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Comment an infection is as an infection does (Score 1) 135

Despite the brass ring TOS of whatever version you were previously running, an infection is as an infection does.

Also, read your antibiotic prescription carefully.
* may include systemd[**]

[**] First we keep Berlin, then we take Warsaw, someday soon we annex Prague, and eventually perhaps we'll incite the Arabs to cut Manhattan down to size.

All hail PC-BSD: the systemd-free libertarian antibiotic of last resort.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 606

Creationism has a generally accepted meaning; special creation of all life. Now there are different kinds of creationists; Old World Creationists who accept the age of the Earth but will not accept that humans are more than 6,000 (or 10,000 depending on your Biblical numerology) old. Then there are Young Earth Creationists, which take Bishop Ussher's creation chronology literally, and thus everything is only 6,000 years old. Intelligent Design advocates are generally Creationists who are just trying to slip Creationism past First Amendment prohibitions on teaching what is fundamentally a religious position in public schools.

You may be referring to Theistic Evolutionists, people who accept evolution, but still believe God played some role in it. One of the greatest biologists who ever lived, Theodosius Dobzhansky, was such an individual. A devout Orthodox Christian who accepted evolution, rejected special creation, and most certainly rejected the idea that science should attribute any specific part of creation to God.

Comment Re: No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 606

Rising sea level, shifting rain belts leading to currently arable land becoming less productive or even completely unproductive, mass migrations, shifts in balances of power as the so-called "bread basket" zones of high agricultural yield move from where they are to new locations.

Yes, warming is not a good thing.

Comment Re: Mature technology (Score 1) 225

no. closing nukes is the issue. We desperately need it. Without it, we will continue to burn coal and nat gas just like Germany is doing.
As I have pointed out elsewhere, no nation that has very low emissions is based on solar and wind. It is based on Hydro, geo-thermal, and nukes.
Personally, I'm a fan for wind and solar and actually want to see these keep going, though subsidies are all wrong.
However, wind and solar CAN NOT cover the situation. We NEED to have base-load systems, and since we are not capable of doing full geo-thermal, we MUST have nukes.
However, doing the old gen 3/3+ is a HORRIBLE mistake. Those are not safe enough, too expensive, and are NOT the right solution.
BUT, with the new SMRs, they ARE the right solution. All of them are capable of passive safety and are cheap to install. In addition, the ability to burn up the waste is very important.

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