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Comment Re:Airbag software bugs .. (Score 1) 74

Nowadays pretty much all cars use a weight sensor under the seat to gauge the weight of the occupant, and decide whether or not to deploy the front passenger airbag.

yes but that still doesnt mean it cant react mechanically, sensor cuts power to ball switch, it doesnt matter how many times it makes contact

Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 74

"I will not ride in a car with where a computer can slam on the brakes, or apply steering inputs."


"I'm not even that comfortable with the absence of a mechanical throttle linkage in the car I drive now."

Right on brother!

"It mightn't be trivial to do, but it won't be long before someone standing with a radar emitter on the overpass can show these cars obstacles that don't physically exist."

(slowly backs away)

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