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Comment So, why us, and not others (Score 2) 249

Okay, we've seen this drama before. It keeps people scared and nervous. But there is a detail that everyone including the media seems to miss (on purpose?). Why are we such targets if the threat is real? Why are other countries, like Japan and Korea, less picked on?

The UK and US seem to be the most frequent targets. Rather than trying to scramble to anticipate every possible method of attacking a plane (which is impossible), perhaps we should be talking about the motives and reduce attacks by addressing those. The UK had to constantly worry about Ireland until the actual issues finally got discussed. The US (and UK to lessor extent) had a way of saying "we do what we want where we want, and if you don't like it, too bad". We've probably hit some nerves. Airline threats have constantly escalated since our little invasion into Iraq (it should be noted, against UN vote) under the false pretence of their having weapons of mass destruction and created a mess. If we dropped the "Never give up, never surrender" stance we seem to have taken and ask "have we been unreasonable" maybe we'll find better answers than "react mode/keep people frightened (and potentially trigger happy)".

Comment Result:Loss of the lots of talent. On purpose? (Score 2) 301

I know of no better way to piss off the best talent than to say, you have to move to our preferred location to keep your job because, well no particularly great add, just because.....Probably IBM wants to lay off people but this will backfire. The best who don't want to move will simply say, "Bye" and get offer from a variety of companies, even IBM competitors (who are most likely to hire them in a heartbeat on whatever terms they want within reason, including telecommute). The benefits of working together in office over telecommute are less and less with improving video phones, chats and cheaper availability of cell phones, unless there are specific company secrets you don't want in cyberspace perhaps. The end result will be the best of IBM's staff being "Exceptions" or the best leaving, and the most insecure moving, only to be let go later because they were the bottom of the crop anyway. This will be a no win in a series of non-winning actions.

Comment Clearly violation of 5th amendment.. (Score 2) 518

The government has been violating the constitution in spirit and word for so long that nobody seems phased by this sort of nonsense. It sadly gives weight to Trump's phrase "so-called judge": Forcing anyone to incriminate themselves by compelling them to give information in their mind is blatant violation of the 5th amendment. It's upon burden of prosecution to provide evidence BEFORE trial, not compel someone being tried to give evidence during the trial. As has be proven many times, there are a various number of ways investigators can get around encryption with a little planning (the was that guy running the drug trading service from a library I remember, they did it smart and the charged individual was a bit smug/laid back). If you can't prosecute with out that data, it shouldn't have been brought to trial. and if you have proper evidence already, don't need anyone's password. It's creating a culture where proper policework is not done, but prosecution says "to blazes with proper evidence, we'll use circumstantial evidence and wing it in court because it's convenience to try to compel someone being tried to waive their 5th amendment rights. you give us everything we need to prosecute you, or we'll lock you up for contempt charges. That's just wrong. And given the huge data dragnet we already have controlled by the CIA (another unconstitutional program confirmed by the courts). they have other tools (even if unconstitutional less so) for using data in a court case. Putin claims our system is no better than Russia, and if we keep violating our supposedly most precious standards like this, we'll prove him right.

Comment But the world is flat isn't it? (Score 1) 319

To quote the film, "Men in Black". "1500 Years ago everybody KNEW the Earth was the centre of the universe, 500 years ago everybody KNEW the Earth was flat. and 15 minutes ago you knew people were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll KNOW tomorrow".

I remember when I was taught that Christopher Columbus was NOT the first European to visit North America. people in my class told me I was crazy/stupid. We have so much misinformation in our school for various political (and even economic reasons). We are VERY slow in correcting misinformation. Governments had long believed (as said in Men in Black) people done want [a clue] or need one they think they have a good beat on things.". Brings another quote from Oscar Wilde in "The Importance of Being Earnest" to mind:

"I do not approve of anything that tampers with natural ignorance. Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit; touch it and the bloom is gone. The whole theory of modern education is radically unsound. Fortunately in England, at any rate, education produces no effect whatsoever" It would be cool if we could actually try to truly education even if against popularity so we can actually learn to think and strive for better information.

Comment We control your OS, not you... (Score 2) 320

Basically, MS found people taking control of their updates using the metered connection feature. This of course is the problem with auto updates, especially run by control freaks: they can ensure control over your operating system. Funny thing PAY them for it. (See Mark Tawin, Tom Sawyer, Whitewash chapter...) If this isn't proof that MS cannot be trusted with updates I don't know what will. You can still turn the Windows Update service off in the services panel (under administrative tools in the control panel). And given that MS wants to in effect hijack your operating system, I'd keep it turned off, switch to a Linux distro (Linux Mint is nice) and drop Windows 10 in essence telling MS to F*** off.

Comment the same lines used to transmit DSL? (Score 1) 82

It's not like they companies actually lose money with people leaving POTS. The phone lines are still used for DSL and people have dry DSL. The telecommunications company are seeing an opportunity to take advantage of the less informed and saying "because of lower usage of POTS the cost of maintaining the entire infrastructure is up" while they make money on DSL subscribers and take advantage of people still on POTS which are increasingly the older population. Seriously, if a corporation has an excuse they can use to get away with actions based on pure greed, they will do it. As communications is now basically an essential service (especially if you have a physical disability), they should be under some price regulation.

Comment Maniptulative mangaement (Score 1) 299

Once I worked at a place where a new bank manager was brought in to help grow the company. This guy tried to pit me against a good friend who was my supervisor by claiming he had made a comment about me in a peer review. Fortunately I had the sense to ask my friend about it. Turned out he was trying to undermine my supervisor because he had more influence over the company owner than he did. I got another job shortly after talking to my friend (through another friend) after coming to the conclusion this manager was toxic. The company was sold a year later and the majority of staff laid off 6 months after that. My friend left the company to work abroad after the buyout. That manager was the most manipulative I'd ever known but Iearned a lot from the experience

Comment Re:It's about trust (Score 1) 70

It will probably get leaked by concern citizen, just like the rest. Of course what could be next are the tools that the CIA uses to KEEP secrets in general. That could get interesting. what is also interesting, is we don't hear about this happening in Russia or China. At least not in our mainstream news.

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