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Submission + - Stanford offering more free online courses

Psychotria writes: Stanford university is offering more free online courses that begin in January and February 2011. From a message posted in the Introduction to Databases forum:

We are launching several free, online classes for January/February 2012 today:

CS 101 by Nick Parlante @

Natural Language Processing by Dan Jurafsky and Chris Manning @

Software Engineering for SAAS by Armando Fox and David Patterson @

Human-Computer Interfaces by Scott Klemmer @

Game Theory by Matthew Jackson and Yoav Shoham @

Probabilistic Graphical Models by Daphne Koller @

Machine Learning by Andrew Ng @ (Same class as current


Submission + - New Study Estimates 8.7 Million Species of Life (

Psychotria writes: A study published in PLoS provides a new estimate on the number of species inhabiting our planet. The study predicts that there could be approximately 8.7 million eukaryotic species globally. This suggests that some 86% of the species on Earth, and 91% in the ocean, still await formal description and classification. In 2007 E.O. Wilson stated "We live on a mostly unexplored planet." It seems that it may be more unexplored than we thought.

Submission + - DNA from 1000 Year Old Viking

Psychotria writes: Wearing protective suits to ensure contamination didn't occur, scientists have extracted the DNA from the teeth of a 1000 year old Viking skeleton.

From the article: Using freshly sampled material from ten Viking skeletons from around AD 1,000, from a non-Christian burial site on the Danish island of Funen, Dissing and colleagues showed that it is indeed possible to retrieve authentic DNA from ancient humans.

Submission + - Backup solutions for a home network 1

Psychotria writes: I know that this has probably been asked on Slashdot before, but not for a while. I currently have 6 computers in my home — three Linux boxes, a window box and an OSX laptop. I am considering buying another box dedicated to backing-up each of these computers on the network. My question is: Is there a Linux application that can achieve this? Ideally, I would like to turn the "backup box" on once a day and do incremental backups of selected areas on each of the machines mentioned above. Would I need to configure SMB shares to do this, or is there some magic application which will allow me to achieve this?

Submission + - Windows XP performance

Psychotria writes: "I have a Windows XP box that I use mainly for games. In the last couple of months I've noticed a decrease in performance (for example, frame-rates are lower). I don't think this is due to any additional software being installed (as I mentioned, I only use the machine for games). I reinstalled XP and the problem went away — until the Windows updates were installed. Now, the frame-rates in my games have dropped again. Additionally, svhost spends the first few minutes after booting at 100% CPU. I don't want to seem paranoid, but has anyone experienced this? Is it possible that a "performance decreasing" feature has been added to XP to encourage users to upgrade to Vista? I'd like to hear of any similar experiences."

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