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Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 4, Insightful) 454

Trump's Muslim tracking plan

You can bitch all you want on this piece of garbage-journalism, they still got into your head making you believe there is such a plan. This is classic persuasion. Make people think about what should be their reaction *if* something would happen. You start thinking about your reaction and before you know it you've taken the something for granted.

Comment Re:No he didn't (Score 0) 454

I firmly suggest you listen to all the words in that video and realize that, despite the youtube description of the video, at no point is Donald Trump talking about a registry or a database for muslims. And you have the guts to point us to a video that disprove your point... Well done dude.

Comment Re:I survived (Score 1) 302

We had one quite different with a Lotus Notes server. Our time server rebooted and it's motherboard battery was empty, so it basically rebooted to 1971. So the Lotus Notes server's clock was suddenly set to 1971 and when they changed the clock back Lotus went crazy and started resending every fucking email it had in storage over again. I received my welcome mail 20 minutes later and everyone was flooded with old emails for hours. It took a while to delete all of that junk.

Comment Re:Instead of all this, Hillary said we should (Score 0) 1368

He ran a campaign on lies, ignorance, and hatred.

Open your eyes, your mind and realize the same can be said about Hillary. She even paid people to create riots at Trump's rallies, so I'd say she deserves this sentence even more than Trump. But hey, freedom of tought...

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 0) 857

The best Mexicans are going to come here on visas; the educated, the fruit pickers on farm visas. They have the ability to do so. Only though without the ability on the lower end of the economic scale are going to come here illegally.

I wouldn't strut my ignorance on the topic, you should do some research on the topic, it is surprising actually. The level of criminality is higher than the general public in part because the average legal immigrant and citizen has more options for income.

Comment Trump is to the left of clinton (Score 4, Interesting) 857

Even the WashingtonPost, who HATES HATES HATES Trump admits he is to the left of clinton on economics, trade, and foreign policy. Hard to believe but if you listen to what he says about cutting military spending by closing bases and dropping weapon systems, getting out of foreign alliances, ending trade deals, increasing tarrifs, and going after crony capitalism you would swear you were listening to Bernie Sanders and not the Republican cannidate for president.


Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 437

Conservatives can't conserve anything. Its a brand name rather than an actual set of principles, and they hardly fight.

Trump is no conservative, but he is a fighter. That is probably why the base latched on to him, because he seems like he will actually fight rather than acquiesce like the Republican party has during my lifetime. They really do seem to play as the Generals to the Globe Trotters.

Comment Re:horse has left the barn (Score 1) 376

Harping on global warming in the first world countries and west is not going to do a thing. You have 6 billion people who want to industrialize and improve their standard of living through cheap energy. If you can somehow convince those people, and their governments, to hamstring their own short term progress for a long term gain you are one heck of a salesman.

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