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Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 25

I will point out that the GOP pretty well took control of the meaning of "Un-American" and applied it to everything they didn't like starting on Sept 12 2001

No no no. American conservatives have been calling American liberals all kinds of traitorous names since the late 40s. This has been going on the entire modern era.

The democrats wrote it to make the Heritage Foundation happy

Also incorrect. As I've pointed out numerous times, health care reform was a major topic of discussion during both of W's terms, as it was clearly understood that the current health system (both government and private) were headed for disaster. You then "lucked" out that Obama came in 2008 with an idea to make it his signature legislation. As for Obacamare being a lightly remixed version of The Heritage Foundation plan everyone loves talking about, they couldn't be more different.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 144

Per the article:

It is expanding into new genres such as children's fare, reality TV and stand-up comedy specials

PLEASE Netflix, don't go down the route of fscking "reality tv"....please....

If it gets overrun by reality crap, I"ll drop netflix.

Hell, if they ever syndicate something awful like the existing kardashain shit out there, I"ll possibly pull the plug on NF.

I like a lot of what NF is doing, I do wish they'd get back a little more of the commercial movie stuff, but in all I'm fairly happy with their offerings.

But geez, "reality" tv type stuff has ruined what used to be good networks.

DIY...dead to reality stuff, no longer DIY stuff.

Cooking Channel and FoodTV...I rarely see a show on there where someone actually cooks recipes to show and educate the is some fucking contest or reality type cooking thing.

More and more seems to fall to this crap and it makes me sick.

The latest victim I've heard about, is the show I really used to like to watch, Wheeler Dealers on the Velocity channel.

The main part of the show, was with Edd China doing the mechanical work and explaining what was going on.

Well, apparently a US company has bought them off, and was going to cut the actual "meat" of the show drastically....and I envisioned, having Edd and Mike argue like the fucking Tuttle's did on that chopper show...?

I respect Edd...who QUIT the show. I'll not be watching it anymore.

So, Netflix...keep up the good work and leave the CRAP reality/contest shows to the regular networks that are rapidly becoming non-relavent anymore to anyone that wants to view something worth watching.

Comment Re:IN 1...2....3.... (Score 1) 102

What color is the skin on their code? It all looks the same on my IDE.

Well, the original article is alluding to the fact that indians (dot not feather) are so cheap over in India, but that their actual skill, professionalism and all is severely lacking.

In general if you say that about a race of people in general, you'll get immediately attacked.

Sure, one brush doesn't paint everyone, my experience to date, in MANY years in IT...the indians that come to the US, while many can do rote coding, if the requirements are very well and specifically spelled out, they just cannot in general seem to innovate or come up with code or processes that require individual thinking, creation and invention.

I dunno if it is how they are taught over there, or something to do with culture, or what...but that's what I've seen over and over again.

I won't even go into how badly many/most of them I"ve see treat women in the work place. It seems they get away with it too, whereas I'd be canned in a moment if anyone heard me spouting some of the stuff they say not very quietly.

Comment Fast - good - cheap. Pick 2 (Score 1) 102

Every time a customer starts lamenting about cost and how everything has to be done right now and perfectly, I draw an equilateral triangle on a sheet of paper, label the corners accordingly (fast, cheap, good) and tell him to make a point at the spot where he puts his focus.

Most get the hint.

I forgot who said it, but it's true: Paying too much isn't very wise, but paying too little is a catastrophe. Paying too much means you lose a little money. Paying too little, though, means that you can lose it all. Because you'll always find someone who will make whatever you're asking for cheaper, but at the cost of quality and speed. Which can in the end mean that the product is not up to your requirements, rendering the whole item you bought useless and all the money spent on it wasted.

I'd rather pay too much than too little.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 25

You are the one who imagines a democratic party with a collective spine to stand up against the repeated abuse from the GOP, and you claim I have "quite an imagination". There seems to be no limit to the curiosities of your world. I will say though when you make the claim of the democrats being willing to stand for something, I do find myself wishing I lived in that world instead of the one inhabited by the rest of us.

Comment Re:Typical of America. It always belittles... (Score 1) 102

Needless to say, he returned to our company as a consultant on some project that had incurred budgetary overruns and incompetency.

All at the hands of our so-called American trained "engineers."

I can't speak to the specifics of this situation but I have seen others where the desires of in-house personnel were ignored but when the same initiatives are suggested by a consultant, they're followed with gusto.

Don't blame the engineers, blame the management.


Comment Good (Score 3, Interesting) 144

The film and TV industry have been in a stasis for decades. TV, in particular, hasn't really changed significantly since the early 1960s, and Hollywood has basically functioned the same way since the collapse of the Studio System. It's time for a big shake up and if companies like Netflix and Amazon can deliver that shakeup, then so be it.

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