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Comment Re:Help Wanted (Score 1) 138

To be honest, and when you look at the poor state of the country, I think 14 is a pretty decent number. I mean, that's just north of the number of domain names I own, so they're more prolific than me.

That should count for something, no?

Comment Re:All About the H-1B (Score 1) 360

All arguments you give against Trump can be made against Clinton as well, and more often than not they are worse against Clinton.

I'm not an american and thus I won't get to vote on this issue. But I seriously think Trump would be much better for America than Clinton. Clinton will be the same old same old that has been slowly screwing the country over decades. Se will want to place friends and to please everyone in her party. That's screwing any chance of seeing a deep reform.

Trump has the good idea of being new blood. He's already wealthy beyond his own needs and I (personnally) think he will be in a position to do more reforms that Hillary ever will be.

And no, he is not crazy, nor racist.

That said, as I mentionned I will not vote and I'm only throwing an external eye at the issue.

Comment Re:Off by default (Score 1) 108

If it doesn't degrade gracefully to text version, I don't even bother...

Sometimes it degrades gracefully, but it's the exception, not the norm.

The interesting thing is that for it to degrade gracefully, it forces you to think much more pragmatically and you end up with a better website overall even with people that have JS on.

Comment Re:DRM for the win again! (Score 2) 81

Abiding by the law is - in general - simpler than not doing it. Think taxes. Declaring your revenue and paying local, state and federal taxes every year is a burden. Not doing it is much easier.

Think driving. Not respecting speed limits, lights, stop signs is a lot simpler than doing it.

In the virtual world it's also the case for now. It's fundamentally stupid as in the virtual world there really is no need for it to be this way... But it's not something that has to be singled out.

Comment Re:Difference between want and need (Score 1) 175

Communication standards do not evolve that fast. My iPhone first gen still works like a charm - I used it a few weeks ago for a few days when I forgot my 4S in my parent's car. Sure it's Edge and an antiquated version of Wifi and bluetooth, but all of them still work like a charm. SMS, Calls, data, wifi and bluetooth all work just fine on a phone that's 9 years old.

Comment Re:Quality was never the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 565

I find my Ubuntu desktop (and laptops) perfectly fine except for one thing: The GC drivers / X Windows sucks like nothing I've seen before. I've tried all three vendors (nVidia, AMD, Intel) and while Intel is the best by a wide margin, I sometimes find myself having to reboot because the whole thing is just frozen. I can even generate it. Just play 2h of Minecraft (I have kids) and ALL GC will crash down in flames. Not to mention the CPU it uses to just look at a video on YouTube.

Well, maybe it's me. But I'd love to hear another story (A successful one)

Comment Re:This isn't bad if interoperability is fair use (Score 1) 125

An interface is very akin to a language. It defines a set of rules by which two entities (two programs in this case) can communicate. It's the same with natural languages. Then ask yourself: Is it possible to copyright Esperanto? If so, what happens when someone copyrights English ?

Interfaces define the way we can express ourselves.

Comment Re:Oh the Irony..... (Score 1) 735

No. It tells me that "some" people are ignorant and racists. I restrain to add stupid as I believe that they are willfully misguiding their intellects for selfish primitive instincts they choose not to to keep in check.

No, Trump is a master at persuasion. It is a language based technique to persuade other people. His ideas actually don't metter all that much. Read Scott Adam's blog for more details here:

It goes way back, search for trump and read the oldest. He describes Trump's technique in great details.

Comment Re:Corporate death penalty (Score 1) 130

The problem is not in the companies abusing the system, it's in the system for setting up such a business model. The more laws in place, the more fuckups like this one. The problem is that these companies are shielded by the law, so theu're hard do counter fight.

I'm not advocating a zero-laws system, but there are clearly too much things in place. We don't need more of it, we need less.

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