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Comment Re:Browser apps (Score 1) 124

Probably includes almost nothing but those type of apps, with maybe a few 'plugins' (read, pluggable functions that are narrowly defined and compiled-in w/ no 'developer' intervention) tossed-in for good measure.

What I'm curious about is how much bloat a typical app generated this way carries, versus a decent/competently-coded bespoke application on the same platform.

Comment Re: Weirdly specific statement (Score 1) 55

What is the limiting factor? Buildup of CO2?

People need a certain amount of oxygen for their metabolism, you need to carry that much. CO2 effects the blood pH: too little and the body is too alkaline, too much and it's too acidic. So, you need to maintain a precise amount of CO2 and remove the rest. The scrubbers in the space shuttle were able to regenerate the CO2-absorbent material after use, so there was use of power but material wasn't consumed.

Beyond this, you need to control temperature and humidity. The other requirements than atmosphere for crew survival are that you water, feed and shelter the crew, maintain orientation, and maintain a G-force envelope that doesn't injure the crew.

Comment Re:I hate Apple, but no (Score 1) 397

Apple simply paid what the Irish government told them to pay

But the Irish government wasn't allowed to lower their tax rate. And that makes the tax breaks invalid, so they never applied. It's like if an employee at McDonald's signs over all their assets to you. Unless it was a CEO with board approval, that arrangement is going to be declared invalid, because they didn't have permission to sell what they sold you. If you have a further problem, you get to take it up with the guy who "sold" you the assets, not claim McD's is screwing you over.

Comment Re:SubjectIsSubject (Score 1) 397

What can the EU do to enforce their decision?

Are you really questioning whether the EU government would be able to confiscate Apple's assets? That's kinda a power governments have. They have to have over $14 B in liquid assets waiting to repatriot to the US in areas under EU control.

Submission + - September 19th SpaceX Launch will be visible across California, Nevada. (

Bruce Perens writes: The nighttime launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 containing Iridium satellites at 9:49 PM PST Monday September 19th from Vandenberg AFB SLC-4 is likely to be visible across California and in some Nevada locations. Although Vandenberg has a landing pad for the Falcon under construction, this will probably be a drone-ship landing and some California observers might see two of the landing burns.

Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 1) 205

The most valuable resource is my time. I wouldn't use most languages for heavy number crunching (C, or well-written C++), but I wouldn't use C for something that needs to run every night and generate a report. Who cares if it takes 2 seconds as opposed to 1?

Heck, I remember when hand-optimizing the generated asm from a c compiler was a required profession. Of course, optimizing writing code is going to happen really freuently - those who can fix the problem have a strong incentive to do so.

Comment Re:Misleading (Score 1) 138

The difference with aircraft being is that you have a central authority controlling and regulation what paths aircraft take, so no, it's not better.

What? You think you can drive anywhere? A 'central authority controlling and regulation what paths cars (aircraft) take' sounds one hell of a lot like a road.

Comment Re:Not drones (Score 2) 45

This might be the perfect time for some shotgun shell manufacturer to work on a 'drone load'. Magnetized steel to mess up the compass just before the final blow. Sized perfectly to powder light plastic objects but remain harmless to birds, pedestrians and real aircraft. Bonus points for being biodegradable.

Perhaps a Kickstarter?

Comment Re:The Good Wife covered this issue (Score 1) 593

Not really. It's 83 feet as decided in 1946 by a US Supreme Court decision of extraordinarily questionable relevance. The FAA has stated they control from the tips of the lawn to the bottom of space (wherever that happens to be). There is no formal law stating this and various lawyers, oddly enough, law claim to different interpretations of various rules and statutes.

Comment Re:Laws lagging behind tech as usual (Score 1) 593

Give it a few more years, maybe a person or two killed or maimed by an out of control drone at a sporting/large event, and you will see a federal law extending your property rights into the airspace 5000 feet up or so, with easements for commercial and private aircraft that file flight plans. The drones should (and probably will) be regulated with some caveats. National forest, parks with designated areas, the ocean (not the beach, but 50 yards and out) or your personal property are the only places for hobbiest drones. This is just common sense and will happen eventually.

Drones flown for profit or outside those areas should require a simple license similar to a drivers license or hunting license where you take a weekend class and a test. The drone would have to have a license tag as well, something easily visible from 50ft or less (combination of a few letters, numbers in a color), so you can snap a picture and they can lose their drone and license and be charged for misbehavior. Any drone flying over my property should be at least 500ft up and not able to record zoomed in or high resolution photos or video unless I have given written permission.

Idiots buzzing people, their pets, livestock etc. will only hasten and make the laws more restrictive. If the industry were smart they would start an association and privately license all of those who buy their drones and educate them on sensible behavior.

There already are laws on the books about reckless endangerment, public nuisance and most of your other rants. You lost the argument about having markings visible at 50 feet although I think the city of Hollywood was trying to go that route before the FAA told them that itty bitty cities don't get to make laws about airspace.

If you are in the US, you are already supposed to have registered yourself as an Evil Drone Flying Precriminal and attached said number to the drone although you can use 10 point type. That's so that when they glue the remains of your baby drone together, they know where to send the bill.

If you are doing anything commercial with a drone in the US, you have to pass a test that includes much of a regular pilot license ground school.

Please try to keep up.

Comment Re:25 to 30 feet above the trees? (Score 2) 593

Depends on how tall those trees were. If the trees were 50 feet tall, +20-30 would be 80 feet, which is below the 83 feet the Supreme Court specified.

The FAA needs to fix its regs because I don't think people have a right to send drones into my personal space (say, right up against the windows of my house).

The FAA doesn't have any regs. That was a Supreme Court decision and it wasn't about shooting anything down, it was about getting compensation for some chickens with PTSD.

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