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Submission + - Why Developers Shouldn't Bother Submitting Apps For WIndows 8 (

An anonymous reader writes: A developer has written a very long-winded post about the troubles he has had trying to get his app certified by the Windows 8 store. It has been failed 6 times over the past 2 months, and after working with 6 different people from Microsoft (giving them his app and even source code), not a single person has been able to find a single issue with it. It has even won 2 Microsoft App X challenges, and he has had multiple people escalating internally, but the app is still not in the store, missing the critical launch window.

Submission + - What's that Weird Tape Olympians Have on Their Bodies? 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "If you've been watching the Olympics, you've probably noticed some athletes wearing tape on various parts of their bodies like the Chinese women divers with tape on their lower back and other athletes who wear it on their shoulders or legs. What is this stuff and how does it work? Now Alexis Madrigal writes that kinesio or k tape is a kind of elastic brace developed by Kenso Kase thirty years ago in Japan that some say helps relieve pain. Unfortunately, the evidence that k tape does much of anything is scant. A metareview published earlier this year of that looked at 97 papers on k-tape focused on 10 studies that actually had control groups and concluded that "there was little quality evidence to support the use of KT over other types of elastic taping in the management or prevention of sports injuries." So why might athletes continue to use it? "Well, sometimes lying to yourself can lead to good things," writes Madrigal. "Thinking you are better than you are (for whatever reason) might actually *make* you better than you are." Psychologist Roy Baumeister made the point in a widely-cited paper that claims there is an "optimal margin of illusion" that allows for the best human functioning. "And so, perhaps that's what k-tape does for athletes. It gives them the illusion of an edge, which might turn out to be all they need to have one. Just because lucky socks can't be empirically tested on a control group doesn't mean they don't matter. Just ask anyone who wears lucky socks.""

Submission + - Google helped with CISPA,quietly worked with the bill's authors behind the scene (

suraj.sun writes: One spark of hope to the people and organizations that oppose cyberspying bill CISPA was that in the list of 28 corporate sponsors (including Facebook), Google was nowhere to be seen. But now CISPA’s author Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) has bragged that Google had, in fact, quietly worked with the bill’s authors behind the scenes. According to Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and number-one fan for the execution of Wikileaks whisteblower Bradley Manning — Google is “very supportive” of CISPA.

CISPA has been nicknamed “SOPA 2 but is more accurately described as a setup to wipe out decades of consumer privacy protections, giving the US government unprecedented access to individuals’ online data and communications. Now it seems we know where Google stands, too. The bill primarily protects internet companies that share private data and communications with the government — it promotes digital spying on citizens without a warrant under the guise of cybersecurity. The bill’s vague language, in addition to the power it can give Homeland Security entities involved in domain shutdowns to go after sites such as Wikileaks, has had CISPA labeled as a relative to SOPA and PIPA.

Submission + - Washington State Revisits Data Center Tax Break (

1sockchuck writes: Lawmakers in Washington state seeking to reinstate tax breaks that made rural Washington a hotbed of data center development. In 2007 the state ruled that data centers aren't manufacturers, and thus no longer eligible for a tax break on servers and IT equipment. The decision prompted Microsoft to migrate its Windows Azure cloud platform out of Washington state, and has boosted projects in Oregon, wich just won a $188 million Facebook data center. A coalition of data center companies and economic development groups is backing bills that would reinstate the tax breaks for 15 months, but lawmakers in Olympia are seeking to close a $2 billion budget gap.

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