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Comment Re:"additional diagnostic capability" (Score 1) 76

Apple has done it for quite a number of years now .... 2003? maybe, but no its apple, its a "feature" to sign up for an itunes account and log in every time you boot your computer

Microsoft does it and its all holy hell! I personally trust microsoft more, they have not been intentionally trying to fuck me over since the 1980's

Comment Re:The problems are many (Score 1) 273

the technology is already in consumer class devices

an as an owner of an prusa i3 I can safely say its a wonky slap it together in your garage pain in the ass, nothing about it is finished. From its limit switches being held in place by zip ties so they move whenever they get bumped by the head, to its dumbass firmware putting the print bed all the way to the back when its done forcing you to fiddle with a menu or reach in to a hot machine. If you dare move the print bed by hand the back EMF from the motors are so strong it can actually power the electronics so there's no electrical protection whatsoever

Comment Otto Berkes (a pioneer of the gaming industry) (Score 1) 114

apparently being in a industry makes you a pioneer, his own bio doesnt put him in microsoft till 1993 and the gaming industry with XBOX

so, ass kissing article says future is what they are trying to sell you, even though its not been selling for quite a while now, news at 11

Comment Re:One question (Score 1) 1321

no it cant see the parent of this thread is called One question, and proceeds to ask one question which you two numbnuts have yet to grasp

If Donald Trump had gotten 2 million more popular votes than Hillary Clinton and still lost the election, would he and his supporters have accepted it graciously and not claimed fraud?

I like taco's durh hur hur hee

now if you have another question or point you would like to ask or bring up about the article there's plenty of space for you to do that

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