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Comment Re: Going to be dead on arrival (Score 1) 104

gah, I thought fuel cells held enough hydrogen to do the job. Still I don't see why trucks can't carry hydrogen containers.. but they don't make sense unless they are more energy dense / cheaper than batteries in this case. Upside of hydrogen is it could be created from renewable energy when that energy is in over-supply and cheap.

Comment Re: Going to be dead on arrival (Score 1) 104

1. And? You forgot the minus signs for F and C.
2. Are you telling me they can't put it in a tank designed to store liquid hydrogen?
3. OK.
4. So what, it's not like having a 4x bigger tank is a problem, or by factor of 4 did you mean 1000x as it could be read.

Your post seems to be trying to say it's not possible without actually having any good reasons why.

Comment Re:About to be excited (Score 3, Interesting) 193

"There are indications that it is possible to find parts of both rhinoviruses (which cause cold) and flu viruses that are sufficiently stable to allow us to develop vaccines against all of them"

Ahh but if that were the case I wouldn't still be getting colds because I'd have developed a natural immunity against them, I haven't, we don't, vaccines won't work.

Comment Re:The priesthood has spoken (Score 4, Insightful) 249

"the lack of evidence for global warming"

So why is the north pole ice melting, why are the glaciers clearly receding.

Do you also deny that it gets hot in green houses,
Do you deny that mankind releases billions of tons of CO2?
Do you deny that CO2 is a greenhouse gas?

Tell me, which is it?

Comment Re:Discourage? (Score 1) 241

"or we don't agree on what SJW refers to."

I don't think it's a well defined term, whenever I hear people rant about 'SJW's I quite honestly am not sure exactly what they are ranting about because of the massive ambiguity.

It's like a meta-rant, and I'm pretty much not interested because rants about SJW are so devoid of actual facts, they're more a kind of hate speech.

Comment Re:MPAA, RIAA and Big Pharma (Score 1) 355

Populism, what they do and what they say are 2 different things, nudge wink and a handful of republicans let the treaty through whilst they look like they mostly opposed it. That's politics, opposition parties always criticise what the gov't do if they think it'll get them more votes at the next election.

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