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Comment Re:Indiscriminate antibiotic use in farm animals.. (Score 1) 278

Or that the instant coffee that I drink for free at work isn't brown-colored urine.

It might as well be.

Either go full blown paranoid or stop complaining about things just because you don't personally agree with them and pretending you have some other reason.

The apparently paranoid part there is really not central to the main topic here, I just threw it in for fun. It's true, but let's put that aside for now. The main issue is that overuse of antibiotics is a problem already. Solving problems with drugs instead of actually addressing root causes only causes other problems.

Comment Re:I kind of like them as they are (Score 1) 43

Most roofing materials don't catch fire that easily.

It just so happens that I have samples of roofing tiles and bad LiPos handy, but I hesitate to create a toxic fire even for science. Too bad I never picked up a sandblasting cabinet, that might be a good place to execute a controlled experiment. I wonder what would be an effective filter for the exhaust.

Comment Re:What about what Apple stole? (Score 1) 67

Yeah, it has nothing to do with your claims being wrong. Facts be damned.

I've used Apples since the ][+. Still have two macs here now, just to fiddle with them. I think I've probably owned a dozen or so Apples, if I think about it. The longer I think, the more I remember. ][+, Mac Plus, SE, IIci, Centris 650, Powerbook 280c, B&W G3 Revision 1, original B&W iMac, iBook G3, iMac G4 are the ones I can think of right now. I thought about building a Hackintosh, but then I came to my senses and refreshed my Linux install. I've also run NeXTStep in vmware, and used a Turbo slab a few times. Point to a claim I've made about Apple which is wrong. I know my Apple bullshit from personal experience.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Warns Against 'Hubris' Amid AI Growth ( 43

Microsoft and its competitors should eschew artificial intelligence systems that replace people instead of maximizing their time, CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview on Monday. From the report: "The fundamental need of every person is to be able to use their time more effectively, not to say, 'let us replace you'," Nadella said in an interview at the DLD conference in Munich. "This year and the next will be the key to democratizing AI. The most exciting thing to me is not just our own promise of AI as exhibited by these products, but to take that capability and put it in the hands of every developer and every organization. [...] There's a thin line between hubris and confidence," Nadella said. "Always there is risk of hubris coming back, missing trends. The only long-term indicator of success is, âhow good is your internal culture?'" "What I've learned if anything in three years as CEO is, it's not about celebrating one product," he said. "That, to me, is the sign of a company that's built to last. In tech it's even more harsh."

Comment Re:I kind of like them as they are (Score 1) 43

What's more satisfying than a model airplane that crashes AND bursts into flames?

This is how we know that real terrists are vanishingly rare. A $120 drone with some mechanism added to cause the battery to combust, let's call it $20 or less, is a serious threat to modern civilization. Well, not a drone, but multiples of them. Since we still haven't learned not to make flammable roofs, even though it is idiotic and we have alternatives, you could cause major chaos with such toys. Yet, nobody is doing this, thankfully.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1) 299

that's not really a good endorsement. I'll pass.

I don't know how many hotels you've stayed in, but even supposedly nice ones often get these things wrong, and they are the most important things (after not having bedbugs) for a hotel to get right. Notably, the hotels on the strip often get these things wrong.

Another problem you won't have in a business hotel off the strip that you will have in a hotel on the strip is garbage infrastructure. A lot of the big hotels have very poor water systems, for example. Getting a consistent hot shower is a problem in some of them.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 4, Insightful) 203

WHen running multiple VMs, and IDEs on Windows on Macbook Pro hardware -- it simply outclasses the same setup on alternatives.

[citation needed]

Apples are made out of the same chipsets as everyone else's PCs. There's no reason why they would be better at anything, especially since they are usually made with last year's hardware.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 1) 203

Microsoft wants those developers using Windows PCs. Putting WSL/Bash on Windows so that it's a credible alternative to the 'nix tools available on OSX gives those developers one less reason to avoid using a Windows based OS.

Except it isn't a credible alternative, because microsoft does stuff like breaking break. Why would you use that garbage over cygwin if what you're trying to get is development tools?

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 517

It's unfortunate that the program has been abused to replace American workers. (Which is in direct violation of how the program is supposed to work.

You mean, it's the opposite of the stated intent. Don't go getting confused about the purpose of the H1B program. It's there to export jobs for short-term profit, period the end.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 1) 203

Or I can just open multiple SSH sessions and not have to rely on Microsoft at all. I'm sorry, it's clear they have a substandard product, and if you're using this Ubuntu-on-Windows, by this bug alone, you're using an inferior technology. I have no idea what your complaints about drivers are about, since I haven't any of the issues you claim. My guess is you're just another MS shill, but now that the official message is "Ubuntu is good so long is it is running under Windows", your messaging has to adjust.

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