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Submission + - A Crash Course on Data Centers (

Pieroxy writes: Everyone is talking about "cloud", AWS and other hosting solutions where basically all the hardware details are hidden from you. But what if you want to manage your own hardware? What should you be aware of when visiting a datacenter? Criteo's engineering blog got an interesting introduction about datacenters, with some pointers on books and articles you should read to get started.

Submission + - Old Tech Is The Best Place To Mine Rare Metals (

judgecorp writes: "More on recycling: the tech industry could face increasing shortages of rare metals, unless it reclaims them from the waste stream . the Royal Society in London was told this week that production of "hitchhiker" metals such as gallium, indium and selenium can't be easily ramped up, as they are only available as a by-product of major industrial metals such as aluminium, copper and zinc. If we want more, we have to make better use of them, and claim them back from e-waste."

Submission + - Slashdot comment system is broken

Pieroxy writes: Whenever one wants to click on a button such as "reply" in a comment, if in the hierarchy of this comment one comment is folded, it will unfold, moving the "reply" button out of sight. This will repeat until all parents are expanded. This has been the case for month now, and nothing seems to be done about it. It is time to promote this story so that it gets in the front page !

Submission + - Is IE 6 going to go away?

piero.grimo writes: IE6 remains by far the biggest hurdle in maintaining a web design. We've seen the ie6nomore, and the IE awareness initiative trying to inform users but so far, very little results. Is windows seven going to take over XP and replace IE6 instances by more modern versions of the browser? This could take a while... Is there anything else we can do to speed things up?

Submission + - Is informing users enough to make IE6 disappear? 1

Pieroxy writes: For all of you that have designed a web page with a slightly elaborate design, you are all aware of the pain that it is to make it work on IE vs the other browsers in a consistent way. The fact that are there so many IE6 out there (10% to 20% depending on your website) is a major pain for web developers that care. It is actually holding the web back. The ie6 no more was created a few month ago, and now the IE awareness initiative takes a shot at enlightening users about IE. Will you, slashdot readers, be considerig using one of these initiatives for you home or corporate website? Is there anything more we can do? Is there anyone willing to ban IE anyways? Short of this, is there a way out of this nightmare other than just sitting tight and waiting for IE6 to go away?

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