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Comment Gets ridiculous (Score 1) 550

I worked for a test-prep company and everytime we got someone with a visual or hearing impairment we dreaded it. Since the offices had their own budgets, it could be extremely expensive to get materials printed or provide sign interpreters for these folks (interpreters could run $100/hr with all their expenses). I don't wish the afflictions on anyone, but it was just so expensive to accomodate, and seems like there could be a better system.

Even scarier, my good friend went to a top 10 med school and there was a legally blind girl there that wanted to be a doctor. She had alot of problems and it was so expensive for the school to provide her with special equipment to be able to blurrily see things she couldn't see anyways. She had a really hard time getting a residency, and I don't think she ever got into a good residency program. Would you want a doctor examining you who couldn't see you clearly? I wanted to go to Med School too, but I didnt have the stomach for the smells and sights of it. If I have the grades and the MCAT scores, should the school allow me not to look at the corpses and not have to do the nasty stuff? I don't think so. How about I go and do something that I actually can do. People with visual disabilities can do so many things, and its not society's fault that there will unfortunately be a handful of things out of reach or prohibitively expensive.

Comment Re:Quit knocking the hacker ethic... (Score 3, Interesting) 634

This comment is amusing to say the least. I have both a CS degree and an MBA, so I see both sides.

First of all, I agree with the comment about diving in and doing. You can memorize the syntax of a language all day long, and until you apply the language to a problem, its useless.

That (and some of the stuff in your link) is about all we agree on. I read you comment and I know EXACTLY your type. You are bitter because you have barely moved through the chain. You wonder why you work so hard and make "little money", or at least what you consider little money, while men in 3 pc suits, according to your skewed perception, seem to do nothing and make loads and take nice long vacations. When in fact, in alot of CS cases, they have to clean up the confusing messes that many programmers create and make the pallatable for the 99% rest of the population who have to deal with user interfaces designed with some fucked up logic.

The fact is, it has nothing to do with socialism or some society pecking order, or some conspiracy, or being able to do your boss's job. Its your shit attitude and likely awkward personality. You don't think anything is wrong with you, but your boss and his boss and others see you that way, just like I see it in my folks. I assure you that while we manage them, they will never move up from their position until they change, and its likely never, because the problem never lies with them, even as people come in below them and move up past them year after year. Its stupid company policy or my boss is a chimp, or blah blah blah, save it, we don't care. Go get another job if you don't like it.

The other fact is that no matter how clear we make ourselves when we want something built, unless we tell some of our programmers every single fuckin error that is out there, some just dont do it themselves. It is frustrating, and they take the human element out of every program. When programs are written so that even MBAs/PhDs with CS degrees are confused by the logic and user functions of a simple program, that says alot. Instead of putting in error messages with error numbers and creating awkward user interfaces, consider the dumbest person using the software, put yourself in their shoes, and design the thing. Until then, programmers like that will never get respect, deserved or not.


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