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Comment Re:I know where I stand (Score 1) 384

That depends on where you live. In Europe, a "liberal" is a libertarian. In America, a "liberal" is a progressive, or what Europeans would call a social democrat. In Australia, a "liberal" is a conservative.

That's some nice pedantry, but it's a non-response to the cross-eyed Randianism being called out in your first post:

Liberals believe in the power of government to affect people's lives. They want you to have a "relationship with your government", like it's a girlfriend or something. They expand, expand, expand the power of government because they believe it to be positive and NOT subject to corruption or any of those yucky things.

Liberals in America are right-wing conservatives who spend a lot of time lying to themselves about the positions and politicians they support. Phil Ochs wrote a little ditty about them that still applies to this day.

Comment Re:The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1141

that the left cares for equality of outcome than equality of opportunity

Repeating the empty slogan does not get the shit off the heel. Hint: if, on aggregate, you don't have equal outcomes, by definition that means you do not have equal opportunity. Medical school alone proves my point - it's an incredible gamble to risk a lifetime of student loan debt if your quest to become a doctor doesn't pan out - unless you have rich asshole parents to back you up.

If there was equality of opportunity, a black kid from Detroit has as much chance as a rich asshole kid from a rich asshole neighborhood of being your next doctor. But we both know that's not the case.

Comment Re:Margins (Score 1) 108

Even a "cheap smartphone" has much better h/w specs than an iPhone 4S

Uh, you would hope so, compared to a five year old device.

You can get an Android phone with similar hardware specs to a top end iPhone for nearly half the price.

Yes, just as you can buy a laptop "with similar specs" to a Macbook Pro for half as much money, as long as you're going to settle for three times the weight and pretend a spinning disk is equivalent to PCI-E based storage.

Comment Re: Margins (Score 1) 108

Apple taking part in a price war would destroy their brand.

And the basis for this tautology? And why would they care after they've destroyed other brands in a price war? Apple can cut their prices 20% and still make a tidy profit. Samsung cuts their prices 20%, and their balls are in the bandsaw.

Time will tell but unless they break some new ground with their product lineup they will run out of steam.

New Samsung phone snazzier than a year old (nearly) product from a competitor. This shocking, shocking development at 6.

Comment Re:Margins (Score 1) 108

Because Samsung's flagship S7 products aren't the only Android phones on the market.

Yes, Android it's also the operating system powering the dumb feature phone segment of the market. But that cheap crap is far from being in the same class as a new Galaxy or an iPhone.

Which is why iPhone only has 15% of the smartphone market share.

See above. It also helps sales when your devices are no longer updated after the first year.

Android is the standard.

Only for Fandroids.

Comment Re:Yeah so (Score 1) 175

Annnnnd, back in reality world, costs have *NOT* gone up and the percentage of people insured is at an all-time high.

That's not "reality world", that's shroomed up Obamabot fantasy. That costs aren't increasing at double digit rates every year doesn't mean they aren't still rising faster than inflation.

gone up and the percentage of people insured is at an all-time high.

You say that like it's a good thing. It's not. For-profit insurance isn't the solution, it's the problem. Y'alls need to go watch Sicko again, a movie made about how freakishly horrible people with insurance have it when it comes to getting health care.

Comment Re:Yeah so (Score 1) 175

Politics is the art of compromise. The only ones who refuse to compromise are dictators or useless blowhards.

That's all the people have done since Reagan - make compromise after compromise after compromise. And for every singe "victory", like SCHIP, has come with a dozen far more serious defeats, like NAFTA/DMCA/NDAA etc etc.

Sanders' could have insisted on all of his principles, refused to endorse Hillary, and possibly handed the election to Trump, undercutting virtually every policy objective he had.

The only two democratic constituencies to have gotten anything out of Obama during his presidency were the two who threatened to sit out his re-election in 2012: gays and latinos. You don't get the party to move by being a yes man, you get the party to move by threatening their election chances.

Or he could endorse Hillary, hope she'd win, and watch her do 95% of the same things he would have done.

Horseshit. That 93% nonsense is based on looking at their shared time in the Senate, where Hillary spent most of her time....naming post offices. With the exception of her Iraq War vote, Hillary's right-wing freakshow has taken place OUTSIDE of the Senate.

Calling black children super predators?
Making BFF's with the world's worst dictators?
Acting as an arms merchant to the same?
Overthrowing democracies?
Helping Obama start a war without Congressional authorization?
Making the world safe for fracking?
Pushing the TPP?

All done outside of the Senate, making the "they voted the same way 93% of the time" utter sophistry.

Comment Re:Yeah so (Score 1) 175

Hilary and Bernie vote the same only 93% of the time. Shame on him/her for exaggerating by an additional 2%. Unconscionable.

It's not unconscionable. It's sophistry.

Most of Hillary's greatest right wing hits were entirely out of her time in the Senate, except of course for her vote on Iraq. Calling black kids "super-predators", where was the vote on that? How about her supporting "regime change" in the democracies of Venezuela, Ukraine and Honduras? Turning Libya and Syria into another couple of Iraq's, and creating a continent-wide refugee crisis?

Anyone repeating the 93% nonsense is a shitheel.

Comment Re:A funny story (Score 1) 175

That is just dumb. What percentage of Democratic voters watched the debates? 5% if you are lucky?

You're dumb. Debates in 2008 were ratings hits for both parties, as were the 2016 GOP debates, since that race wasn't cleared for Jeb by the RNC. And look up Jesse Ventura - he was a joke celebrity candidate in Minnesota - until he he turned a great debate performance into a stint at the governors office.

That's why the Dems and the R's have colluded since the 80's to keep debates between themselves, to prevent a non-flacky Ross Perot from coming in and taking what is "rightfully" theirs.

Comment Re:The DNC sucks an asshole (Score 1) 175

though true, good luck getting someone to the left of Hillary elected. Obama was pretty center-right.

His campaign wasn't. Closing Gitmo, card check, public option, ENDA....a solidly progressive platform that won him the election. That he turned out to be a closet neoliberal neocon doesn't change the fact that he won on a platform far to the left of where she is now. You poll by issues rather than labels, and the "far left" position is generally the most popular one, even amongst Republican voters.

Comment Re:The DNC sucks an asshole (Score 1) 175

I'd take you more seriously if you even know how Senate seniority is counted. It isn't conferred separately on the whim of each Party, it is in the Senate rules and is based on the time serving in the committee.

You might want to have remedial knowledge of the subject before engaging in patronization, least you look like a pompous fool. You could have a hundred years of service in the Senate, and it doesn't mean dick if a party doesn't recognize your seniority.

You argue the point about if he's registered as a D or an I in the Senate, but you didn't look it up first. Tsk tsk. Go, look, read, learn... Bro.

Go read on who Sander's caucuses with, and on Vermont, where there is no party registration....Fool.

My advice, instead of handwaving and making up your own theory, just fact-check what I said.

My advice is to put down the shovel, and stop fornicating that chicken.

Comment Re:The DNC sucks an asshole (Score 1) 175

Yeah, this year we even have a Senator who remains registered in the Senate as an Independent, who is complaining that the Democratic Party doesn't consider him a real Democrat. Well, he did change his personal voting registration to Democrat within the past couple years; but to this day he's never changed his Senate registration

Canard. If Bernie wasn't a Democrat in all but name, they wouldn't give him seniority in the Senate, nor would they let him sit on committees. And of course he ran for president as a Democrat, and is closer to the party's traditional platform than almost all elected officials.

Furthermore, it's not like the same party that has spent 1.5 decades whining about Nader would have been happy with Sanders running for president as an independent.

Comment Re:Margins (Score 2) 108

Businesses preferred the much less expensive Windows boxes. So windows became the standard.

How is that relevant to iOS vs Android, when a Samsung device costs just as much as an iPhone?

I think Apple makes about 60% of their revenue, and 80% of their profits from iPhones. If iPhone sales slip, it might be 1997 all over again.

Which also means that Apple has more room to engage in a price war, if it comes down to that.

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