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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 150

"Millions of use Windows,"

So? Doesn't mean it's good, millions of people die every year, does that mean dying is good?

Win10 is 100% spyware, it completely ticks the necessary boxes for being spyware. So it's fair enough that people don't like it, people don't like spyware and they especially don't like the OS they use being spyware since it can spy on everything the user does. What is worst is Microsoft's dishonestly in not saying what metrics it collects, most of all those metrics it still collects even when all privacy settings have been set to maximum privacy.

Comment Re: Not to diminish the usefulness of the feature (Score 1) 153

The jury seems to be still out on yawning, all medical theories fail due to the fact that yawning is clearly contagious. Also I doubt it's anything to do with getting enough air, I'm very fit and am pretty sure I'm getting enough air through normal breathing. Yawning is pretty obviously correlated with being tired.


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