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Comment Re: Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 525

> I'm still running an NAD 7140 from the 1980s

Sweeet. A couple months ago, I got a solid TEAC amp, powering a set of KEF bookshelf speakers. Combined with Apple Music subscription, I'm listening to all sorts of awesome stuff. Got to the point I stopped watching junk food tv, put the tv on a rolling stand and roll it into and out of the room as needed.


Comment Re:Perfect for Jury Nullification (Score 1) 258

> Taxis still exist.

It was 7am on a Sunday. Let's say I did want to call a cab. I woudl have to look up the number of a cab company, then try to choose one because there would be like a dozen that sounded the same, then call the dispatch and ask them to send a cab, and they would tell me that one would be there in about 30 minutes, but it would really take an hour. Or I could open the lyft app, press the button, and somebody was there in 5 minutes with no drama.

Taxis and Lyft are not interchangeable!!! There is no comparison!!!

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