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Comment Re:NOTHING HAS CHANGED (Score 1) 196

Uber just arrived in my city.

They have 6 cars working for them from the local community, they have dozens coming into the city from the surrounding areas, with vehicles that don't adhere to the local laws on what is a fit vehicle for a Private Hire car.
We've been descended upon by a swarm of locusts.The safety of passengers has been compromised by Out Of Town cars, some of which have tinted windows (a regulation put in place to raise the safety of passengers), a lot don't have anything on their doors to show they're a cab (the local cars have plates, clearly stating they're pre-booked only for insurance reasons, for passenger safety), and there have been cases of the police pulling these cars over and finding they aren't even legally licensed cab drivers! just Joe Schmoe in a car. I would't want my daughter in that vehicle that doesn't have taxi insurance (if any, isn't there a clause that states "not for hire or reward" on most private policies?).

Then on to the other problem.
These locusts are emptying the pockets of our tourists and some idiots who don't know any better (here, let us hook you in with a free ride!) and taking the money out of the city; out of the county in most cases.
This city's economy is being squeezed by these guys. The local cabbies pay their money into local businesses, shop in local shops, buy local produce.
Where does the Out Of Town driver take our money and spend it?

The local council have opened the floodgates for these pirates. The woman who actually signed the paper has resigned, her boss is passing the buck.
Someone took a payment or they wouldn't have done it.

The police, cabbing community, public, student bodies, local chip wrapper, radio stations and certain branches of the local council are all having a problem now.

Uber isn't the problem here, the OOT cars and unlicensed ones are. Uber are just the stinking turd that is bringing the flies into our city.

Comment Re:Oh mozilla (Score 1) 351

Firefox was supposed to be NN risen from the ashes and stripped of crap nobody wanted.
Phoenix, Firebird, Firefox; I am still loyal but, FFS stop adding shit I don't want, carry on stripping out crap and make it an optional extra you can tickbox at install or add through a menu later.
Ironically, that stupid menu for people who should be using Chrome is bloat to me.

Comment Re:stupid idea (Score 1) 225

This already happens according to some Farcebook algorithm.

MANY users[who?] detest this and opt for "Most Recent" instead of "Top Stories". It's one of the reasons extensions such as FB Purity and Social Fixer exist.

Right now I do most of my Farcebook interactions through Tinfoil for Facebook. There's also a version for Twitter. Having "social" media in its own browser cut off from the rest of your system means you don't have to install "Messenger" to use chat and more importantly, it can't be written to by any pissant program that fancies using your normally logged in account.

Comment Re:Seems obvious but... (Score 1) 325

I have a WD Black2 (120SSD/1GB spinning), 750GB spinning and an mSATA to boot from in my laptop. I had to take the optical out and put a caddy in to do it in this one, but my last one had the space for all that and the DVD.

In answer to your question, this universe. Desktop replacements with lots of storage.

Comment Re:If ubuntu installed (Score 1) 210


As a fan of Gentoo and Arch I would still say that for your requirements you can rip out Unity, Lens (is that spyware still installed?) and a raft of other things you don't like/need then fill the gaps with things you do like whilst still keeping the base system that Canonical have made very easy for people who want to carry on learning.
As with all of these "I don't like the GUI" SlashAsks it comes down to which front end you like and trying them all won't hurt a bit. Once you find one that you like you're free to install it on every machine you use.

apt-get update && apt-get remove unity lens && apt-get install kde lxde xfce gnome2 screen ratpoison w3m
The list goes on ...

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