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Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 225

He was really asking: How can I get people to work for me, for free.

I am not sure if this was his intention or if it was just a clumsy way to ask, but yeah, this is how it came across to me and why I was annoyed by it. In the end it would have been the /. editor's job to help him.

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 225

Are we speaking the same language? I'm not sure "petition" means what you think it means.

But sweet Jesus are nerds here sensitive.

English is not my first language, but I have never seen petition used in the sense of "just asking". "A petition is a request to do something" says Wikipedia.

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 225

No, see TFS:

dryriver writes:
Somebody I know has been searching ...

. dryriver was the one who posted to /..
FWIW, I agree that the "asshole" response was inappropriate, but IMHO the /. editor should not have posted it the was it was phrased. You won't get a good answer to a bad question

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 225

Maybe "in effect" if you discard the tone and the total lack of any effort by the submitter. If what he really intended to ask, as you suggest, 'is there an "ideas bank" for software somewhere on the net where people who have a specific suggestion can place it, and programmers who are looking for ideas can go to get suggestions from other people', he did not even invest the effort to come up with a question as good as that; which is the minimum he should have done if he values other people's time at least as much as his own.

He also could have added what precisely he had researched so far and why the results were not satisfactory, why he does not simply hire a freelance coder (for which the web search terms are obvious), and what he would offer to an open source project taking up his idea (e.g., money or contributions to specification or testing).

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 225

Not the "dryriver writes" and the quote around his words. "This is a good place ..." was added by the Slashdot editor, it had not been part of dryriver's submission. dryriver was talking about "petitioning" other people as if he had a claim to their time and work, at least that's how it sounded to me.

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 225

The tone of this message is exactly why so many people consider open source developers to be an incredibly hostile and rude crowd. Although I do understand the reasons for saying no, it need not be done in the rudest way possible, such as what you see on display with the parent post. If you want more open source developers and users, perhaps it's time for the community to become a less hostile place.

I thought the question in the summary was rude, not the answer

Comment Re:Bitperfect Studio Master Streaming? (Score 1) 180

Thanks for that. I didn't see a link to Masters anywhere on Another thing I can't find: a publicly searchable catalog. Do you have to join to preview "curated" selections?

For me, Masters shows up as the third panel on the homepage. But no worries, I'm glad I could help. I believe that in a browser you can search by going to the hamburger menu top right, then click web player. Or try to go to directly. But they also have a free one-month trial period.

Comment Re:Bitperfect Studio Master Streaming? (Score 1) 180

Tidal HiFi is 16/44.1, i.e. CD quality, so it's not necessarily a reproduction of the studio master, which could be e.g. 24/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/192, various DSD formats, etc.

The Hifi subscription is CD quality and has always existed in Tidal of course. What I mean is the newly launched Tidal Masters, which is part of the Hifi subscription and delivers 96 kHz/24 bit. See

Comment Re:why this artificial distinction? (Score 1) 180

$ wget http://some.domain/ &
$ mplayer

I can start playing the song while it's still being transferred over the network. It's streaming AND being saved locally for future play. They are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Now, you can elect not to save something you transfer and call that "streaming" if you like. But it's purely an artificial restriction. To stream you must transfer it, and to save it locally you must transfer it. The transfer process can be used for either, or both at once.

You are simply not getting it. All streaming services I know have a download option. The real difference is a rental subscription vs buying non-DRM copies. Whether the economics work out depends on your listening habits.

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