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Comment Re:Not a minicomputer (Score 1) 39

More the size of a large fridge. A small modern fridge is about the size of a PC. Towards the very end of the mini-computer era, DEC did produce some that kind of size, but your typical mini-computer occupied one to four cabinets, each about 4' or 6' tall.

The first popular minicomputer, the PDP/8, was not that big - about 6U size, I'd guess?
Of course, to be useful, you would normally combine it with a couple of side-by-side upright expansion chassies stacked on top, like for tape drive and IO, which would triple or quadruple the height.


BBC Micro Bit Mini-Computer To Expand Internationally With New Hardware ( 39

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BBC: The Micro Bit mini-computer is to be sold across the world and enthusiasts are to be offered blueprints showing how to build their own versions. The announcements were made by a new non-profit foundation that is taking over the educational project, formerly led by the BBC. About one million of the devices were given away free to UK-based schoolchildren earlier this year. Beyond the UK, Micro Bits are also in use in schools across the Netherlands and Iceland. But the foundation now intended to co-ordinate a wider rollout. "Our goal is to go out and reach 100 million people with Micro Bit, and by reach I mean affect their lives with the technology," said the foundations' new chief executive Zach Shelby. "That means [selling] tens of millions of devices... over the next five to 10 years." His organization plans to ensure Micro Bits can be bought across Europe before the end of the year and is developing Norwegian and Dutch-language versions of its coding web tools to boost demand. Next, in 2017, the foundation plans to target North America and China, which will coincide with an upgrade to the hardware. TrixX adds: The makers of the BBC micro:bit have announced that they are releasing the full specs for the device under an open license, (SolderPad License, similar to Apache License but for hardware). This means that anyone can legally use the specs and build their own device, or fork the reference design GitHub repo and design their derivatives.

Comment Re:https://google (Score 2) 146

technically that's not a problem, but i have yet to see a browser that wouldn't shit itself over a real FQDN (i.e. one that ends in a period)

I cannot find a single one that doesn't work. Palemoon, Firefox, Midori, lynx and even good old NCSA Mosaic works just fine with a terminated FQDN.

Some of them might send the dot in the Host: header, and the remote web server might not handle that correctly. Most do, though.
And some might show unneccessary warnings for https, unless the CA has also put the name with the dot in the certificate.
But the browsers themselves work quite well. Which ones have you tried that don't?

Comment Re:working to offset expansion of the money supply (Score 1) 401

The US Dollar is still the most stable currency, so that shows how little all that means.

That is in part because it's the only currency used for trade with certain commodities like oil. Attempts by other countries to set up non-dollar bourses have been met with hostility from the US.
And in part because like the tulip chits, creditors cannot dare to cash in on it lest the bubble burst, but has a vested interest in inflating the value while they still hold US IOUs.
The faith is more in those who own the US debt than it is in the US economy.

Comment Re:https://google (Score 2) 146

Most applications I've run across that do email validation are way too restrictive. If you have a 4 letter or longer top level domain, many will reject your email address and more exotics like a plus in your email, a percent in your email, etc... will almost certainly be rejected.

Or they demand a @ and domain name. Try IP literals or bang paths, like:

Not a lot of sites still support them.

Comment Re:working to offset expansion of the money supply (Score 1, Informative) 401


Some of us save our money, take on as little debt as possible, and laugh at the Joneses.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help when the government you have chosen is so deep in debt on your behalf.

Each US taxpayer currently owes around $165,000 in national debt, plus $870,000 in liabilities. Add state debt, at $5,000-$25,000 per taxpayer, depending on the state.


Windows is the Most Open Platform There is, Says Satya Nadella ( 284

On Tuesday in a conversation with Gartner analysts, Satya Nadella talked about the future of AI, the cloud, Windows, and what his company plans to do with LinkedIn. But the most notable remark from Nadella was when he said this, "Windows is the most open platform there is." ZDNet adds: It came in the context of Nadella talking about Microsoft's mission to unite the three big constituencies in the technology world. "That's the approach we've always taken," said Nadella, "bringing users, IT, and developers together... When you bring them together, that's where the magic happens." He reminded the audience of several thousand technology leaders that Microsoft began by making tools, then it made apps, and now it makes platforms. Or, it buys them.

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