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Submission + - Glenn Greenwald: Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist (

MyFirstNameIsPaul writes: From the article:

...the article is rife with obviously reckless and unproven allegations, and fundamentally shaped by shoddy, slothful journalistic tactics. It was not surprising to learn that, as BuzzFeed’s Sheera Frenkel noted, “a lot of reporters passed on this story.” Its huge flaws are self-evident. But the Post gleefully ran with it and then promoted it aggressively, led by its Executive Editor Marty Baron...

Submission + - Blockchain To Be Implemented On Myanmar Stock Exchange

An anonymous reader writes: A major Japanese financial services company has announced that it intends to implement blockchain technology for trading on the Yangon Stock Exchange in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Daiwa has been testing blockchain technology at the Yangon exchange between June and September, and hopes to complete formal implementation for all Daiwa stock trades on the Yangon exchange within two years. The company is currently negotiating with government officials in Myanmar to implement the system. Blockchain's resilience is lower-risk for the Myanmar stock market than many others, since the Yangon Stock Exchange only conducts trades twice per day, matching buy and sell orders at 11 am and 1 pm. Because there is limited time to conduct actual trades at Yangon, Daiwa believes that the technology can be implemented with few technical issues.

Submission + - Dogs poop in line with Earth's magnetic field 4

CreatureComfort writes: Published in Frontiers in Zoology, scientists have determined that Dog's are highly sensitive to the direction of magnetic fields, and poop while aligned with the N-S magnetic poles.

Any anecdotal evidence, or speculation on how this would be an advantageous evolutionary adaptation?

From the article summary: "for the first time that (a) magnetic sensitivity was proved in dogs, (b) a measurable, predictable behavioral reaction upon natural MF fluctuations could be unambiguously proven in a mammal, and (c) high sensitivity to small changes in polarity, rather than in intensity, of MF was identified as biologically meaningful."

Submission + - Is the time now right for Opportunistic Encryption?

LeadGeek writes: Several years ago the Free/SWAN project tried to get the concept of a network-layer "encrypt if you can" standard between hosts with a graceful non-encrypted fallback if one of the hosts does not support it. Sadly, it never really got off the ground. Today, widespread use of this or a similar technology would likely provide a huge load in terms of storage or perhaps even CPU for a nosy NSA. Is it time to start putting our postcards in envelopes? Would there likely be legislative pushback? Is Opportunistic Encryption even a good idea to help counter an out-of-control intrusive federal government?

Submission + - 7 Signs Your Project is Headed for Failure (

Esther Schindler writes: How can you recognize that your project is headed for disaster? Look for these warning signs.

For example: Everybody is “the Vision Guy.”: "Another political landmine is the flip side of nobody being in charge: Everyone thinks he is in charge. To demonstrate the need to be “part of” this important, career-defining project, every single stakeholder sees himself as a dog that needs to mark his territory by peeing on it."


Journal Journal: Lies of Omission 6

This is a duplicate of a post I made in one of the recent topics. I'm copying it here for easier reference as I send it to a couple friends.

* * *

So what exactly is metadata?

Many years ago I was a telecommunications engineer for a large company and worked CALEA. For the uninitiated, that is law-enforcement wiretapping.

Submission + - Police Visit Pirate Bay Proxy Owner's Home Demanding a Shutdown (

An anonymous reader writes: The UK’s aggressive stance towards online piracy was taken to new heights this week through a combination of police threats and backroom deals between industry groups. One of the main targets identified were Pirate Bay proxy sites and TorrentFreak has been informed that the police and FACT recently turned up on the doorstep of one called PirateSniper in the UK. According to a report from the site’s owner he was handed a letter and ordered to shutter the site or face criminal action.

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