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Comment one-way laws (Score 1) 142

No don't think that you as a citzen can do something similar. These laws were made to ensure that the noble class rules over the peasant class for all ... what? Yes? ... ah... ok... sorry to interrupt, there was a mix-up in the time scale. So as I said, these laws were made to ensure that the corporate, legal entity rules over... what? oh? ok, apparently we don't say that anymore, the proper phrase is "can create more jobs".

Comment Re:Gartner, enough said (Score 1) 91

One has to admit the possibility is there.

Mathematically, yes. Realistically, you would have to be a complete idiot to bet money on it.

The one area that MS consistently fails in, for all its existence, is usability. Everything they make has always been just barely usable. Their interface design is inconsistent, constantly changing and at best tolerable. But for a small screen on a phone, the interface is the king. It is the one thing you have to get right.

Comment Gartner, enough said (Score 1) 91

Nobody except Gartner believes most of what they predict anyway. Did anyone really think that Microsofts n-th attempt to make a phone OS would be any more successful than the previous ones?

I'm surprised that Blackberry fell so deep, because it still has a strong foothold in the finance and some other highly security-conscious industries (military, etc.) and some of its security features are still unique.

Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 722

Synergy in business context is another word for "efficiency", which is another word for "profit". If you pay me enough, I will work whatever hours you want. Since I'm an expert in my field, I do have that negotiation power. But when I see minimum wage people working crazy hours, I ask myself which unfortunate life conditions force them to do so. UBI would allow these people the same negotiation power.

Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 722

Only if you are intentionally trying to read something into it. The example I put immediately behind it should make it clear. Many people - myself included - do not like to get up early. I would rather work from 10 till 6 than from 8 till 4. Same hours, but better hours for me. Other people want to be home to their families early. They might prefer a 5 till 3 shift.

With UBI, you do not have to work in order to not starve. That gives you a tremendeous amount of negotiation power. Not just about salaries, but also about working conditions.

Comment Re:Glad they made amends (Score 1) 258

In the USA, Maxim never had nudes, but it was fun and hilarious. Now, it's mostly boring. The articles read like National Geographic for rich millennials-- and mind you, I've enjoyed reading National Geographic since I was a kid. The guy who bought them thought the world needed another Details, when it didn't even buy the original Details.

Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 722

You desperately need to pick up the skill of reading comprehension.

I would most likely work more - but spread it out into different areas. Your overly narrow definition of "work" is false-to-facts as well as stupid. I worked as a freelancer for some years, and many of my friends have turned their hobbies into their profession, and in either case the line between "work" and "spare time" begins to blur and the narrow definition of "work" as being the time between punching in and punching out at the company clock disappears.

Comment Re:DOS Hackers (Score 1) 611

Surge protectors can be pretty reliable, as long as you have a good quality one (330V) and a PROPERLY WIRED, GROUNDED RECEPTACLE. The ground pin in my apartment 9 years ago was shorted to HOT, so when we had a surge, the surge protector could not direct it to ground and the MOV took the entire surge, which cooked it. When I came home, I was treated to the stench of a smoldering surge protector. We were frighteningly close to a fire.

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