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Comment Re:So like any other (frozen) pizza company? (Score 1) 208

hell there's even vending machines that will do it, but the bigger picture thing here is now FINALLY in 2016 its easy to get a pizza

oh wait there's like 20 pizza joints in just about every town and 85 varieties of frozen in any food mart, thanks for solving a non existent problem, I am sure that will work well

Comment Re:60Hz ? (Score 1) 156

this is for computer monitors and almost all of them are 60HZ cause no one makes a good computer monitor anymore

besides with compression and even USB3 speeds just cause it can drive a 60 or 120hz screen doesnt mean its video is actually refreshing at 60 or 120Hz, things similar in function have been known to drop frames and kind of smudge the leftovers together for a kind of "tween" effect ala 1990's music videos

Comment Re:is this really still an OS anymore? (Score 1) 355

its funny, I installed the latest and greatest libre office on my latop last week, and now whenever I look at a spreadsheet, data in cells vanish

its still there but as your working with it, cells just kind of pop in and out, there's the level of give a shit for you, and why it cant be taken seriously

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