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Comment Re:Rights-holder bears costs (Score 2, Interesting) 84

You mean paragraph 13?

Having read the whole thing, it actually seems refreshingly balanced to me. The beginning of the part you quoted is really kind of a summary of the consequences pointed out by Kenneth Arrow. I'm willing to believe that, in a world with instant communication, the rate of invention might slow down somewhat if there was no IP.

In the next paragraph the author points out that IP rights are detrimental to consumers and that governments have to strike a balance between encouraging investment in knowledge generation and the detrimental effects from those policies (decreased competition, higher prices).

I can't imagine one of the regular IP organizations even suggesting that IP rights could be in any way detrimental to anyone.

Comment Gets ridiculous (Score 1) 550

I worked for a test-prep company and everytime we got someone with a visual or hearing impairment we dreaded it. Since the offices had their own budgets, it could be extremely expensive to get materials printed or provide sign interpreters for these folks (interpreters could run $100/hr with all their expenses). I don't wish the afflictions on anyone, but it was just so expensive to accomodate, and seems like there could be a better system.

Even scarier, my good friend went to a top 10 med school and there was a legally blind girl there that wanted to be a doctor. She had alot of problems and it was so expensive for the school to provide her with special equipment to be able to blurrily see things she couldn't see anyways. She had a really hard time getting a residency, and I don't think she ever got into a good residency program. Would you want a doctor examining you who couldn't see you clearly? I wanted to go to Med School too, but I didnt have the stomach for the smells and sights of it. If I have the grades and the MCAT scores, should the school allow me not to look at the corpses and not have to do the nasty stuff? I don't think so. How about I go and do something that I actually can do. People with visual disabilities can do so many things, and its not society's fault that there will unfortunately be a handful of things out of reach or prohibitively expensive.

Comment Re:Standard Missing Option Gripe (Score 1) 708

Paying writers more won't get you better writers. The problem they have is that they are a sick little intellectually inbred nepotistic community. Paying more to writers just gets you the same writers, only now they can afford TWO antique espresso machines at their house in Pacific Palisades instead of just one.

Comment Re:I do (Score 1) 4

No problem, I just have to figure out all the URLs to whitelist... if I don't get around to it tonight, I should have it ready within the next couple days.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Just noticed 4

The old is still up. A Greasemonkey script brings the home pages back to normal.

EDIT: removed the script I had posted, it breaks a few things. Will post a fixed one if anyone wants it.

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 904

It's hard to construct an argument that it's "best for the public good" to force facebook to change their rules based on wanting to post breast-feeding pictures.

The reverse is also true. It is difficult to come up with a solid argument that it's "best for the public good" to censor practitioners of breastfeeding. Who are they protecting, and why ? It's not the children, they're the ones being fed! Is it the mature consenting adults ? Oh noes! Somebody save the adults!

Those who look to be offended, usually find "offensive" things everywhere they look.

The Media

Submission + - Red scientology tomato rotting in Firehose? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A posting to the Slashdot Firehose related to a Wikinews story on Wikileaks and legal threats from Scientology, seems to be stuck in the Slashdot firehose red as a ripe tomato for more than 24 hours.
The story that covers a recent press release on Wikileaks relating to copyright claims made by the Church's legal representatives towards the published "Operating Thetan" cult manual, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in scam money, already spawned a hot discussion on the Wikinews portal. With critics of cult-critics trying to shut the story down for hours, it finally went online. And now seems stuck in the Firehose. One can only hope not for the wrong reasons.


Don't Double Dip That Chip 2

A study by some Clemson University undergrads has shown that putting a food item in your mouth and then putting that item into a bowl of dip, causes that dip to have more bacteria than normal. Transfering 50-100 bacteria between mouths with every dip to be precise. Amazing. The results of their, "running downstairs with scissors in your mouth" study have been inconclusive.

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