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Comment Re:"Not at men's expense" (Score 1) 266

No they don't. The Acadamy, like the sibling post says, is a social club, not science. Its membership reflects the history you are aware of. They hold an additional election for women-only to speed up the change of the academy membership in order to better reflect the current male/female ratio instead of the ratio from decades ago.

Comment Re:For 1 good reason (Score 1) 168

More importantly, many lay people assume "automatic" means "without human intervention," hence it might be more suitable to use a name that proactively implies human monitoring and intervention, such as "driver assist." Why is Tesla so committed to sticking to this term if it isn't for the incorrect aura of computer automation?

Yeah. People are not supposed to monitor the automatic gearbox at all times either, but suddenly it's so obvious that they do have to monitor the autopilot?

Comment Re:Autopilots in planes do not fly by themselves (Score 1) 168

The thing about CAT II/III autoland is that you are doing it at a fixed location along a known and restricted path and it can only be done under certain conditions, and you know the flight crew isn't using it as a chance to crack open some beers and pregame before they hit the layover hotel bar, they are paying attention in case they need to take over or initiate a go around. Just like Tesla's autopilot.

Yeah and I'm sure everybody knows this and can therefore correctly infer the meaning in Teslas

Comment Re: You're missing the point.... (Score 1) 76

Fully electric? No, and they deserve all the hype they get for this. I'm just talking about the updates. Often it seems that much of the hype comes from nerds developing an interest in cars for the first time and believing that anything they encounter in Teslas must be a novelty. Lke the guy I replied to apparently thought when seeing an older Tesla model being updated. When actually much of it has been done and is well known in the automotive industry and at far larger numbers.

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1) 76

They don't exist here in USA. You can get sunroofs which are small rectangles near the front of the roof, but this is the entire roof made out of glass (except the support beams). I imagine it could be really annoying on a sunny day and really awesome for kids (and adults) to watch the rain and snow.

Interesting but weird. Yeah, I know it is entirely glass except the beams. I had more or less this in my Audi A2 15 years ago and it was an option for my Mini 10 years ago. Like I said, it's commonplace.

And yeah, it can be annoying in the sun and is great otherwise. Especially for Tesla I would have thought the weight would be a problem

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