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Comment Re:Retracting the Truth (Score 3, Informative) 60

I think back door is a completely wrong description, but I still think it is a security concern.
If a notification that the recipient key has changed only occurs after delivering the message anyhow, it kind of defeats having key verification in the first place.

It's like if your bank re-routes your money transfer to a different recipient account than what you initially specified, and notifies you after the fact, instead of asking you if it's okay before doing so.

Comment Re:Retracting the Truth (Score 2) 60

There is no back door. The security issue that stemmed all of this is that whatsapp will deliver messages that were sent while a user moves from one device to another. So, if I send it to you while your phone is busted and you reinstall on a new phone, you get the messages. The recepient key changes, and the sender is notified of this.

The problem, if I understand this correctly, is that the sender is notified after the message has been recrypted and sent to the recipient.
If it alerted and required an accept before the message was sent to the new key, I don't think anyone would have a problem with it.

Comment Re:Take a note of who is doing the requesting (Score 1) 60

That's the problem with humanity vs security in a nutshell: We're hardwired to put our trust in people, instead of facts.

In sciences, who says something is not important, what is being said is.
Any scientist or security expert worth his salt should be the first to admit that they often make mistakes, and that nothing should be taken as gospel, but be verified.

Comment Re:Blame China! (Score 1) 76

I'm not worried about NSA or the Chinese government nearly as much as I am worried about corporations. While a government agency may or may not have good or bad intentions, in varying degrees, we know the concern of corporations is purely how much they can squeeze out of people. There's not even a chance that they have your best interest at heart. If they can get your data, and that data even gives them a microscopic push towards higher profits, they will collect and use it.

American, Chinese and Russian government agencies are bad. Corporations are worse.

Comment Re:John Carmack (Score 2) 136

But if Carmack wrote code on a computer owned by id software, powered by electricity paid for by id software, in an office rented by id software, while sitting on a chair paid for by id software, with a salary paid for by id software.... come on, we all know how this works. Guess who owns the code.

A company with a mailbox in the Eastern District of Texas.

Comment Re:Objective fraud (Score 1) 281

You can objectively determine Trump is a liar, simply by comparing the incompatible numbers claimed in multiple places

No, you can't. For an objective determination that he's a liar, you also have to show intent, or you have just shown inconsistencies. Those could be due to a number of causes, including but not limited to mental disease or deficiencies, wild guesses, changing his mind, obtaining new information, or indeed lying.
But to conclude he's a liar is to beg the question.

Comment Re: I'm a maintence guy in an apartment building.. (Score 1) 88

Now 47N is "so far north"?

Given that I originally hail from 70N, I see your point.

But here, the "so far north" is only with the perspective of being able to get decent transmissions from a satellite that sits above equator. Which you should be able to - the size of the dish and need to be able to aim it closer to the horizon increase as you go north, but at 47 degrees, it's still doable.

Comment Re:Expression. (Score 1) 281

Now adjust that study for intelligence and vocabulary. Profanity is the simplest form of emphasis, used by those lacking the vocabulary to express themselves with more meaningful and less crude words.

You have obviously never spoken to an Italian, or you'd know that gesticulation is the simplest form of emphasis. Here, it is <em>.

Comment Re: Fucking bullshit ... (Score 1, Informative) 281

Bill Clinton grabbed plenty of pussy in office. But I guess it's ok to do it and lie about it as President?

What's wrong with this country was that he felt he had to lie about it. Sexual acts done by consenting adults is not against the law, nor the public's business.
Harassment and hate speech, on the other hand, is.

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