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Comment Re:Bloatware turds with stupid keys (Score 1) 99

I just bought my first bilingual keyboard laptop and it is driving me nuts. I'm getting used to the Enter key placement, but that shift key is a pain. I came across this program which lets you remap the bottom-left backslash to shift.

It isn't perfect. It works well when typing words and paragraphs, but doesn't work for highlighting or some other functions.

Comment Encryption? (Score 1) 250

Dropbox states that all files on their servers are encrypted. I had assumed this meant the key was encrypted with your own password, but this exploit suggests that the files either are not encrypted, or encrypted with a freely accessible key.

"All files stored on Dropbox servers are encrypted (AES-256)"

Comment Re:not true. (Score 1) 452

Also, you don't have to be online to play the base game. However, if you have any DLC, you must be connected to the internet and logged into your BioWare account through Dragon Age to access it -- and if your saved games have any of that content in them, that means you can't load those saved games unless you're connected to the internet.

I have DLC and have no trouble loading my saved games while disconnected from the internet. Oddly enough, while I *am* connected to the internet I occasionally get an error saying I must login to load a saved game with premium content. So far I've always just been able to click "OK", and then "Resume" a second time and I get in just fine.

I'm playing the PC deluxe edition ordered from Impulse.

Comment Re:router (Score 3, Insightful) 242

A router won't alert you when a program or service tries to access your connection, but a software firewall will.

Turn on logging and your router can notify your PC, your email, your blackberry, etc etc.

Hardware firewall via log entry/email:
Alert! Your pc has initiated a connection with on port 80. I already let this through since you told me to allow all http traffic from your pc, so if it's malicious, tough luck.

Software firewall via immediate popup in current session:
Alert! backorifice.exe is attempting to open a connection to on port 80. Since you've never authorized this program for any type of network connectivity, I haven't allowed this connection to be made. Do you want to allow it?

Your choice.

Related to this... is there any software for linux that functions in this way? (Blocking connections by program, with gui notification)

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