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Comment Re:Thank god for Trump! (Score 1) 357

You mean given Western Exceptionalist Bullshit? For every drop of western blood spilled by "isliamic terrorists", entire swimming pools are filled with the blood of muslims, from predator drones and imperialist wars. The same month as the attack on Nice, a single U.S. attack slaughtered 85 innocent people in Syria.

If the rest of the world responded to western imperialism the same way western imperalists respond to their own blowback, the United States, France and the UK would be radioactive craters carved deep into bedrock.

Comment Re:I know where I stand (Score 1) 357

Leave people alone? Are you delusional? Liberals believe in the power of government to affect people's lives. They want you to have a "relationship with your government", like it's a girlfriend or something. They expand, expand, expand the power of government because they believe it to be positive and NOT subject to corruption or any of those yucky things. If We The People were left to our own choices, we'd just choose wrong! Look at Brexit! The people were presented with a clearly correct choice and a clearly wrong choice, and they screwed it up! How can you trust people like that?

The neat thing here is that everything you just whined about doesn't describe liberalism, at at all.

You're talking about capitalism, money and power.

Comment "centrist" == right wing corporatist tool of MIC (Score 2) 357

At least the guy is well educated and experienced.

So is the world's worst living war criminal.

Not a dramatic choice - but a solid guy all the same.

Solidly pro-life, which will undercut demagoguery from Stepford Democrats that ermagurd you must vote D to protect a woman's right to choose.

but see the virtue in a low-key centrist technocrat

The virtue of having his lips sewn to the sphincter of Goldman Sachs? He wants more deregulation of the banks, and (like Hillary) is pro-TPP.

Comment Re:100gb? (Score 1) 409

I've heard the "density" statement so many times and I don't buy it.

Because they've always been horseshit, that's why. The "but but Amurica is ruuural" argument might explain why you have slow, expensive internet in upper Alaska, where you could fly a helicopter for a hundred miles in any direction and not see another person.

It does not explain why internet access is slow and expensive in San Francisco or Manhattan, which have high density populations.

Comment Re:Try Upgrading (Score 1) 409

Verizon's CEO made around $20 million last year. The top 100 people in the company combined made maybe $100 million (probably less).

Salaries were only one of half a dozen things he mentioned, yet you're ignoring the rest, almost as if you were being disingenuous.

Spending lots of excess money on capital equipment to add capacity to serve customers who don't pay you nearly enough to cover the investment you have to make to serve them is definitely a failure of corporate duty.

Do you sprinkle sugar on those corporate boot heels before licking them, or do you do it straight up?

Comment Re:The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1127

What makes Venezuela different? They didn't have this problem 5 years ago, at least not to this extent

Currency manipulation, artificial shortages, and other CIA-backed shitbaggery. Why are you commenting on a topic you lack remedial knowledge of?

The answer is right in front of your face

Yes, it is.

but you choose to believe stupid propaganda instead.

Yes, you do.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1127

Are you being deliberately obtuse?

Are you? The more social services there are, the more people there will be like the parent poster, because they were able to focus on school, and not if they were going to be homeless the next week.

Though, hopefully they wouldn't be elitist pricks about it, like the parent poster.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1127

As a successful immigrant myself, this is _exactly_ my sentiment. Fuck that commie shit with a broomstick.

Dude, never go full Nelson

I now pay four times in taxes alone compared to what I made here in the first year. It took me 15 years and a lot of hard work and perseverance to get to this point. Now some communist comes out of the woodwork and says I need to "share". But dude, I already "share". Even with my great accountant doing my taxes, Uncle Sam takes fully 29% of what I make, with nearly zero accountability for how this money is being spent.

Uh huh. And you're ok with a trust fund wanker making 100 times what you do while doing no work to speak of, because the wanker's last name is Walton or Clinton?

Comment Re:The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1127

You're discussing equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.

Which is horseshit sloganeering to begin with.

Hint: I grew up dirt poor and wanted to get out of it.

Another temporarily embarrassed millionaire. Hint: if you really grew up poor, then you really must have seen drug addled delinquent assholes make it much farther in life than you have, because they had rich asshole parents who steered them into positions earning six figures as their first "real" job.

Comment Re:The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1127

You first. Starting with how NAFTA and how it makes it very difficult for countries like Venezuela to create an ag sector that pays a living wage, as their export market has to compete with U.S. crops subsidized below cost. Then maybe venture on to currency manipulation, and working with the Saudi's to ramp up oil production to hurt their shared geopolitical targets (Venezuela, Russia, Iran).

Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1127

Notice a trend there

I notice more willful jinogist blindness. A thousand military bases around the world isn't about defense any more than England had colonies all over the planet.

It's the empire, stupid.

The United States is surrounded by two large friendly nations, and the world's two largest oceans, bedwetter. Coast Rica doesn't even have an army - how many times have they been invaded recently? The U.S. could get by completely with the various Guard forces (Air, Coast & National) and disband the rest of the military completely, along with the NSA and the CIA.

of course your have to exclude the Japanese invading some of the Aleutian Islands in WWII

1) Operation != invasion, bedwetter 2) Alaska wasn't a state until the end of the 50's.

The Germany/Hitler thing shows not all democracies are good

Okay. Name one democracy the U.S. overthrew to prevent a genocide or a regional war, or you're a raving moron who needs to pick up a remedial history book along with a new set of plastic sheets.

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