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Comment Sooo........ (Score 1) 331

... If I understand this correctly this means is that grammar and spelling Nazis actually serve a purpose other than to annoy the hell rest of us? Until now I had ranked them somewhere between hairdressers and telephone sanitisers and on the usefulness scale. Since I'll be travelling on space Arkship C with the workers to New Earth, to escape the Orange Menace that threatens to destroy Old Earth, and since I'm in charge of passenger scheduling, think I'll move the grammar Nazis from space Arkship B which is destined to settle a nearby black hole. I'm going to move them to Arkship A which will accompany Arkship C to New Earth where it's occupants will colonise the southern continent which they have decided to call Atlantis and whose capital are planning to call 'Galt's Gulch'. Grammar Nazis may be useful but I'm sure as hell not travelling all the way to New Earth on the same ship as those annoying little toadies. I'm sure the leaders, scientists and other high achievers on Arkship A will enjoy the endless conversations abut the finer points of grammar and spelling on the looooong journey to New Earth.

Comment Re:Bad assumption (Score 0) 297

He who innovates/invents first has little effect on 5 years later. If that long. Look at Yahoo. The first, and for some time the best internet search engine. Now dust. Economists, and the like, keep using 20th century (some even 19th century) models. Intellectuals cling to the past as badly as others. And the fools who like what they say pay them. Sadly the factory workers have no such benefactors.

Sure they do, they have scrappy self made men and women, billionaires who have proven themselves by rising through the ranks in the business world and built empires from nothing. I'm talking about .outspoke honest people like Donald Trump who tell it like it is run for office and go to Washington to fight for the rights of the common man, declare open season on corporate lobbyists and drain the swamp.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 1) 289

Your ignorance can only be matched by your arrogance. Assuming that this is ignorance and not an intentional twisting of the truth, I'll try to help you understand: The passage in Deuteronomy that you reference is part of what's know as the "old covenant." https://www.gotquestions.org/o... I see what you're trying to do there with the Matthew reference, and I think you know that you're misleading others. If you really don't know, you can educate yourself here: https://www.gci.org/bible/matt... First thing that pops up in a search - not hard to find.

Sounds like a very long winded case trying to show why the old testament laws do not apply to Ckristians despite Christ him self saying they do in no uncertain terms according to Matthew 5.17-18, I'm still wondering what your point is?

Comment Re: The real problem is ISALM (Score 1) 289

Muslims are generally well-disposed to Sharia as a political system while the other two are not well disposed to religion as a political system.

And Sharia is demonized as evil/bad/wrong in the West to a complete degree. By people with no factual understanding of the particulars. Usually by the same people who want their but their precious Ten Commandments enshrined in law and custom, along with a lot of other Biblical law. That is what tells me it is bogus. When the Roy Moore's of the world are involved.

It doesn't help that many societies in the Mid-East are tribal. That only gives political Islam a guaranteed divide and conquer strategy. With everyone fighting like that, no one notices the deal the central governments have with Islam, i.e., keep'em fighting and keep local politics local so the people do not notice our incompetence.

You mean the same thing that happens in the West? There is a reason why the Trump's and Steve King's of the world are inclined to ranting and raving over others, why California and New York are stigmatized. Watch the screams about Detroit and Chicago.

Show me where the Ten Commandments support the stoning of gays like sharia does.

Show me where the Ten Commandments support the killing of, umm, kafirs like sharia does.

Show me where the Ten Commandments say that the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man, like sharia does.


Well done! You just rendered all his arguments invalid by the cunning use of mindless profanity.

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 2) 289

They have been living in the Netherlands for three generations already. Some were born in the Netherlands, of one or even two parents that were also born in the Netherlands. Of course they still speak Turkish, have a Turkish passport (and a Dutch one), serve in the Turkish military (and the Dutch parliament if they want to), watch Turkish TV, eat Turkish food, and go to Turkish supermarkets and Turkish mosques, where they get indoctrinated by Diyanet - the Turkish ministery of religious affairs. And if their government wishes to speak to them, but the evil white oppressors forbid that, they go out and riot throughout the conquered province in the name of Erdogan and allah.

Yet somehow we are all supposed to pretend they are also Dutch people that are perfectly well integrated into Dutch society. Now tell me why I should NOT vote Wilders (the Dutch Trump).

You could say all the same things about American and Dutch Jews who hold Israeli passports. I'm not trying to dump on Jews, they can speak Hebrew, have an Israeli passport (and an Amercan one), serve in the Israeli military (and run for the US Congress or Dutch parliament if they want to), watch Israeli TV, eat Jewish food, and go to Jewish delicatessen markets and Jewish Synagogues, where they may or may not (depending on their choice of Synagogue) get indoctrinated by Zionist activists supported by the Israeli government. I just wonder why it's OK for Israeli-Americans or Israeli-Netherlanders to do all of these things but not Turkish-Netherlanders?

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 5, Insightful) 289

The real problem is ISALM. That's why so many Muslims want to turn their back on Ataturk's dream of a modern, secular Turkey and make it yet another Sharia hell-hole.

The problem is not Islam by it self, it's what we in the software business call rotten 'legacy code' common to all Abrahamic religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. They all have the same problematic common legacy of misogynism, violence, homophobia and intolerance. People talk as if Islam is all hate and Christianity is all hugs, kisses and fluffy bunny rabbits but in reality you don't have to search very long for bible passages like Deuteronomy 22:13-21 to which the bible thumpers usually respond that Christians don't follow such hateful passages in the bible and (my favourite christian snowflake argument) the hateful old testament laws are "only for Jews" (amazing how quickly the followers of the religion of hugs kisses and fluffy bunny rabbits revert to medieval antisemitism) which leads us to Matthew 5:17-18. But I think we've had enough fun with scripture. Let's address your main argument that the problem is Islam. What the hell makes you think that all Christians disregard bronze age laws about stoning or otherwise abusing and suppressing women (just to cite one example) but that all Muslims gleefully embrace such commandments instead of ignoring them like many Christians apparently do because that's what you just insinuated, i.e. that all Muslims religiously (pun not intended) follow passages in the Quaran requiring them to practice barbaric reprisals (similar to ones found in the bible) against people who break religious laws and commandments and just for your information: millions of Muslims don't do that and would, for example, not dream of stoning a woman.

Comment Re:No it doesn't (Score 3, Interesting) 202

Exactly. Most of the surveillance is gone by tapping one of the endpoints. All your "cloud" data (email, voice, whatever) is unencrypted on the server side and there is API access. On the client side, security is horribly broken because the client side software keeps changing and every change introduces new holes.

No, most of the surveillance was done by tapping the largely unencrypted data being sent over the internet backbone and warehousing it. The resulting database could then be data mined at the NSA/FBI/CIAs leisure. Once your data is encrypted they can't easily do that anymore because it isn't as simple anymore. Previously all they had to do was just sit there, watch a system management console while they warehoused insane amounts of unencrypted data and could implement deep intercepts of somebody's entire unencrypted communications with few mouse clicks in a web interface. With encryption they now have to seek out one or both parties in an encrypted data exchange and hack their computers which is a whole lot more hassle while wholesale warehousing and data mining of internet, voice and video traffic (the wet dream of the NSA/CIA/FBI and the politicians) is out of the question unless they can decrypt the vast majority of encrypted communications on the fly. I've heard figures of up to 20% of some HTTPS traffic being decryptable in bulk by the NSA because of encryption weaknesses but I'm having real trouble believing they'll be able to decrypt 90-100% of all encrypted traffic on the fly and warehouse it any time soon however much they'd like to.

Comment Re:A better question (Score 1) 242

Do we really want (or need) the Netbook back? As I recall, they were a product that did little more than make people wish they had saved the money to buy something that was actually capable of meeting their basic needs. These days everyone has a cellphone which is already infinitely better than the netbook of yesterday.

I used to have an iPad, it was nice and did what I wanted it to do most of the time. However, it had a few serious drawbacks such as the inability to work with several windows at once and the fact that even with an external keyboard the touch screen interface drove me nuts, partly because my fingers gummed up the display and I was constantly cleaning it up. So I switched the iPad out for a 12" MacBook. Same form factor same weight much more flexibility, a larger selection of software and a more powerful UI. Haven't looked back yet, the only thing I miss is the ability to read PDFs in portrait mode.

Comment Re:Gattaca (Score 1) 397

> He eventually escaped this system of human quality classification

Holy shit. Do they still do this in Germany?

Not sure, haven't lived in Germany since I was a little kid. The way it was explained to me was that at some point during the education process they categorised the kids according what advanced education they were 'capable of' and some kids just got sent to vocational school because some expert decided that being a plumber, carpenter, mason or something was the most they could handle intellectually which is a pretty offensive attitude if you ask me. Just because somebody is a carpenter or something similar does not mean that person is stupid. The whole system sounded like some kind creepy carry-over from the Nazi period. I was told myself by the department head at the local university's engineering department that people from 'my kind of high school' had no business in the engineering department because 'my kind of high school' did not provide students with the kind of maths education needed, The sad thing is he was right, my country has a public school system. However when it is time to cut budgets some public schools feel the full force of the budget cuts while for a select few public schools who train the progeny of the upper strata of society the cuts are so lightly felt they have enough money left in the budget to teach Latin and Classical Greek. Being told my education was crap and that I might as well not bother took the wind out of my sails for years until I went to another Uni (by then a few private ones had appeared who, unlike the public ones, offered catch-up classes in math and physics), got a Master in Comp Sci. and finished with a 90% grade average. Occasionally I get this urge to scan my diploma, write that quote about how I had no business studying engineering over it from corner to corner in red war-banner letters and e-mail it to to that arrogant dick. He is today a big fish in the national University system and spends his days warming a leather chair in a ministry. I suppose that old American proverb is true: 'shit always floats to the top' (I like American proverbs, they are so honest)

Comment Re:Gattaca (Score 5, Interesting) 397

You can't fix social mobility with IQ tests. Hell you can't fix ANYTHING with IQ tests.

My cousin was sent to a special needs class which in Germany at the time effectively destroyed any hope you had of ever getting into a University. This was done on the basis of an analysis of his grades and an IQ test. He ended up being sent to a vocational school and graduated as a plumber because the specialists in classifying humans by IQ declared that with his limited intelligence a lowly plumber was the most he could ever hope to aspire to. He eventually escaped this system of human quality classification after he graduated by completing a business degree at a private school. He now owns a big plumbing company and by big I mean the kind of company that bids for substantial contracts like doing the plumbing large office buildings and factories. I have seen enough similar examples for me to conclude that IQ tests are at best an extremely inaccurate instrument and at worst completely useless.

Comment Re:Porn (Score 1) 391

Men tend to initiate sex much more than women do. Men also tend to watch porn much more than women do. So I have a hunch the ease of access to porn has resulted in men getting their gratification alone while watching porn, thus less sex is taking place. Additionally the normal, average woman does not compare to your typical porn star, which may also result in men developing unrealistic standards and thus not having sex with their partner as much due to higher expectations.

Blaming it all on men is a bit unfair. Women also have unrealistic expectations. The regular average man also compares poorly to movie actors, pop stars and professional athletes which may be another contributing factor. People these days have a very unrealistic expectation of what their ideal partner should look like, what they themselves look like, and people generally seem to spend so much time fussing over what what the person they are currently dating looks like that they forget to think about what kind of a person they are. I was told a long time ago by an old coot who had been married to the same woman for over twice as long as I had been alive at that time (c.a. 17-18 years) that it is more important what your partner makes you feel than what they look like and there is some truth to that. Now, I'm not saying you should completely disregard what your perspective partner looks like but you might want to decrease the importance of looks in favour of other traits if you are looking for a stable long term relationship. Of course if you are a promiscuous libertine (nothing wrong with that as long as you break no laws) whose greatest goal in life is adding notches to his/her belt then other rules apply.

Comment Re:Alrighty (Score 1) 445

Financial industry here:

At least for my little bubble of it, we're EXPLICITLY banned (we'll get blasted out of the industry) for doing or even mentioning business over personal email. Like, black mark on your FINRA record, no one should hire you kinda stuff.

I'm sure it happens, but our compliance guys are zealous about that stuff. Why don't politicians have compliance guys?

They do, they are called the Office of Congressional Ethics but it has no power and is widely ignored because it tends to: 'get in the way of doing business'.

Comment Re:Those kind of article stick into our head forev (Score 2) 215

Sometimes. I would prefer to enjoy life and be a total ignorant. Yet slashdot remind me that reality is not always good to know. That said, once you learn it, you never forget it! Happy swimming!

At least it's outside your body. Think of what happens when you go to a public bathroom that smells bad: what you're breathing was previously inside someone. I mean, the actual molecules that are entering your nose used to be part of someone else digestive system. Maybe even more than one person.

That's a lot worse than a bucket of piss diluted in a big pool filled with chlorine.

Seriously? In the case cited 75 liters of urine in a pool containing 830.000 liters of water we have an urine percentage of (75/830.000)*100 = 0.009036145% where 95% of that 0.009036145% urine is sterile water assuming they are talking about 75 liters of factory standard piss as it can be obtained from the manufacturer. The average human being accidentally ingests about 1kg of insect parts each year. That's 1 kg of critters, some of which crawled round on, and fed off of, faecal matter and rotting tissue!!! Ever wondered how delicacies like mouldy cheese and escargot were invented? I'll let you in on a secret, your ancestors fed off of things like rotting meat, ergot infested and otherwise spoiled grain, cats, dogs, insects, rats, mice, insects, slugs, soup made of bones dissolved in sour whey, the list goes on... If you two continue on this trajectory you'll both turn into Howard Hughes.

Comment Re:Another new headphone connector! (Score 1) 223

20 Bucks? The Lightning to 3.5mm-jack Adapter from apple is 9 Dollars. 11 Dollars for Headphones would be extremly cheap and you'd have accordingly bad sound quality. Currently, EarPods with Lightning Connectors cost 29$, which is already 9$ more than you proposed.

The 3.5mm jack adaptor is included with the iPhone 7. You can get plenty of decent Lightning earbuds from 3rd party vendors on Amazon for $20 which must have OK sound quality (for earbuds) since you can get a pretty decent set of Sennheiser/Jabra/etc. earbuds for c.a. $30. Mind you, if you want, you can shell out anything up to $200 for earbuds that aren't even wireless. I agree about the lousy sound quality of the low end earbuds but you'd be amazed what people settle for in terms of sound quality. I'll never understand why people shell out $500+ on a smartphone and then go to the thrift store and buy a crappy $5 set earbuds.

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