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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Bush shoe attack beneficial for its maker (

Opportunist writes: You might remember how Bush was attacked by a reporter with his shoes. Now, some people wondered why. Some wondered how he got through security with his assassination devices. Some wondered whether his bodyguards were having a field trip day and how this was possible.

Others wondered "what shoes are those". And they found out. It was the Ducati Model 271, now redubbed the Bush-Shoe. And sales are skyrocketing. The Turkish company making them can't keep up with the demand. Who said that a personal visit of a politician couldn't be beneficial for the economy in the country?

How to interpret this is maybe up for debate. Personally, I think some people took "voting with your feet" and showing their political view with them to a new level.

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Submission + - Stupidfilter: The end of Trolling on /.? ( 1

Opportunist writes: What would /. be without "FRIST POST!", In Soviet Russia memes and a confirmation of netcraft? Well, if Stupidfilter becomes what it claims to be soon, we might find out. The makers of this OSS claim that they can (soon) filter out stupidity, ignorance and trolling from boards, making the life of moderators and administrators worldwide a lot easier. Currently it relies mostly on the amount of CAPS in a text, the mix of letters and some statistics. Soon it shall become able to sense typos and grammatical errors, which shall hopefully increase the chance to catch dumb postings. Of course, the implications are that non-native speakers (like me) might get caught in the filter due to a (possibly) higher rate of misspelled words and a (likely) smaller vocabulary. And of course it can be used as a "content filter", to keep out unwanted opinions. So whether this technology will bring us less trolling or less freedom to discuss (or whether it brings us anything at all), only time will tell.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - When Amazon sells Audiophile cables...

Opportunist writes: ...comments go berserk. Now, I certainly don't want to decide whether audio equipment that costs 10k is worth it, or at least improves sound quality in any way. I even don't want to judge whether cables that only transmit digital data can have a positive impact. Personally, I don't see why a "better 1 or 0" makes better sound.

But what I know is that when Amazon sells such a gem, people go berserk with comments. Some even found Jesus in their BBQ sauce.

The first Audiophile vs. Anti-Audiophile war on Amazon. Truely a good laugh.

(to be honest, I just submit the story hoping to find out whether it's possible to create a /. effect on Amazon...)

Submission + - Large Hadron Collider - The doomsday device? (

Opportunist writes: We're all going to die! The LHC (Large Hadron Collider), the big underground donut in Genf that shoots little particles onto each other, is going to create a black hole that is going to swallow us all alive!

Or so Mr. Walter Wagner claims on his homepage. He demands in no uncertain terms that this project is to be put on hold until the dangers can be assessed, after all we only have one Earth, and no backups to restore from.

A bit of insight from people who know more about those things would be interesting. Can energy that could possibly heat a cup of coffee create a tempest in the teapot? And more important, what motivates people to prophesy doom? I mean, when you're wrong, you're ridiculed, when you're right, you're dead... how do you win?


Submission + - Amazon delists music after battle with MI (

Opportunist writes: It all started with Amazon buying music cheaply abroad and selling it expensively in the EU. Now, the music industry did not like that of course, deemed those imports "illegal" and sent a cease and desist letter. Amazon decided to bend to the MIs will. And do more than that. They not only delisted the CDs required, they pulled almost everything from Sony and Warner (and a few topsellers of Universal and EMI) from their range of products. In the meantime, after a quick talk, it seems the problem has been resolved. For now. Neither side really considers it settled, it just seems both agree that such a battle should not be fought right now, in the week before the big spending event. Though one has to wonder: Who is actually in the stronger position when they canot find an agreement?

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