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Comment Re:Yay, more Deepwater Horizons! (Score 1) 89

... Jim Web, left the race rather than take part in that sham.

Jim Webb didn't leave the race because of his "high principles". He left race because he had 1% if the vote.

Years ago, Webb actively campaigned to have women kicked out of the service academies. He resigned as Reagan's Secretary of the Navy because he wanted more money to buy even more weapons that we didn't need. And this guy expected to be elected by Democratic primary voters? He was in the wrong party.

Comment Re:Okay. How about off Florida? (Score 1) 89

Is there oil off the coast of Mar-a-Lago?

All wells drilled off Florida's east coast have been dry. There have been successful wells south of Florida, in the strait, and to the west in the Gulf of Mexico.

But Florida is a swing state, and it would be a political disaster to drill there. Instead, he can push drilling off the coast of Massachusetts, where he has nothing to lose, or in Alaska, which is so red that drilling is actually popular there. Alaska residents get an annual royalty check from their state government.

Comment Re: It's my house though (Score 1) 117

I doubt if any of these people really rent on Airbnb, because people "stealing stuff" and even "trashing the place" are NOT that big of a problem. That rarely happens, and when it does, the replacements/repairs are easily affordable.

A FAR bigger problem is undeserved bad reviews. A one-star or two-star review can cut your bookings in half and cost thousands of dollars over the following months.

I have rented to black people several times, and have never had a problem. They were friendly and quite tolerant of little problems that cropped up.

In my experience, the absolute worst guests are French people. They complain about everything, and act like entitled jerks. I have had French guests leave bad reviews because of rainy weather, or heavy traffic from the airport, as if that was my fault. I guess they feel they are getting even for what happened at Waterloo.

Note to French people: America had nothing to do with Waterloo. That was the British.

Comment Re:Drill baby drill (Score 4, Insightful) 89

Offshore drilling is dying.
It is not because of regulation or marine sanctuaries.
It is because of fracking.
Offshore drilling is hecka expensive, with huge liabilities if something goes wrong.
Deepwater Horizon ended up costing $62 Billion.
It is way cheaper to park a fracking rig in a North Dakota wheatfield.

So once again, Trump is pushing policies that make no difference in the real world.
He isn't going to revive coal mining.
He isn't going to revive offshore drilling.

Comment Re:Illegal labor (Score 2) 81

There is no labor shortage in the United States. Given high enough pay and benefits, all jobs will be filled by legal workers.

America's unemployment rate is at 4.7%, which is already about as low as NAIRU unemployment can go. There are 11 million illegal workers. There is no way all those jobs could be filled with legal workers. That is not realistic at all.

If picking fruit paid more and had more benefits than programming, I would have no problem picking fruit on the side.

Would you have any problem with the four hour commute from your desk in the city to a broccoli field in Modesto?

... forced, child, or illegal labor

You are lumping together unrelated things. Forced and child labor are harmful to the laborer. Hiring an illegal worker benefits that worker. I have no problem with hard-working Mexicans coming here and making a better life for themselves. It is the laws that try to prevent that which are immoral, not the employers who skirt those laws. Just because something is illegal, that doesn't make it wrong.

Comment Re:Pay the price (Score 1) 81

Basic income will never be enough.

Basic income will never happen, at least not in the foreseeable future.
It would require politically infeasible tax increases.
It would require politically infeasible reductions in existing entitlement programs.
Many people angry about inequality voted for Donald Trump.

Comment Re: Trains (Score 1) 135

Not really fair to compare "America" with "Tokyo". What about LA and Tokyo?

The average commute in LA is 29 minutes. Tokyo is much worse.

Anyway, nobody is trying to promote LA traffic as "working fine" and an example for others to emulate. The OP was doing exactly that with Tokyo's trains, which are actually far worse for the average commuter.

Commuters in LA who use public transit have an average commute of about 50 minutes, which is almost the same as the average Tokyo commute.

Comment Re:Americans no longer want to pick fruit. (Score 4, Interesting) 81

I'm in a "weird" part of the country without much in the way of migrant workers and Americans do all "the jobs Americans won't do".

A friend of mine has a teenage son who's worked at a nearby orchard for a couple years, after school and summers. I know, he can't exist according to labor economists who don't get that bottom-wage jobs are for kids with no experience. He's off to college next year, and I doubt a robot will be taking his job.

Comment Re:Need this refined before I need a knee replacem (Score 1) 50

Actually what you want is a new meniscus, not the whole shebang. And that is certainly a possibility. Again, it's fairly 'simple' - 'just' cartilage. The big issue is going to be testing. It's going to be years before the FDA approves this. They're going to have to find an animal model, run that for a while and then do human trials. And obviously, one of the primary things to look for is longevity. I doubt they will find a mouse model to work with. Need a bigger, slower growing critter.

Probably will show up along with holographic storage and fusion power.

Comment Re:Does this include genitalia? (Score 1) 50

Livers are a smart choice because they're relatively simple - for an organ anyway. The overall structure isn't important, just the hepatocytes, a bunch of immune cells and lots of blood vessels.

  Also given the propensity for humans to trash their livers doing at-home toxicity testing (alcohol is the number one reason for liver transplants, acetaminophen is number 2) there is a huuuge market for replacements. Very clever for a startup.

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