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Comment Re:Only half true article (Score 1) 212

Omission could very well be because addition of nuclear power is not that important. If they replaced coal with diesel generators, that would have been a blatant omission. It seems that article is talking about reduction of coal (not contested) to reduce CO2 emissions (nuclear has large up-front energy consumption for concrete, but far less operational C02 costs) and pollution (possibly less problematic with nuclear in short term). Also summary talks about relying more on renewable power sources, but at least here it means some baseline energy provider — either nuclear, fossils or batteries. As such, new nuclear plants are (at least to me) a rather non-story. TMMW.

Comment Other side of the coin (Score 1) 153

The other side of the GBP depreciation: companies that make apps in UK and profit is calculated in GBP, are making more profits in overseas markets. The selling point of currency depreciation is boot to exports at the expense of import consumption. In other words, producers get richer and consumers — poorer. Unless the trickle down economics actually work.

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 221

He was really asking: How can I get people to work for me, for free.

I am not sure if this was his intention or if it was just a clumsy way to ask, but yeah, this is how it came across to me and why I was annoyed by it. In the end it would have been the /. editor's job to help him.

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 221

Are we speaking the same language? I'm not sure "petition" means what you think it means.

But sweet Jesus are nerds here sensitive.

English is not my first language, but I have never seen petition used in the sense of "just asking". "A petition is a request to do something" says Wikipedia.

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 221

No, see TFS:

dryriver writes:
Somebody I know has been searching ...

. dryriver was the one who posted to /..
FWIW, I agree that the "asshole" response was inappropriate, but IMHO the /. editor should not have posted it the was it was phrased. You won't get a good answer to a bad question

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 221

Maybe "in effect" if you discard the tone and the total lack of any effort by the submitter. If what he really intended to ask, as you suggest, 'is there an "ideas bank" for software somewhere on the net where people who have a specific suggestion can place it, and programmers who are looking for ideas can go to get suggestions from other people', he did not even invest the effort to come up with a question as good as that; which is the minimum he should have done if he values other people's time at least as much as his own.

He also could have added what precisely he had researched so far and why the results were not satisfactory, why he does not simply hire a freelance coder (for which the web search terms are obvious), and what he would offer to an open source project taking up his idea (e.g., money or contributions to specification or testing).

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 221

Not the "dryriver writes" and the quote around his words. "This is a good place ..." was added by the Slashdot editor, it had not been part of dryriver's submission. dryriver was talking about "petitioning" other people as if he had a claim to their time and work, at least that's how it sounded to me.

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 221

The tone of this message is exactly why so many people consider open source developers to be an incredibly hostile and rude crowd. Although I do understand the reasons for saying no, it need not be done in the rudest way possible, such as what you see on display with the parent post. If you want more open source developers and users, perhaps it's time for the community to become a less hostile place.

I thought the question in the summary was rude, not the answer

Comment Reading is Fundamental (Score 4, Informative) 136

Next time could you bother to read the article? Yes, titanium dioxide is common, which is the entire point of mentioning that element, because the elemental form is far less common, and even less common then.

It's not that your comments aren't valuable, it's that you don't know when you have fine caviar in your hand or fetid dogshit -- it's the same to you either way. In this case — so you know — this is dogshit.

Comment Pardons (Score 3, Informative) 272

Why would you repeat such an obvious untruth? Given that this subject comes up every time any such story is published, I have a hard time believing that you have never been exposed to it before. Nevertheless it apparently needs to be explained, you can be pardoned at any time at the President's discretion, whether or not you have been convicted. Those of us who are old enough will remember when this happened to Richard Nixon.

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