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Comment As someone who designs this stuff (Score 1) 474

Although not for Comcast but another major player, they likely are putting the "public" wifi on its own SSID, service-flow, and MAC/IP. This means that your modem will have a secondary data stream that can be enforced separately. About the only thing I'd be worried about is someone overwhelming the CPU as these are still underpowered home wifi devices.

Submission + - PlayStation 4 sells 1mil+ consoles in 24hrs (

UgLyPuNk writes: Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios at Sony, broke the news via Twitter:
PS4 has sold through over 1 million units within 24 hours of the launch in North America!!! :D
This officially makes the PS4 the fastest-selling PlayStation in history, narrowly beating the PlayStation 2, which shifted 980,000 units on its first day of release in Japan.

Comment Re:probably fired everyone (Score 0) 84

True not all long-term employees are worth a damn. I'll counter your argument however that a lot of new people seem to wash out in the first 6 months at my place of work (17k employees). That's a big problem for us because in my field I expect approximately a 1 year ramp up for even the top notch talent, so if they quit or get fired before then we got 0 out of them. I suppose my case might be an outlier, but we have a pretty good reason for paying our proven talent well.

Comment Re:Do any of the tools on the cable TV work with H (Score 1) 141

Yes and no. Cable TV (excluding the communication back to the headend for VOD or SDV) is one way. This means the traffic flows to your home. HSI is two-way communications (your both recieving and sending). So tools that can look at the downstream certainly apply to Video & HSI however return is pretty much exclusive to the HSI side.

Comment Depends on the scale (Score 2) 141

Depends on how big you guys really are, you say small but to me a small isp is less than 50k subscribers. If you're much smaller than this then you have more options. Anyway there aren't a lot of good drop in solutions for monitoring thousands of devices unless you're planning on spending a ton of money. Easiest way to roll a cable modem monitoring system (Note: I have personal experience doing this for ~5 million subscribers) is to build a database (MySQL/etc) and then create a collection script in perl/php/other scripting language that collects your cable modem ip addresses directly from the CMTS. Your script will log directly into the cmts execute 'show cable modem' or appropriate command for the platform your using and you will log all this information into your database. Your second script will use SNMP to collect statistics from those logged cable modem ip addresses. Things you'll want to collect would be the transmit, receive, downstream snr, upstream snr, interface statistics, etc. Once you have this information then you can put together a webpage that will present the data with nice graphs that give you a good idea of what's going on. This same script can act as a monitoring system to collect modem state changes or you can use a trap system like Nagios to just catch the alarms the CMTS can be configured to kick out. Good luck!

Comment Re:Null routes (Score 1) 303

Right like I said, assuming you have more than 1 ip address. If your network is semi-distributed disabling the ip being attacked will reduce the DoS, usually enough to the point that other services function. If all you got is a single web host, then your web-presence probably isn't all that critical, and if it IS then your doing it wrong.

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