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Submission + - Phorm, and what it means for UK users 1

PReDiToR writes: "UK ISPs are in talks with a company called Phorm to deliver targeted advertising to their customers by taking keywords from webpages they request and injecting relevant ads before the page is returned.

There is a lot of backlash against this privacy intrusion, and it seems that UK site The Register is leading the media battle against the scheme.

One of the major sticking points is that there is not as yet a definitive answer on how users can opt-out. Two possibilities are on the table, one is for a cookie that allows Phorm to scrape the packets sent through their machines, the other is to have a cookie that means packets sent through the server are not used by the advertising algorithms.
Both options mean that our personal data will go through Phorm hardware.

Another problem is that Phorm use WebWise to add a practical aspect to their service. They claim that this site will filter out phishing attacks for unwary users.

Amongst the rules that people consider breached by this company and their proposed ideas are the Data Protection Act, and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act."

Submission + - Can UK users opt out of Phorm? (theregister.co.uk)

PReDiToR writes: "Phorm is coming to the UK.
Their partners are listed as British Telecom, Virgin Media (formerly NTL) and TalkTalk, and from that page those three companies represent "approximately 70% of the market".

The basic idea is to target advertising at users based on their web history.
The Phorm server takes every web request and scans for keywords, then injects ads into the page before it is returned.

The problem here is that page requests often contain personal data. Credit card details, email addresses, phone numbers, user/pass combinations, SSL/SSH negotiations, router configuration details and everything else http based that goes through your ISP.
Phorm claims that personal info is not retained, and how could we not trust a man who says

Our [non-executive] chairman is the former chairman of Microsoft UK [David Dornan]. There's nothing shady
The Register has two articles, the first is a roundup of Phorm-related information, the second is an interview with Kent Ertegrul (CEO) and techie Marc Burgess."


Submission + - Phorm launches data pimping fight back (theregister.co.uk) 1

PReDiToR writes: "The register has an interview with Phorm's CEO and "top boffin" about how they intend to intercept every UK web page request and collate the keywords contained, then return the page to the user including their advertising. Not only do they have plans for integrating this "service" at the ISP level, but they also have an opt-out system that only does half of that. UK page requests (through BT, Virgin, and others) will still be scraped, but the adverts won't be injected.

Privacy concerns, anyone? Anyone?"

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