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Submission + - A Crash Course on Data Centers (

Pieroxy writes: Everyone is talking about "cloud", AWS and other hosting solutions where basically all the hardware details are hidden from you. But what if you want to manage your own hardware? What should you be aware of when visiting a datacenter? Criteo's engineering blog got an interesting introduction about datacenters, with some pointers on books and articles you should read to get started.

Submission + - Opera switches to WebKit (

Pieroxy writes: "Opera Software just released a blog entry stating that they will soon ditch their own rendering engine — Presto — in favor of WebKit going further. Now, for the average web developer that didn't bother testing on Opera (desktop and/or mobile, and/or mini) it will not change anything. For web developers that bothered, well, it will make things simpler. Now, with Opera behind WebKit as well, will it get better or worse?"

Submission + - New W3C Proposal could end the CSS Prefix Madness (

Pieroxy writes: The W3C is proposing a set of new rules for CSS prefixing by Browser vendors. This would greatly mitigate the problem caused today where vendor specific prefixing is seeing its way through production sites. The problem is so bad that some vendors are now tempted to support other browsers prefixing. The article also has a link to an email from Mozilla’s Henri Sivonen that does a nice job of addressing many potential issues and shortcomings of this new proposal.

Submission + - Slashdot comment system is broken

Pieroxy writes: Whenever one wants to click on a button such as "reply" in a comment, if in the hierarchy of this comment one comment is folded, it will unfold, moving the "reply" button out of sight. This will repeat until all parents are expanded. This has been the case for month now, and nothing seems to be done about it. It is time to promote this story so that it gets in the front page !

Submission + - Best Lightweight CMS 1

Pieroxy writes: I am preparing to develop a website for a couple of friends that are starting up their company. Most of it will be custom stuff that I'll be writing but like any website, there'll be a bunch of more or less static pages explaining stuff, as well as a need to create fragments of HTML to insert here and there. They will be creating this content. As they don't know anything about HTML, I need a simple CMS for them to start working on their content. The problem is that CMS are legion out there, in various states of decay, usability, crappiness. Do you have any first-hand experience that could give me some pointers? I am writing the whole stuff in Java so I guess a Java CMS will be easier to integrate.

Submission + - The IE Awareness Initiative ( 1

Pieroxy writes: After the We Don't Support IE and the IE6 no more, I have setup the IE awareness initiative. It is more intrusive than the existing ones, and tries to actually give some reason to the users. Anyways, I believe having a large range of solutions will be more compelling for sites owners to jump in. We really need to adopt these initiatives and to start broadcasting the message. The amount of time and effort spent in supporting IE6 is becoming insane. So I ask the /. community: is there anything more we can do about this?

Submission + - Is informing users enough to make IE6 disappear? 1

Pieroxy writes: For all of you that have designed a web page with a slightly elaborate design, you are all aware of the pain that it is to make it work on IE vs the other browsers in a consistent way. The fact that are there so many IE6 out there (10% to 20% depending on your website) is a major pain for web developers that care. It is actually holding the web back. The ie6 no more was created a few month ago, and now the IE awareness initiative takes a shot at enlightening users about IE. Will you, slashdot readers, be considerig using one of these initiatives for you home or corporate website? Is there anything more we can do? Is there anyone willing to ban IE anyways? Short of this, is there a way out of this nightmare other than just sitting tight and waiting for IE6 to go away?

Submission + - iPhone Could Be Banned in Europe ( 1

Pieroxy writes: "After numerous reports of iPhones exploding in Europe, the authorities have warned Apple that they could just ban the phone from the European market. While this sounds a little far fetched for a handful of "explosion" reports, the message is clear. What is more pitiful about this whole story is that most if not all of the explosions cases are clearly fakes. How could an iPhone explode enough to break its glass plate, but not enough to actually damage the screen? (Yes, some people claimed an explosion while they still had a functional device)"

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