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Comment So you own it? (Score 1) 243

If I don't own it then you can pay all associated recycling fees for the device, if it's left in places that are not appropriate you will be responsible for removal of it, if it's stolen you need to provide the replacement and you need to pay the insurance for it as well, since you own it, not me.

It doesn't get stolen from me, it gets stolen from you. Since I paid for the use of the product within a warranty period, you can ensure I have it for that time regardless what happens to it.

Sounds far fetched? So does the rest of the shit you guys are trying to do.

Comment Re:My current build of windows 8 is likely my last (Score 1) 327

Eventually I will, but I'm not interested in investing into especially expensive graphics cards to get the same performance under windows.

As for multimedia, linux is almost completely on pair, so more realistically I'd just say for gaming. Just because I can get a game to run under linux, does not mean it runs well. You usually suffer some frame drops on a lot of games and I like to keep mine at 60 when possible.

It's also far less forgiving to multi tasking while gaming. I can run many games even in fullscreen on windows, and switch to other screens and processes without any hiccups, but if I'm using wine to run it, I'm likely asking for a crash.

Right now I don't need to give it up as my current windows OS isn't 10, and still compatible with it. But as you said, for what I can't run, I'll get over it.

But I'll get over it when I need to, not to burn microsoft for something they already got my money for. I'm only hurting myself at that point.
By refusing their next OS and not purchasing more of their products, that's how I get them.

Comment My current build of windows 8 is likely my last... (Score 5, Insightful) 327

I've been running Windows 8, the start menu change didn't bother me and I found it ran rather well and stable.

I've secured my install, and finally after windows 10 garbage and microsoft doing shitty "telemetry" I mean I can't believe they even call it that.
It's flat out spyware that watches how you use it and sells the information to people, and advertisers.

Anyway, I stopped windows update when I saw this coming out as I knew I couldn't trust their updates and just have to watch out for exploits released and lock it down myself. Fortunately I don't need a lot of windows services for how I use my system.

After things finally stop running on windows, I'll be switching to fulltime linux. In fact, just for multi-media / gaming, is the only reason I keep windows.
I dual boot to linux as is. I'll be sad to lose some performance and ability to play some games, but I'll get over it.

Using my bandwidth and my hardware that I pay for that is not subsidized by microsoft to serve me ads and collect data from me by microsoft, is not happening.

Comment Oh man finally! I totally wanted more lag and.. (Score 1, Insightful) 84

less control!

Oh man thank you so much, please try again with services where you get 100% of the hardware and software and we just funnel money to you.
That way you can eventually charge per hour of a game played instead of just buying the game and playing it for as much as you want.

Thats like the unlimited data scams. What, you're losing profits over people who play your game for 400 hours vs those who play for 20 hours and need to charge these heavy users more money since they're getting more out of it?

Comment Re:So how is this any different than before? (Score 1) 209


Every time a company provides a good alternative that's good for consumers they either buy it out or use lobbyists to try and shut that business down.

It's so fucking obvious that everyone is becoming aware of it and we're getting sick and tired of it. They act as if they government is different from the people.

Eat dick if the people. E.G Your consumers, decides your practices are shitty and we're going to regulate them, tough shit.

Comment Pirates buy a lot too (Score 4, Insightful) 134

The problem they have is pirates have the better product.

It just works, it doesn't hassle me for what devices I play it on, it's not greedy trying to make me pay for every device I watch it on. I mean fuck that's like if a VCR tape worked only on one TV and if you bought a new TV they expect you to buy a new tape to watch the same movie you already paid for.

Stop being retarded maybe, that's a good start. Stop region locking, there's a lot of content I'd happily buy at a reasonable price to add to my collect, but then PIRACY so DRM and if your shit service goes down, I lose my collection.

Pirated content can be safely at high quality stored on other media and collections saved.

The only real future is if they develop an international system that all countries support including the government and it's people to subscribe services and licenses to, the licensing and distribution has to include the government and be attached to government IDs for the country to apply their licenses.

If I purchase the collection of sword art online, it's registered to me forever, I can watch it on any device I own, and if you are at someones house you can temp sign in to watch a movie you paid for etc.

Like real media then you can share it reasonably, but once you leave, it goes with you, which protects the copyright holders as well as applies the convenience we expect.

That's the only realistic future for these kinds of things, and even so it won't be perfect, but until your product is better than pirated content, you're fucked.

Comment Content manipulation is an issue (Score 5, Insightful) 257

It's not like all shows are available at a price and you just refused to pay it.

Content is often...
Old so not available
Not available in /your country/
Not available when you want to watch it
Has commercials
Better quality elsewhere, ability to pause play rewinid at your leisure.

Basically as usual, pirated content has the better product, even if you had to "pay" for it.

Stop restricting content by country
Stop restricting content to try and force people to accept certain content.

Oh yeah, they do it, fyi, deliberately pull other popular content from access just to get people watching their "new" show. It's like products, installing updates or things that cause it to run worse but it's a "security update" until they tell you to buy a newer, faster shinier product.

They keep trying to section off markets to milk the most of it etc. If instead, part of harmonization the entire world, allowed content to be accessible on a global level with specific standards for quality control, performance and user interfaces (As every company wants a piece of the pie) you would have a lot less people pirating.

I don't even watch netflix anymore because I've already seen anything good and their library is started to suck ass. I only keep it since a family member watches it still.

Pirates have global access to high quality on demand content of their choosing, free for the most part no less.
Your expensive services are terrible and don't even come close.

There's a lot of content I'd like to watch and would pay for access to watch it, but I can't, then you whine and complain because I'm not buying the products you want me to.

Comment Re:Govt wants free money (Score 1) 159

Yeah I've worked retail in the past and actually have put higher prices on products that were "on sale" with new higher prices that were never charged.

It's dirty. Thankfully I saw that when I was a lot younger so I made sure to value products through research on what they do and their value to me than what a store tells me.

Comment Grand delusions by their finance execs (Score 1) 189

Not that interested to see it, even in theater. Too pricey, maybe might watch it on dvd, at friends house. Rather go out for dinner and a beer for 20$.
Free? I guess I'm not doing anything tonight, suppose I'll watch it.

Hollywood version:

They bank on people not knowing if the movie is worth paying for in the first place. Like some game developers, they get mad at pirates or first buyers because if the game is shitty, they let people know, instead of suckering you into paying for it first and then it being too bad.

As for video games, pirates are also the biggest spenders on games. Studies have shown that, and it's because they're also their biggest fans, if they enjoy the game, they want to support the developers and have an official copy.

You go to the movie theater for the experience. Now the ticket prices themselves aren't too bad, but they charge 7 fucking dollars for POPCORN.

Your movie profits are being wrecked by greedy cinema's charging too much for "the experience" which typically is popcorn, a drink and the movie. suddenly to watch a movie it's 25-30$ instead of 12-15 which is the ticket itself. A couple / two people? Now it's 50-60$

I'd have way more friend with a friend each buying dinner for 12-15$ and then another 15$ in drinks that night than most movies.

Comment Re:My Heart and my head (Score 1) 492

Like so many other people you attempt to go out of the boundaries of what was said to somehow make it incorrect or that you are right.

I already said in no way excuse what was done or think that persecution should be avoided (By stating in response I don't contest the persecution attempts on these individuals). Do you want me to repeat that line for you ten times so that it's clear? I never said it affected this particular case. What I /did/ say was that I hope this case doesn't affect other cases. The part where I said I wasn't contesting these specific individuals in response to the attempts of the law to persecute them?

You sure you don't want me to repeat it ten times? I feel like I probably need too.

You're almost a politician with what you said. I clearly stated it's possible to tell when an act is very far from any reasonable line. My concern was a slow inching of the reasonable line until that act that previously would had been clearly unreasonable, doesn't have such a gap so it is no longer "far from any reasonable line"

Comment Re:My Heart and my head (Score 2) 492

I'm in no way contesting these specific individuals, but if you pay attention to how law works, every time something occurs, it will be referred to in future rulings to convince the judge to rule in favor of a party.

Hypothetically it could be then "Well, this site has content that can cause seizures and it showed up on my news feed or on an advertisement, and in case X where someone submitted content to another user that can cause seizures their information was revealed etc etc."

The problem doesn't become the spirit of the ruling, it becomes the letters of the law. More simplified. Original issue..

"Party A maliciously sent multiple damaging images to party B" Case successful.
"Party A maliciously sent one damaging image to party B" Well, see the ruling in case one, the judge decided in favor. Judge influenced, case successful.
"Party A sent multiple damaging images to party B, and should have been aware it could cause harm" Well, see the ruling for case one and two where this content was sent to people and caused seizures. Judge agrees, case successful.
"Party A sent ....

Until you get down to "Party A publicly submitted content that they knew would be viewed by many viewers, some who may have conditions to cause seizures and should have been aware of it and is responsible since it's a public medium" If the next case was the final case, and the only had case 1 to reference, it'd like be called bullshit. But as each case morphs slightly, it makes the legal gap smaller and smaller until you can nail someone for a flashing ad.

Mind you I hate flashing ads, and it's not even medically threatening to me, but you get the point. It can eventually be converted out of the original pretext and used and abused.

That's what I meant.

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