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Comment Re:One party rule (Score 1) 2837

Dems lost because they ran an unelectable candidate. Americans neither liked nor trusted HRC. We knew this a year ago. But due to her vanity, greed and lust for power, she decided she would run anyway. Then she collided with purportedly neutral groups like the Democratic Party and the media to rig the primary and steamroll over dem candidates who could have been viable.

I think she'll go down in history as a horrible person.

Comment Re: Awesome satire. (Score 1) 457

Your larger point is true, but i think the GP was talking about Wahhabi and Sufi extremists sects, which are very much based in the middle east. These are the main generators of the violent extremist muslim ideology.

I'm not even sure what their end goal is. Maybe they don't know. I think they want to impose extreme ideological purity, as defined by their own philosophy, on everyone else. And they are willing to use all manner of extremist violence to achieve it.

Comment Re: Awesome satire. (Score 1) 457

I think you're right, there is a lot of violence in some muslim countries. But I think the bigger threat to USA is his "war on terrorism" which by definition never ends and requires us to give up more and more of our freedoms.

Think about it. "Iraq war" we won because we caught Saddam. "Afghanistan war" I guess wound down because the Al Quaeda was pretty much broken. But the War on Terrorism has no fixed endpoint. We will be fighting it forever.

Pop quiz hotshot: there has always been terrorism, and there always will be terrorism.

Comment Awesome satire. (Score 5, Insightful) 457

> Starship Troopers has been decried as promoting fascism and being racist

unbelievable. The entire movie is biting satire of the perils of a society always at war and a society with a universally hated enemy. It's brilliant in its insights; coming out in 1997, it presaged the mess that was 9/11 / war in iraq / war in afghanistan / ISIS. It's a flippin awesome movie and I think they should show it in schools to educate about the dangers of mindlessly buying into the war economy.

At last weekend's Comikaze convention in Los Angeles, I had an extended conversation about this with Caspar Van Diem. A cool guy!
I assume the new movie will be a lame rehash of action scenes, without any insights to be had.

Comment Re: The good folks at the Verge... (Score 1) 675

let's talk about the real problem here. it's that there's only one macbook pro. In windows world, if dell does something you don't like you can just go buy acer or whoever. but if apple releases the new macbook pro, it's not like the old pro will still be available. Also, you can't just go to Bapple to buy their bacbook pro instead. If you're into the macOS world, then you need to buy the apple computer.

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