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Comment Re:No jobs, sit in traffic all day (Score 1) 199

dunno what the radio has to do with it, my "hood" has less people in a square mile than a small apartment complex

I dont have to step outside and deal with a ton of road traffic, I dont have to spend my life surrounded by 4 sides of other people bing assholes

its a simple fact, people in cities are saturated by the annoyances of other people, and its stacked in 3D, just cause your town sucks nuts on traffic and you want to walk an hour to work, is your deal not mine

I dont like to be corralled and herded like cattle

Comment Re:Funny, that's not what I've heard about Seattle (Score 1) 126

Please define "not that bad".

late mid - late 80's not updated but in good condition with of course mechanical upgrades over the years

and shit even out here in the sticks of TN its 1500$ for a mcmansion 2 bedroom apartment ... or like 800 bucks a month for morgage + insurance + taxes in escro for a decent 3 bedroom house

rent is not a realistic expectation of property value, its only a realistic expectation of how much a fool will spend to not assume the slightest responsibility

Comment Re:Funny, that's not what I've heard about Seattle (Score 1) 126

depends, if you want to live in a modest older house without a bunch of updates, and live more than a bike ride from your work, its not that bad... if you want to live in a fresh HGTV mcmansion then yes its very expensive (but again not like the bay area CA expensive)

now I will tell you the traffic is horrible, I had to go to kirkland for a IPC training class last summer, which is the first time I set foot in the area in 10 years, so in 2006 that 20 min drive would have taken about 45min maybe an hour, it took us from airport to Kirkland almost an hour and a half, at 6pm, no wrecks or anything just congestion

Comment Re:MS-DOS? (Score 0) 419

that's what it pretty much does, I dont expect my garage computer to get updates to MSDOS anymore than I expect windows 7 to get updates to exploit the best of my R7 which is in the mail

windows 7 would probably still run just fine on it, maybe it wont, just like MSDOS would probably run just fine on my 3770K .... to a point

Comment MS-DOS? (Score 0) 419

yes, yes you can run MSDOS quite happily on any x86 cpu, I actually do it quite often on a amd A2X2 as I like refurbing old computers and sometimes I want to install dos or windows 9x on a machine while its replacement fdd / cd rom is in the mail from ebay

but im not shocked that a older OS doesnt support or take advantage of all the potential of newer hardware, after all the time difference tween the last released offical version and my 2.5GHZ dual core is only 8 years, why doesnt MSDOS use my dual core cpu? why doesnt it work with my sata drives when in "sata" mode, why can't I get my realtek sound card to work?

so why should I be shocked that bleeding edge systems wont be fully supported by a 7 year old OS in the case of 7, or a 3 year old OS that has a smaller fanbase than clippy?

Comment Re:Hire IT Staff! (Score 3, Insightful) 196

other than tone I agree, it doesnt take much to get IT, there's companies that do nothing BUT IT and since its not a full time need to be there position its not that expensive to have a contractor do it

it may be costly and painful at first as they will have to unfuck your cobbled together by amateurs "network" but once its up and running correctly you wont have very many issues, and if you do, often times they can fix it offsite in a matter of moments

then your generic engineers can do engineering and not have to waste valuable time (ie money) fiddle dicking with your rats nest of crap

Comment not a fan (Score 1) 243

As I would imagine a lot of people are not fans either, they are slow, even the current models, the screens are small, which would be ok if their resolution didnt suck, keyboards are hard to type on, and they are heavier than their tablet counterparts

sent from a 12 inch 1.2ghz netbook cause I just happen to be hacking one up to use in a mini mame cab

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