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Comment Not sure if it's good or bad.. (Score 1) 113

For me I suppose it's okay because I'm old school and have proven I can continually expand my skill sets. For whatever reason, many people in IT seem to stop learning after their certification/university degree courses. Not all of course, but many I've encountered. Perhaps this is in part because of false starts. The people who started (and in many, many cases ended) their careers with MS Visual Basic and database template gui's like crystal reports. In my opinion, any IT person who doesn't know how to get around Linux/BSD/Unix (including MacOS ) is just waiting to get axed and those are most often the people I encounter having trouble keeping work. I guess my recommendation is similar to a stock market portfolio: diversify, diversify, diversify. right now, the big markets (pardon the pun), seem to be Big Data (marketing analysis primarily), AI, Robotics, and OO Programming (Java is there but may be on decline in a few years in favor of Python or improved JavaScript and possibly C/C++). Ruby is also on the rise. anything that makes coding more readable is definitely a big one to be part of these days. We need to train others in how to watch trends and update accordingly. that was one thing an old mentor gave to me that was invaluable. He predicted Java's rise before Java was cool.

Comment Amazon has lost it's way (Score 3, Informative) 82

Amazon was great when it was just into selling books at the best prices. Now it's into market fixing, misleading people through skewed ads and search results, and stealing markets from people naive enough to use their services to make a store only to have Amazon take over the same market once it sees it's profitable. Looking at their prices and tools they are clear trying to manipulate markets in favors of sellers (aka companies selling) who then in turn buy their advertising/marketing services. And with the new server service, the data Amazon is mining now, it's trying to rival Google, and given Google's cross over into the category of "evil" through it's data collection , well, there is a new movie "The Circle" that may spell all this out. Google and Amazon are most likely going to be in direct competitors to each other soon. I truly hope to see someone compete with Amazon working with the consumers again. Would be a nice touch. It won't be Ebay who is basically doing the same thing.

Comment Re:Nomx has a reply on their site (Score 1) 77

Even if the blogger's "attach" was local, the fact it came with outdated components means it is vulnerable to unpatched vulnerabilities that are know on the Internet. That alone is pretty bad. The Blogger just didn't make the attempt remotely yet. Doesn't meant it can't be done, especially with outdated security (OpenSSL , for example) components.

Comment Yes! Always wanted to transmit my bathroom habits (Score 1) 207

Sure, I always wanted to send/transmit what I do in the bathroom to the world. Great opportunities for people pitch hair removal, hair growth, various enlargement products, dating services (complete with a hygiene rating index) as well as taste in perfume/cologne to consumers worldwide. It's a brave new world and EVERYTHING is up for grabs. Just take a good HOT shower and you have a smoke screen I guess.

Comment How about not install windows 10...period (Score 4, Insightful) 114

Windows 7 is a better, has more user control, and no ad servers, with less privacy invasion. You can get Windows 7 on Lenovo laptops as well as Fujitsu and Toshiba business laptops. Or if you get a desktop/tower, insist on Windows 7 from your builder (or do it's not that hard). You could also get Linux Mint. Free, easy, privacy and no bloatware. Windows 10 not only reduces (nearly eliminates) the ability to stop updates (you can shut the service down I believe in the "Services" screen) windows updates are not reliable, some descriptions are disturbingly vague, and others are strictly to add things of no use to use, but are in the business interests of MS. Of save yourself a lot of pain..try Linux Mint. :D

Comment Windows was bloatware since Windows 8 (Score 1) 135

Okay, we've got file header data being sent to MS (who recently disclosed the data collected confirming this), pushing ads through it's "live tile" interface, the Superfetch (whose effectiveness is in doubt but it's use of memory is not) and monitoring services to ensure you don't copy media data MS partenrs don't like. Come on. This was bloatware before Adobe. Now Adobe has long had more bloatware and adware, plus the new ad javascript tags Adobe is putting out on websites. MS windows takes a lot of your control from the updates (which is really dangerous as you could get a bad update, 3 times so far MS...) ensuring they can push even more adservers on your OS whenver they want. If we want this to stop we need to cut these guys off by the knees: Just stop using it MacOS or Linux (Linux Mint is the best or new users ) can do wonders.

We've had stuff shoved up our butts that benefit MS at our expense for long enough. Let's all tell MS to stop. Many of us use tablets and phones anyway. Unless you are a gamer, we don't need windows 8-10. Wait, you can do gaming on consoles or Steam on Linux/MacOS who game library is rapidly expanding. So.....we don't need Windows 8-10 even as a gamer.

Comment Well...duh (Score 1) 109

Come on. We've seen enough of this, see the Trump deregulation of broadband providers to see people's data. We have to assume that anyone having our data is selling it unless there is a written statement indicating no data will be given to 3rd parities without the customer explicit consent. There are VPN companies who will put in writing "no traffic logs kept". Hopefully such companies honor those words. Free services have to be used with extreme caution. The irony is you can get you own email for as little as 5-10/month and you get your OWN domain. I've left out GoDaddy because they seem to have regular (if brief) service interruptions (probably from overload plus cyber attacks as GoDaddy is very, very large). There are other of course. Of course I suggest reading the privacy policy in full. Perhaps we'll start taking privacy more serious, given we have so much effort in business and government to eliminate it for profit.

Comment This is not "pursading" (Score 1) 217

It's bullying! Let's call it what it is. If you use stand along version of office, we'll cut you off. In other words, pay us monthly fee in perpetuity, or we penalize you. The Anti-trust groups should be getting involved in this one. Libreoffice is free and has worked well for me for years. SO does Jitsu for Internet calls. Skype just throws ads at you while it's open.

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