It's beyond stupid and all the way to encouraging criminal corruption. That's how the Republican/White Supremacist/Oligarchy party roles.

And don't forget the treason with Russia. Trump and his Whitehouse are compromised by Putin and his band of merry spies, and the Republican's in the Congress are actively engaged in a cover up.

So what was that about the parties being the same again?

Comment Re:Apples and Oranges (Score 3, Insightful) 138

Actually, no. You are confusing film production with a termite colony. It's not a bunch of workers spontaneously organizing and somehow making a complex structure. If your assertion worked then it would also be possible for a bunch of construction workers to just gather at a proposed building site and make a skyscraper. No one would ever suggest that could happen, but somehow there is a misconception that film making is not the equivalent of any other large scale industrial activity.

Film production succeeds or fails on organization. Long before a single stagehand, visual effects person, costume designer, art director, etc, etc is hired, there are accounts, lawyers and producers laying the groundwork. Everything has a schedule and a budget and a org-chart for top layer of administration. That's why films can change directors, starts and scripts. The organization that supports all these roles is already running.

You are also confusing distrabution with production. The economic model of production and distribution has changed a lot over the last hundred years or so. Until the late 1940's the studios were vertical monopolies. The studios made the films and owned the movie theaters. If you went to see a Warner or a Fox Studio film you had to go to a Warner or Fox owned movie theater. These monopolies were broken by the Department of Justice, which is why movie theater chains show films by any studio.

There have been continuous change since the 1950's, because of broadcast television and the growth (and now death) of suburban malls. Multiplex theaters, wide screen 70mm film, THX/Dolby sound, and 3D are all a part of the change.

Silicon Valley produces no content. Period. They don't make video games or TV or film. They may hire others to do these kind of things, but they are not the authors. When Amazon or Netflicks has original content, they are mostly taking over the function of finance and distribution which have historically been infrastructure supplied by the studios. All the rest is done by the existing film and TV production organizations. Silicon Valley is just another finance and distribution venue that supports the existing industry. In some ways it's like non-US production houses who employ Hollywood to make products intended for a non-US market. Hollywood remains Hollywood through all of this.

Comment Re:Article advocates red terror (Score 1) 516

Red Terror? You are so behind the times. Wake up, it's the 21st century!

Today's angry paranoid crypto-fascist needs to be ranting about Moooslims, Mexicans, gays etc, and the perennial favorite, Jews. No one is so old school these days to waste any time on Commies. It doesn't even rate any nostalgia points.

You can't fully participate in the destruction of American civil society if you stick with these old fashioned attitudes. Ruining our economic system and destroying our world leadership is a big task, and slackers like you are not doing your fair share. Get on Trumps Twitter feed, go over to Brightbert, sign up for Stormfront to get remedial education in current Fascist ideology.

If you want the old school rabid right, you can go KKK. They are still in the game.

Comment Re:Donnie Downer (Score 1) 917

Yep, the head of one of the most talked about tech companies in the world has hired the former Attorney General of the United States because of an allegation that has no factual basis and can be easily disproved. Or so you claim.

This dramatic behavior, including sending email to everyone in the company, is certainly the result of a staggering record of illegal behavior and coverup at Uber. It's not "one bad apple" or one complaining employee. That could be explained away without going into full panic mode.

There must be a pattern of malfeasance that leaves the organization vulnerable to lawsuits by current and former employees and legal problems at the state, federal and even city level. And investors as well. Uber does business in all 50 states, so this could be a gigantic mess. Also, individuals and organizations could decide that they do not want to do business with a company that lets some of it's employees run amuck.

This is how companies try and get ahead of the problem when they are faced with a legal and public relations nightmare. Your shrill defense say much more about you then it does about Uber or any thing else. A guilty conscience, perhaps?

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