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Comment Re:There are 900 .com registrars (Score 1) 77

Right, but if Verisign allows any registrar to update DS records for any domain, and not just the ones they're individually responsible for, then a registrar other than your own could push a malicious DS record for your domain into the TLD where it would be duly signed by Verisign, and you're back to trusting 900 separate registrars rather than just your own authorized registrar and Verisign. The TLD should only allow one registrar to update any given domain.

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 254

Ambiguous law tends to be thrown out in court. Sadly most people don't bother to take it to trial because the pre-trial hearing dismisses the case or offers no points and a signficiantly lower fine and/or traffic school.

They do this on purpose because they know they'll lose in court, setting precedent.

Comment Re:There are 900 .com registrars (Score 1) 77

There are 900 registrars handling .com, any of which can issue a transfer and change the root DNS servers for any .com domain.

So they don't keep track of which registrars are responsible for which domains? That does seem a bit messed up, if true. My impression was that there was a formal process registrars had to go through to transfer control over a domain name—or does that only restrict domain owners, and not registrars? If the control over .com domains is really as chaotic as you say then that is a separate issue that ought to be addressed independent of DANE or DNSSEC.

Even so, DANE still gives you the benefit of domain validation without the need to deal with a traditional CA as well as your DNSSEC trust chain. You also have the option of choosing a TLD with saner access controls than simply granting 900 separate entities global write access.

Comment Re:Oh yeah (Score 1) 201

and I have some of the best dark skies in the country. Most people have never seen a dark sky, and underestimate its value.

Oh man, I envy you there.

I'm wanting to try my hand at some astral photography, but I dunno when I'll get a chance to find somewhere to go that isn't trashed with urban light pollution.....

It was just before Katrina, when I went with a girlfriend to a little beach house type thing in Mexico, well away from the large cities, that I last saw a nice, unpolluted nighttime sky.

I'd forgotten what a beautiful display a black night full of stars and planets looked like.

We got there and just sat on the deck with a couple beers that first night (and most nights afterwards) just staring into the night sky and marveling how wondrous it was...

Comment This is a bit absurd... (Score 2) 228

How is it that four decades into the personal computing era and ANYTHING in the UI is using any significant amount of CPU?

A blinking cursor?? The Apple II had a blinking cursor in 1977, and it was implemented in hardware. It used zero percent of the CPU.

My gods, programmers have gotten lazy. What's next, extra CPU consumption for bold text? The system slowing down every time it beeps?

Comment Re:"Signed all the way". That's just a different C (Score 1) 77

You still have CA, you've just decided that the CA needs to be the same people who run DNS, because ... well no good reason that I can think of. What does that gain you?

First, this is for Domain Validation certificates only. The normal CA process would still apply if you wanted an EV certificate—though you could restrict your domain to a specific EV certificate for additional security.

If someone has control over your domain records they can already obtain a DV certificate for your domain from just about any CA by redirecting the domain to their own servers. What DANE buys you is all the security you would get with Domain Validation minus the need to deal with two different CAs, one for DNSSEC and another for TLS.

As a bonus, with DANE records for a site "" there are only three entities you need to trust: the domain administrator for "", the registrar for "com.", and the root authority. In the traditional CA system any CA can issue a certificate for any domain, so you're forced to trust dozens (if not hundreds) of CAs both to maintain the security of their signing keys and to refrain from issuing an unauthorized certificate for your domain. A breach at any one of those CAs can compromise the security of your site.

Comment Re:Here's the actual problem, (Score 1) 191

I've lived as an immigrant and guest worker for much of my life, and I've always understood that immigration is a privilege, that as an immigrant I do not have most of the rights of citizens, and that until I become a citizen, I can be asked to leave at any time.

You're selling yourself short. Your rights are not defined by the government's whims. You have just as much right to be here as anyone born within the geopolitical boundaries of the United States. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise (including the U.S. government) is infringing on your natural rights as a sentient being.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 201

Right now, as a retiree, urban suits me because we don't need or want a large footprint and we don't want to be driving into town for most of the things that we need and want to do.

I can see your point on this for sure.

However, with SO many things now being able to be delivered at a reasonable price to your home door....even living out more suburban, you don't have to drive quite as much for shopping, etc....and with things like Uber, you can cheaply let someone else drive.

So, things like that might make living out of the urban areas even more attractive to some.

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1) 201

If you like your car/motorcycle/doctor, you can keep your car/motorcycle/doctor. Just because there will be more options in the future doesn't mean you have to give up your motorcycle.

The reason I that I'm foreseeing that if self driving cars become the norm, they will then be mandated and human driver vehicles will not be allowed to occupy the same roads as driverless.

IMHO, a very real possibility and I'd hate to lose that option....

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1, Insightful) 201

I'm still not seeing how all these self driving cars will work....

Will they also be able to drive out out of the city and go off roading?

Will they be able to pick up your boat and drive it to the launch, drop it in and then park with the trailer to wait for you?

Does this do away with motorcycles? Geez, I'd be hard pressed to want to give up the freedom and fun my motorcycle affords me on my days off....

Not everyone uses a car/vehicle strictly to go to/from work or other mundane, utilitarian usage.

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 4, Interesting) 201

I don't know why you are downmodded troll. The demographic trend has been going on for this reason for over 50 years. Most Americans want to avoid a life of ignorance, violence, and fear.

Well, in general, you do see less violence in the suburbs than the densely populated urban areas, and the school systems are often much better away from the inner cities.

You can't blame people for wanting to try to raise their families in a much healthier environment.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 2) 201

That's hardly the entirety of the decision. Aside from the pros/cons of renting vs buying, if that apartment is 30 minutes closer to work, you just saved 250 hours a year of your personal time. What's that worth?

Well, of course there are trade-offs for everything.

I personally cannot STAND sharing walls with people.

I have a pretty high end sound system, and I like to crank it up from time to time for music or maybe just watching the Flintstones at concert volume....without having to worry about people complaining.

And too...many of us enjoy having a bit of room in our own yards to stretch out..have a nice patio. I love to grill on my Big Green egg....or fire up my smoker and do BBQ (slow and low for up to about 18 hours or so).

I might want to fire up the big pot outside and have a crawfish boil with friends.

You can't keep a stack of smoking wood, that many cookers or even often use a grill with real fire on an apartment balcony.

I also like to have my own garage or carport for my car(s).

Sure there are trade-offs between living in the greater metropolitan/urban areas, you have to decide about your lifestyle and what suits it best.

Where I live, people engage in a LOT of the things I just mentioned, I won't even go into the number of people that have boats at their houses they take out quite often for fishing, skiing, etc. You can't do that stuff readily in an urban setting.

I have friends that like to be even more out, almost rural...that's not me, but I do like to stretch my arms out a bit in my own house and yard.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 387

Don't forget his sage advice about wearing American flag t-shirts in America on cinco de mayo.

Ok, while I've never heard of this before...what exactly is the problem with this? I mean, this *is* still the United States of America, right?

ANY day is a good day to display and be proud of the country's flag...

Comment Re:also in the news ... (Score 0) 470

Good thing it takes longer to work someone to death if you're paying them a little bit. Slavery is for suckers.

The thing is....NONE of these "gig" jobs are there for you to make a living on...that's not their purpose.

They are there to allow you to make some money on the SIDE, when you have free cycles.

Not every single job out there is one meant to make a career and living from, when did this thinking come about?

Am I supposed to pay the neighborhood kid a living wage, offer a 401K and health benefits for just mowing my fucking lawn...?

If someone is stupid enough to think they can earn a living doing "gig" work like these, I think the problem isn't the job, it is somewhere between their ears.

Hell, go wait tables, you can make a LOT more money that way if you have to have a job between "real" jobs. I did it. Hell, depending on the market, be a bar tender, you can make some good money that way that people actually live on.

But trying to do fiver or lyft or the like for a living just shows a person that isn't thinking straight.

Not every job out there, is meant to support you for a living.


This is a legitimate question....

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