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Comment Is this news? Look like the same Canada (Score 1) 242

I think we all know that our governments are collecting our data on everyone in every way possible. I'm surprised they are using planes. Just use the cameras in People's cell phones. In Canada the RCMP mine cell phone data and we have planes patrolling Toronto in evenings. And to those playing Pokemon Go, you think the gaming companies are the only ones using that data you send during your hunts? This is beyond what I ever imagined after reading 1984. I think even Orwell would be surprised: People installing software on their mobile cell phones that are being used like voluntary tracking ankle bracelets. Tin Foil hat's and Fariday cages anyone?

Comment Does that mean our Win7 PC have been exorcised? (Score 1) 503

So does this mean people who haven't disabled the Windows Update Service can breath easy knowing their PC's will no longer "upgrade" to Windows 10 without explicit permission from the user? (Those who DID disable their windows update service as we all should should probably keep it that way, these days nothing seems to be beneath MS these days). For those who need their PC's exorcised I say these words: "The Power of lawsuits, compel you, the power of lawsuits compel you". If that fails, remember, these is always the power of Linux. (Suggest ElementaryOS or Linux Mint to start)

Comment About time... (Score 1) 105

People has been sheepish on this topic up to now. The "Ghost" upgrades I've had reported boggle my mind. For one thing, there are changes to the EULA regarding what Microsoft is allowed to collect (and put in) to your computer and since it's automated, there was no actual consent to these changes done by any human being, which I believe if tested by the courts, would prove to be illegal due to lack of "meeting of the minds" because the owner was not present to read it during the automatic upgrade. Wonder why MS didn't consider this one before trying to force feed this bloat/spyware on happy MS Windows 7 users.

Comment It's a sign of the times.. (Score 2) 465

I have told people in my circles for years that relying on "cloud" backups is an invitation for disaster for a few reasons: 1. It's not your server, even with legal agreements (how enforcible they are can vary from country to country), someone could hit the "rm" script and bye-bye data. Suing (even if it is an option) can't get the data back. 2. If you lose your connectivity to the Internet or the site, or the service provider is out of business, your data is effectively gone temporarily or permanently). 3. Any staff member can view that data. encryption (which can be intentionally weak or have a back door) can be used against you without you even knowing it...(until it's too late to do anything) We are a culture taught to "set and forget" and this artist, like most of us, got caught up on the idea that is data would be kept safe, which is exactly the mindset on that groups like Google, Iron Mountain, DropBox, Microsoft, Apple and many other "cloud providers" intentionally provide.The only way to be sure your data is secure (assuming you don't care who views it as much as making sure it's preserved) is to have your OWN local backup in addition to a cloud drive. You can create your own cloud drives to reduce the number of people likely to have access to the data (remember encryption is NOT a guarantee of security). There are many programs (free and commercial) that can help with your backups. Areca (open source/free/user friendly), Acronis (commercial, user friendly) and other products like Bacula (less user friendly), Bareos (Bacula fork). there are others, list here: http://www.enterprisestoragefo... Most people will be happy with Areca: http://www.areca-backup.org/in... We all have to remember we have to protect our own data and not get "headlight" frozen by everybody repeating "cloud storage" in our ears to the point it overrides our common sense. We have so many tools available to the public to protect ourselves and our data now. All we need to do is turn on our common sense/brains. I feel for this artist, but he should at least be a reminder to all of us of the truth we all know but somehow keep ignoring. Oh, at $150 CAD for 2 TB, we don't really have price as an excuse. Oh, also remember hard drives often die between 3-5 years (enterprise, Western Digital Black, Hitachi Ultrastar) or 1-3 years (Western Digital Black, i.e, green blue, red, purple, Hitachi Deskstar series). I don't mention Seagate because I've had too many bad experiences with them. I assume 1-2 years for their drives based on experience and test of Meantimes between failure, but Seagate drives are the cheapest, so for datacenters they are popular with their RAID 6 and RAID 10 setups.

Comment Fast Food Drives... (Score 1) 224

We created an economic system that rewards actions that create profit at the expense of quality of living. And the funny thing is...on average Seagate has worst MTBF (Mean time between failures). The cheapest price (and quality) drives found a way to be cheaper, and the stock market soars.Seagate, the McDonald's of Hard drives.

Comment Everyone protects theiro own interests (Score 4, Informative) 327

Is this really a surprise? If it weren't for federal laws requiring competitors be allowed to participate in Canada, we'd only have Bell (Canada), Rogers and Shaw for providing ANY Internet access and consequently, crazy high prices for Internet services abusing their monopoly. Fortunately our laws require those companies with the physical infrastructure to provide at wholesale prices so resell to end customers. Food for thought..

Comment Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy (Score 1) 28

Bad karma and lack security: these guys have a unique developer API policy:They own whatever you develop for their platform. (surprised anyone agreed to this..) so I say "it couldn't happened to a nicer guy". Perhaps they were eluding to what should happen later on given they way they treat the developers who for some odd reason create stuff for their platform under ethically questionable terms.

Comment But wait...there's more... (Score 1) 268

A few years from now someone will "discover" something that disproves the limitaion of the pear shaped nuclei. The one thing about science, it's never certain, and what we thing is fact today, becomes fiction tomorrow. " Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow. " K, Men in Black.

Comment Re:Javascript exploit (Score 1) 81

I'm a software/web developer architect. I get into discussions about how to implement things on websites a lot and it's a lot scarier than many might think. Just a few weeks ago I was looking at anti-fraud solutions which use something called "digital fingerprinting" which basically means tagging you in semi permanent fashion to verify you are actually "you". These solutions all rely on Javascript which my client couldn't use because they managed other external sites as well so it was too big a hassle. But if you go to many sights (forbes.com for example), try to use it without Javascript and see how far you get. BTW: for security I believe NoScript on Firefox or Umatrix on Chrome/Vivaldi are VITAL plugins to keep people from being the victim of malicious javascript routines, particularly from websites exploiting from popular typos. These things can potentially carry viruses as well and your antivirus may or may not protect you. Javascript is the black hole of security on the Internet these days in my opinion.

Comment Re:Javascript exploit (Score 3, Informative) 81

Problem is, many websites are designed to not function/give content without it. I've always been against this, but in attempt to sell to marketers, JS is all the rage. At the expensive of security, which most people don't seem to pay much mind anyway at least until they become a victim.

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