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Comment da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709 (Score 1) 253

Hashes...? Darwin In Action. Your human evolutionary selection will faver bad speling from now on. No! We mean URLs! +#hastTagWarz ?Add=aField&Remove=uniqueIDpowerfjonrfoijnqrf&Remove=ArticleSelector free speech collateral damage resulting in, "An unexpected censorship error has occurred. No one is available to figure out why Life Sucks, but the suckage sure eats a lot of money an effort. Just like cell phones... swallow.

Comment At the Apex of the Planet of the Apes (Score 1) 237

Witnessing small but steady improvements of technology over common sense. Ultimately there will be a single technological moment in which there will be no common sense at all.

Seeing this on Slashdot is like picking up a carpentry trade magazine where one expects to see advice on practical projects, tools and plans, to find a feature article about stepping on rusty nails. Carpenters sometimes step on them and there are bits of humor and sympathy here and there but this article is different. There are lurid photographs of nails sticking out of feet, everyone seems enthusiastic about the topic. They have obviously scoured the Earth to gather present those excited about this thing, and there a distressing number of people. It is even obvious that folks have stepped on rusty nails to be featured in the article.

The long time reader is horrified and confused. Perhaps something has gone horribly wrong with the world in a way that is surreal.

As stupidly pointless as inBOIL's death in Richard Brautigan's work, In Watermelon Sugar ,

Pauline started mopping up the blood and wringing it out into a bucket. When the bucket was almost full of blood, inBOIL died. "I am iDEATH," he said.
"You're an asshole," Pauline said.
And the last thing that inBOIL ever saw was Pauline standing beside him, wringing his blood out of the mop into the bucket.

Comment Having 9/11 flashbacks (Score 1) 184

"But NO ONE ever imagined they'd use a PROXY to launch a cyber attack..."

"We don't want the smoking gun to be the MUSHROOM STYLE of news management..."

"They hate us for our weak default passwords..."

"Numerous sources tell us that the Iranians are moving, not just documents and hard drives, but WEAPONS OF MASS DELUSION to keep them from being found by people who aren't even looking..."

"'We're too great a nation to allow the EVILDOERS to be the SOLE REASON for launching the Project for the New American Century..."

Why doesn't our sitting president stand up to these blathering Trump headlines?

HEADLINE: " ~X~ ( poses challenge to | is threatened by | will prove risky during | unaddressed by | looms under | cannot possibly improve under ) ( the racist | the misogynist | the xenophobic | ) Trump ( cabinet picks | Administration )"


Comment TILT GAME OVER (Score 1) 153

Please re-submit news article describing legislation going into effect without clumsily trying to re-cast it as a Donald Trump issue. I hope everyone can see how banal it is. So if Hillary had won, these Orwellian rule changes would have triggered chirping bluebirds instead?? People will tire soon of the press finding new ways to take the 'passive' out of passive-aggressive.

Comment Re:Nice to see we'll be in better hands (Score 2) 314

The media will run an uninterrupted series of negative opinion pieces disguised as news for the next 4 years.

Don't forget the clumsily disguised contempt shared among them like nervous laughter.

The kind of contempt passive-aggressives fall into when things don't go their way. The kind child psychologists can see directly through that serves as a signal for them to dig deeper.

Comment Re:Horizontal glass (Score 1) 428

I hear you, don't bother engaging these folk, if it's about solar they'll argue their way into a paper bag and the muffled whispers from inside the bag continue for days. I could sell these people solar cooked hotdogs on a cloudy day. ("It's 10% completely cooked!") I'm just hoping that Musk will be forced to start subsidizing his own existence before long.

(Chomping down on a yummy nuclear cooked hot dog in a blizzard)

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 159

THESE FOOLS do not realize that the bezel is the ONLY thing keeping these screens from completely tiling over our reality! What the human race need now are wider bezels not thinner ones. The bezel should get a little wider every year... until eventually it closes in completely and we are all standing in the sunlight of a new day, looking around us at the simple, sublime reality of existence. There is hope even for you my friend. If they make bezels thinner just put electrical tape around the edges.

In Soviet Russia... the phone swipes to unlock YOU.

Comment Re:Analyzing... (Score 4, Insightful) 79

No action or even credible threat items here. Pager network originally chosen for its (local) reliability of coverage and assurance of message delivery, not for sensitivity of content. Potential terrorists could learn more with a set of binoculars on the ridge overlooking the plant.

The goofballs who use smartphones want everyone to use smartphones, or else Something Is Wrong With You. Soon we'll be wiping our asses with them.

Likewise, encryption can be yet another point of failure, The nuclear Permissive Action Link was set to 00000000 for years because military brass decided (smartly) that the system was fail-safe enough. Arbitrary complexity is worse when its use-by-mandate is effectively a mandate to use the public Internet. Or even private virtual Internets using Internet hardware or infrastructure, or requires transport on congested radio bands.

I'm not saying pager is da bomb either. When I carried one in the early 80s I saw voice message queue delay time grow to five minutes at times because its one-channel system was over-sold. Data only pagers busted this problem for awhile but pager companies are dissolving all over the place. Your entire world is dangling from a cellphone tower now. Hope it works out.

I just saw a "live feed" from a campaign rally dissolve into no-audio, choppy video and spans because, as a voice-over form their control room said, "We're experiencing bandwidth issues because too many people at the rally are on their phones." Lie down with infrastructure dogs and you wind up with infrastructure fleas.

Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 1) 187

I consider myself to be on the Autism Spectrum scale. When I tell stories I want to be detailed; but I have learned that people don't want the full story and prefer summaries.

It is time to dispense with that diagnosis of yourself, friend, and begin to understand that the people who 'prefer' summaries are the aberration and your behavior is the natural rule. It comes down to their simple respect for you and their ability to concentrate and follow your story, at what ever pace you tell it. I say pace and not level of detail because if you hurry yourself to relate details, you'll begin to stumble talking, and even a careful listener will stumble hearing. Be true to your own manner of speaking.

I've met many people, slow and fast talkers, quick and careful story-tellers, and I have NEVER heard a story that was not worth the listening, and I'm glad I took the time to hear out the longer ones. The shorter the story, the more it is like a tritely stated opinion. But I am not most people these days.

When you see people drifting away mentally while you are talking, it has become impossible to tell whether they are disrespectful of you or distracted by something in their own lives. This is because modern society has chipped away at the foundations of respect, and has also saddled people with anxiety and deficit of attention from a young age. In scarcely 100 years, a mere flash in time, we have gone from quiet evenings filled with human storytelling and storylistening to a 24/7 global wash of electronic babble. It is increasingly difficult for parents to insulate children from it long enough for them to evolve a natural mental capacity to carry on a complete two-way conversation.

I am deeply suspicious of the broadening and escalating diagnosis of "Spectrum" disorders. To me some of it may be the phenomenon of a disrespectful, attention-deficit society saying "I don't have time for this shit, let's label this person and be done with it. Next patient!".

I like to tell stories without myself in them. You might enjoy my short essay Paced By The Animals which attempts to describe how things have changed, not always for the better, in the last 100 years. Your efforts spent in coping are noble and well-spent, but always look beyond the edges and around the corner, to see if you can find enclaves of people out there who are more like you, and enjoy listening as much as you enjoy telling. And my all means, if possible go there and leave the Rat Race behind.

Comment I keep waiting for adults to enter the room (Score 1) 184

But all I see here at HireVue are dangerous kids with fresh degrees at the intersection of HR/Psych/AI with their works-just-so toys. Doin' the This Word Means New Thing thing to get folks buzzin' on them new words. It's fascinating but also sleazy, the way they are marketing judgement as if you could pluck it off the shelf.

This is just new technology specifically designed for immature and inexperienced HR employees who are terrified to use their own human judgement, or perhaps for employers who want to hire HR people who don't have any... to FUCK with people.

The system will set new industry standards for fucking with people. By not getting their drift, by interpreting shyness as subversiveness or by misinterpreting the angry personal insult and desire to rip someone's head off when someone asks you, "Do you think it's OK to steal from the boss?" and then ten seconds later, "It's OK to steal from your boss, right?" as something completely different. The AI looking at you through a crappy little camera will misread your personality wrong every few seconds. In fact, it'll probably get so many things wrong so often that they'll start to cancel each other out and the interviewer will be left with a bunch of expensive squiggles they can interpret any way they please.

The system will favor interviewers who feel comfortable and prideful of not knowing what they are doing.

They're creating a new type of machine-DNA here to create a bastard form of evolution... where folks that just happen to score a certain way on their bullshit screening and analysis (through no fault of their own) succeed in reaping great rewards, like becoming employed. Folks who don't, won't. No one will be willing to tell you why, they'll say, because the algorithms are proprietary and complicated. Truth is they won't know fuck-all why.

They'll get it working just well enough for it to advise you hire a man instead of a gorilla. They'll say it's perfect. Then there will be updates. Tweaks. Improvements. More paid seminars in interpreting the results. More tweaks. After a couple years HireVue will see nothing but improvement in their product, because by then the company will be staffed exclusively with people who scored well on their machine.

They'll throw a party when the billboard outside says, "10,000,000 people FUCKED with".
There will be a whole 'unemployable' underclass for no apparent reason.

Then one day years from now, someone will make a single mistake somewhere, just a dumb mistake, and the AI itself will go insane. Its effects will be felt first at HireVue itself because like most places then, they will have cameras everywhere so the AI can see the faces of their employees while they are in their cubicles, taking a piss or beating on the vending machines, all for the purpose of "extending the hiring process indefinitely, and continuing to give valuable feedback to spot new emotional employee trends."

The software will suddenly declare some random portion of them dangerously unstable, fire them and instruct the other portion to throw them out with extreme force. Then as conflict sets in it will change its mind again and cancel some orders and issue conflicting orders. People will respond naturally with a combination riot/orgy.

Meanwhile outside of HireVue, the rest of the world which has outsourced its HR analysis to AIs has not fared so well. The landscape is full of weirdly misshapen buildings. There are odd and disturbing rules and unspeakable acts performed by policy and dogma put into place (accidentally) by happening to hire people in charge who happen to be the kind of people who fail to notice such things. In place of human society shaped by its physical and instinctual needs, it has become a fractal landscape of arbitrary shapes and decisions. Like a collection of sex toys for aliens.

As the HireVue building collapses, because the architect who had the better design had a mean face, the emotional evaluation process all over the world suddenly ceases. Since continuous evaluation of emotional fitness is necessary and compliance with the directive to cooperate is mandatory, everyone on every continent is suddenly fired.

Humans reel with unaccustomed freedom, and some weep from indecisiveness as they are faced with decisions to make. They wander aimlessly for awhile. Then, a few start picking things up and getting on with their lives, acting instinctively. To everyone's surprise even the terminally unemployed who had been labeled emotionally unfit are helping. It turns out they have an excellent grasp of how to run a civilization, though their faces look mean. And they think it's OK to steal from the boss.

As dystopian a future as you can ever imagine.
Even Blade Runner was inhabited by real people making judgement calls.

My reviews reflect the opinions of my employer, or I'll damn well quit.

Comment Re:cool link (Score 5, Interesting) 251

Editor's note: Submitters and editors should note that it is best to open a private browsing window and manually remove session ID gobblegook from URL to test a link. Greetz BugMeNot, works sometimes.

For small pocket devices WE HAVE EXCEEDED PEAK LI-ON BATTERY AREA and especially LENGTH. Samsung should retool the G7 to contain two or three smaller 'proven' Lion battery packages with separate charging circuits. It is possible that a manufacturing variance ultimately related to area is fooling the charge circuit and making these more susceptible to overcharge. There is also physical stress, another trigger. Batteries should not straddle the middle of the device where the most butt-pocket deformation will occur.

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