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Comment Re:So Oracle discriminated (Score 4, Insightful) 231

I worked at sun for about 5 years and was let go when oracle bought sun.

I worked at the menlo park main campus. I am older than 50 and I'm white. during my 5 years there, I got good reviews and was the main guy for one of the products (software) that ships on sun servers.

all you have to do is walk around the outside of any major silicon valley campus and you'll see the same thing over and over. yes, its mostly indian and we all know this, even though the media does not want to outright say it.

and I'm 90% certain that I was let go because all the rest of my group was indian and I was making a good salary there.

it happens to me at almost every place I'm at, these days. the inevitable firing when the numbers from the company go downward and they need a quick 'profit boost' by letting go of the senior and well-paid engineers. this rarely happens to the indians, though.


Netflix is 'Killing' DVD Sales, Research Finds ( 297

Netflix has become the go-to destination for many movie and TV fans. The service is bringing in billions for copyright holders, but it also has a downside. New research shows that the availability of content on Netflix can severely hurt physical disc sales, which traditionally have been the industry's largest revenue source. From a report: A new study published by researchers from Hong Kong universities provides some empirical evidence on this issue. Through a natural experiment, they looked at the interplay between Netflix availability and DVD sales in the United States. The experiment took place when the Epix entertainment network, which distributes movies and TV-shows from major studios including Paramount and Lionsgate, left Netflix for Hulu in 2015. Since Hulu has a much smaller market share, these videos no longer reached a large part of the audience. At least not by default. The researchers used difference to examine the effect on DVD sales, while controlling for various other variables. The results, published in a paper this week, show that DVD sales increased significantly after the content was taken off Netflix, almost by a quarter. "Our difference-in-difference analyses show that the decline in the streaming availability of Epix's content leads to a 24.7% increase in their DVD sales in the three months after the event," the paper reads.

Comment Re:Whoah there (Score 1) 22

Your fake concern is fake noted. That said, the pudge of old would have been able to convey that with one simple sentence and a shrug. This may be relevant to your interests.

Now, in the interest of avoiding your pedantic tendencies as much as possible, I feel we'll have to define "broadly reported unsourced attacks" before I get started.

For example, I doubt you'd approve of me using a site like, despite its age and traffic. Which is fine, as they don't actually produce much content anyway. Slightly more problematic are Breitbart and The Daily Caller. For both I'd suggest a cutoff date of 2012 (anything before that being invalid as they were both much smaller then than they are now.) National Review Online should be fine, methinks.

Moving on to talk radio, I would doubt you'd have a problem with sourcing anything from the big three: Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck. To make things easier, I won't bother with any of the others, no matter how popular. (They all have shit timeslots in my market anyway, so I don't really get much of a chance to listen to them unless they're filling in for one of the big boys.)

And, of course, the vast "liberal media" is just fine for plundering, right?

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 461

A population density argument makes sense for things like public transportation, but not for electric vehicles. It's a phrase that gets trotted out all the time for as an argument against various public-good endeavors, but I often find that if you replace it with the phrase "political will", it makes just as much if not more sense.

Comment Re:Or just go back to the way things were before (Score 1) 5

This is personal to me. A friend I knew in high school, went into the service with, and kept in touch with couldn't afford insurance and caught appendicitis. It ruined his credit and nearly his family. In 1992 when he had a heart attack, he just laid down and died rather than calling 911.

That's what happens in the US when you work full time and can't afford insurance.

Comment Re:No Courage (Score 1) 79

You make it sound like your opinion is somewhat unusual. I got a meager A3 2016 model few months ago after using an HTC for 5 years - naturally the last 2 of those years I used it to call as the enforced SW obsolescence made the phone almost unusable for anything else.

I dropped the phone 4 times int he first week - it was simply too thin and slippery. All my habits that worked for the HTC were not effective anymore [how to handle it; where to put it, ect.] and new ones did not help. So I went back to the shop and got a protector screen and a case. That transformed it into the GSM I always wanted. Reading books, some movie watching and music. Some gaming as well [for the first time on mobile platform for me]. Great!

And then I heard about the jack and was furious. True, most of my music I listen on a dedicated player which together with the ear plugs costs as much as the best telephone out there, so quality is paramount to me. I also have the phone and Koassilator phrase synthesizer - and the ear plugs go into all 3 devices via the jack. A dongle? Never! The plugs have L-shape contact minimizing stress - I don't need anything sticking out from a fragile, thin, slippery phone!

I look now for several weeks during my commute how many people do not have cases and screens on their phones. I found 3 persons out of at least a hundred [almost everyone uses their phone in the train]. Same at work - one guy out of 50-60 people.

So, I think most of us do not buy this whole scam but I am also afraid that sooner or later all companies will switch. For all kinds of reasons [marketing hype, enforced obsolescence, DRM control, vertical integration] but by Bob NEVER do anything that actually benefits your customers. For real!

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