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Comment Re: suure (Score 1) 261

That IS the game breaker. Literally so.

Take a look around why people have PCs in their home today. Some will do some work, yes, but in the end, gaming is a huge issue. Most people at least use their PC partly as a gaming machine, and this means that they will use an OS that provides them with the ability to do both, work AND play.

If you cannot provide this, people will switch back to Windows.

Comment Re:Not exactly an easy question (Score 1) 318

Documentation means less than a thorough collection of how-tos that are also updated to stay current with the progress of the distribution itself. Most of the time, the matter at hand is "I want to do X", and for that the user needs a solution, and he needs it now. Not after digging through a heap of docs, half of which deal with a version two generations past.

Comment Re:No money for you, dissident! (Score 1) 74

True, but citing porn as an example is maybe the worst example you could field.

Google has any obligation to host anything, no doubt about that. The question is, though, where this will lead to. It won't affect Jihadists. That's for sure. They'll simply create new accounts, inform their fellows about it and continue to spread their bullshit. It's like spam, you can't stop that by shutting down the mail account that spams you.

The much bigger effect will be on channels that offer controversial opinions. How about those that debunk charlatans, snake-oil peddlers, religious nuts or others trying to bring their version of "the truth" to the people? Today, what we have is some people posting their, let's say incredibly well researched, conspiracies about chemtrails, the illuminati and other secret societies, flat earths and various other things, and you will of course get those that debunk them. That is, essentially, what an argument is like. One presents his theories, the other one refutes them and presents his, followed, hopefully, by another answer to it and so on.

If this "hate speech must be banned" trend catches on, you will find both sides increasingly locked into attempts to silence the other side by disabling them from actually monetizing so they essentially have to stop. Yes, that means we get to hear a lot less bullshit on YouTube, but at the same time it also means way less diversity. What we will eventually get is what we already have in various other media and social platforms: One side of the argument is forced one way or another to leave, turning the whole thing essentially into a huge echo chamber for one sided reinforcement.

I wouldn't want this to happen on YouTube, too.

Comment Re:Not exactly an easy question (Score 1) 318

Well, considering this maybe Mint is the better choice, since Ubuntu actually presents you with the choice of your favorite window manager, which may be confusing for a new user. Then again, not having any predisposition for any of them means essentially that they're back at square one: For which one is the most support out there.

Unfortunately the usual approach, i.e. googling something like "which desktop environment for ubuntu" gives you tons of shitty "top 10" pages that can't agree on anything, along with a few lists of the few dozen options you have that leave you with more questions than answers.

Generally, what I'd do as a beginner with Linux is grab one of the "official" images of the distribution I chose and run with this. It doesn't really matter to the beginner and the chance to get sensible answers with screenshots he can recognize is higher.

Comment Amber Rudd. Of all the idiots on this planet (Score 2) 298

Seriously, she's Britain's answer to Sarah Palin. Or rather, an answer to a question nobody asked.

And while Palin is at least a looker, Rudd also has this "used car" air about her. This woman has so far in her total career never said a single sentence that wasn't a tear-soaked platitude, an "outraged demand" that simply echoed what everyone else has already been saying or simply and plainly stupid. I really have no idea what service she could provide other than being the bad example on how NOT to do something.

Seriously. When asked at her funeral to say anything good about her, all you can sensibly say is "she died".

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