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Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 375

>Enough of your virtue signalling, make up your mind - is there or is there not a normal as far as the human brain goes? You've now in this thread asserted both that there is a normal and that there isn't a normal.

No I fucking well did nothing of the kind.

You said

There is no normal.

and then you said

I admire exceptional people. I have no admiration for normal people.

You can't have outliers (exceptional people) without having a normal. If everyone is an outlier, then that *is* the normal.

I stated that all human brains are uniquely programmed, for which I provided proof: they are neural networks and it's mathematical fact that it's impossible for two neural networks to have identical programming, it can never happen.

Wrong again. The probabilities are low, but not zero.

I then said that even if there WAS an actually useful or sensible concept of normal to apply to humans - it makes no sense to do so since it's absolutely useless information. If "normal" is not better - which you now claim to believe -

I made *no* claim - you incorrectly inferred my position just because I giggled over your clumsy handling of statistics ("There is no normal" - it is *still* cracking me up. I've half a mind to forward links to your original post to my friends (including the gay one who has a degree in stats)). You incorrectly inferred that I must be someone who (amongst other things) hates gays... Short answer: those gay friends of mine (whose wedding I attended last year) will find that inference of yours surprising to say the least. So will the other gay couple who came over for lunch with my wife and I this past weekend.

Just because I pointed out that there is such a thing as normal, and it is well-defined, and it is well-understood by everyone, does not mean that I am homophobic.

You ranted about somesuch, but only because you consider anyone who corrects your usage of statistics to be homophobic.

Take a stats class (I used to teach it at university level). Learn what "normal" means, or continue amusing those of us who know what normal means. Most high-school graduates know the correct definition of 'normal' without ever having taken a stats class either.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 45

Just like those same areas were under 2km of ice 7k years ago. The reality is in Alberta, most of their water isn't from glaciers, it's from the winter snow pack, and lakes built from said spring melts. The real problem with the forests in Western Canada(especially BC), isn't the cold. It's that large sections that have been cut are suffering from "yearly monoculture" planting. Which leads to less resistance to the damned bugs in the first place. Round that out with decades of thinking that no-burn policies aren't any good? Well we've got a hell of a problem now don't we. And when the thing goes up, not only does it have decades of crap on the forest floor. It's got trees that will go up like hay.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 375

>ou are making the argument that one particular mental characteristic does not follow a normal distribution - please provide the numbers.

And which one would that be ? I made no such claim. If you read one, it's your own failed comprehension.

You did not claim "There is no normal"? Cause that's the only thing that caused me uncontrollable giggles...

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 45

You fell for that one and many other bits of fake news hook, line and sinker, and I'm afraid it's happened again.

You mean except the part where I said there's an assload of circumstance evidence that should be looked at? Very falling for it. I still stand behind that too. You know why? One, because having been a crown witness(that's a witness for the state) in court cases(at count 13) before there's a lot of similarities between what I've seen in both. Second because of all those lovely politicians, entertainers, elites and so on that have been either caught or "found out" over it(like all those politicians you've got in the UK, and entertainers, and police covering it up) not forgetting your massive problem with child-sex grooming gangs there. You know, like Bill Clinton's 20 odd trips to Pedophile Island on Epstein's private jet. Along with all those other Washington insiders.

If Scotland actually cared, they'd use coal and use the latest scrubbing technology. Instead they're going with energy sources which like in the UK will drive electricity costs through the roof. You don't hear it hitting the "big news" anymore, but old people freezing to death in your home country because they can't afford electricity still happens quite often. They could even buy the coal from Canada if they wanted, we've got so much of it just sitting in the ground it's stupid. Hell there's parts of Canada that have so much NG that they could supply the US at current levels for nearly 100 years.

Oh, and just remember: When you try and push a "debunking video", and that person's idea of "discussion" is to not allow any? You know exactly how much faith they put into their view point. And Dan Olsen there got a visit from the RCMP for trying to find child porn to claim GG was pro-pedo, he's simply lucky he didn't get charged and got a warning instead. The definition of "child porn" in Canada is fundamentally different then in the US.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 45

Which part of Canada is going to suffer even if temperatures rise a few degrees?

None really. But the cost of carbon taxes to keep you warm in the winter? That hits home very quickly. When your electricity prices if you're heating with that go from $0.085kWh to $0.18kWh? This is true in appt. buildings/condos and such in big cites. In many cases you can't change the thermostat if you're renting. In some cases even if you buy in with a condo because the board controls what you can use. When NG prices go up by 50% in a single year? When oil prices spike jump by $0.18/L in two months? Those all make a huge difference. That's what people are seeing in Ontario, and Alberta. Not so much in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Both provinces which haven't followed carbon tax plans. Lot of people forget that Canada is a place of extreme temperature swings. Though it hit -42C in Alberta this winter and through most of the prairies. The coldest in the most southern part of the province so far has been -22C.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 375

>All evidence suggests that human characteristics (including characteristics of the brain) follow a normal distribution. Yet you fail to cite a single piece of it... how odd.

Because it's so commonly accepted I thought you'd be able to perform even a simple google search. Besides, you are the one asserting the claim, so *you* provide the evidence.

Physical characteristics of the brain - sure, but the programming of the neural net, personality, implementation... hell no -

Sorry, wrong again - personality characteristics also follow a normal distribution. Mental characteristics follow a normal distribution. You are making the argument that one particular mental characteristic does not follow a normal distribution - please provide the numbers.

what you're claiming is prohibited by the laws of mathematics. Two brains can no more be identically programmed than four and four can make nine.


But the result of that programming - including gender identity - certainly *do* fall within a normal distribution. The transgender folk may be on the edges of the bell curve, but "normal" is well-defined as the middle bulk of that curve, hence there actually is a normal.

"Well, we don't really know how the brain works, so each brain must be unique" That's a nice strawman you got there... shame if anything were to happen to it. Like me pointing out that my argument was we DO know how brains work

That's news to the science and medical world. You should start preparing for your nobel prize now.

- and things that work like that CAN ONLY BE UNIQUE and that this is a mathematical fact, and giving you an abundance of evidence from different fields that neural network programming must be unique.

>As a lifelong atheist I've laughed at "evidence" of god that goes "Well, if you can't explain it, then my explanation must be correct" Wow two strawmen in a row. Let me hit you over the head again. I never said "it's true because we don't understand it" - I said "we don't know how it works BECAUSE no two works the same".

Wrong yet again. We do not understand how the brain works so we can only measure the output (rate of occurrence of certain characteristics). All measurements thus far taken show that human brains exhibit characteristics that fall into a normal distribution. There is no characteristic as yet measured that does not adhere to a fairly normal distribution.

It's not an argument FROM ignorance, the ignorance is the EFFECT not the cause. The cause is "it's a neural network and the programming of neural networks is an emergent phenomenon" - the EFFECT of that cause is "no two are ever the same".

But lets look beyond this silly argument for a moment - at the fact that even if you were CORRECT you'd still be a fucking idiot. Because it is utterly meaningless. Lets, for the sake of argument, accept your ridiculous notion of "normal". You've given absolutely NO evidence or even an argument why "normal" should equal "good" let alone "better".

I didn't say that normal is good or better. I said that your assertion of There is no normal is unscientific bullshit at worst, laughably comical at best.

Why is "normal" special. So we accept the idea of "normal" - it makes no difference. Not "normal" is not a bad thing, it isn't evil, it isn't lesser. It's just different. And different is not indicative of bad. And it sure as hell doesn't justify "lesser rights".

I never said nor implied that either. I said that normal, as both a scientific concept and a lay concept, exists as far as human brains are concerned. It's the middle majority of the bell curve.

I do not participate in such ridiculous notions - I admire exceptional people. I have no admiration for "normal" people. More than any single person, it was Turing who defeated Hitler - because he was in no sense normal. He had a rare (and not "normal") sexual orientation and a rare and not normal intellect. He was exceptional - and worthy of admiration. Normal is an insult.

Enough of your virtue signalling, make up your mind - is there or is there not a normal as far as the human brain goes? You've now in this thread asserted both that there is a normal and that there isn't a normal.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 375

All evidence suggests that human characteristics (including characteristics of the brain) follow a normal distribution.

As you are the one claiming that this is not true (for a single particular characteristic), you should be providing evidence that it is not true. All the current evidence says that brain characteristics follow a normal distribution, which is counter to your claim.

That's an extraordinary claim that you are making. You should be providing more evidence than "Well, we don't really know how the brain works, so each brain must be unique"

As a lifelong atheist I've laughed at "evidence" of god that goes "Well, if you can't explain it, then my explanation must be correct". This is exactly what you are doing, hence my reason for laughing out loud (yes, I actually did!). We don't want your explanations, we want the raw data from your studies.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 375

Because "normal" people do not experience a lifetime if othering, exclusion and denial that often ends in death... and unlike trans people do not, in fact, exist. There is no such thing as normal.


Oh, wait, you're serious? Let me laugh harder...


*wipes tear.

You're too much, you really are - "normal" is commonly accepted in both lay and scientific terms to be the middle bulk of the bell curve. Anything two standard deviations to either side is not normal. Trans people are, in fact, 3 standard deviations away from the median.

Making the specious claim that everyone is unique is an affliction of very young, and very naive, social butterflies. Your need to feel unique does not, in any way, make you unique.

Comment Re:What is it about having money... (Score 1) 208

It's not just money, it's also Hawaii. There's a stereotype of the flyover states as being full of people who want to kill you for even thinking about stepping foot on their property, but it's far more true in Hawaii. People like Zuck move to paradise on earth, then act surprised and frustrated that other people like the area as well.

Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score 1) 286

Here I thought I was supposed to work hard and let my results get me places.

Nah. Now you can just game the system. The left pushed "diversity hires" really hard, so now all you have to do is claim to be "gender fluid" or state you're Trans. Maybe be male today, female tomorrow and it's all good. Just like that guy in Australia. Maybe toss in some "trans-racial" claims like you're native and see? It's so easy to do it. And if they refuse to hire you, just start screaming they're racist/sexist/bigoted or whichever and state you're being discriminated against. At this point? I fully support fucking with the entire thing and crashing it.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 2) 45

Don't worry. When everyone except the richest elite who are jet setting, telling you that you're ignorant and need to do what they tell you and you're fundamentally broke paying for carbon taxes. It'll all work out right? Just like it is in Canada. The entire mood around "carbon taxes" is getting interesting here and I wouldn't be surprised to see mass protests in the near future. We've already hit the "people making choices between heating their homes when it's -40C, or keeping a roof over their head." And said taxes in many places have only been in place for a couple of years.

Submission + - Senate bills ends visa lottery, gives U.S. grads preference (

dcblogs writes: A new bill in Congress would give foreign students who graduate from U.S. schools priority in getting an H-1B visa. The legislation also "explicitly prohibits" the replacement of American workers by visa holders. This bill, the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act, was announced Thursday by its co-sponsors, U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), longtime allies on H-1B reform. Grassley is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which gives this bill an immediate big leg up in the legislative process. This legislation would end the annual random distribution, via a lottery, of H-1B visas, and replace it with a system to give priority to certain types of students. Foreign nationals in the best position to get one of the 85,000 H-1B visas issued annually will have earned an advanced degree from a U.S. school, have a well-paying job offer, and have preferred skills. The specific skills weren't identified, but will likely be STEM-related.

Comment Re:also, Tesla’s crash rate was reduced by 4 (Score 1) 155

in fact, I was surprised that story was not the lead on this.
This story is a joke in that it does not recognize that Tesla is now considered not just the safest car, but with AP is saving NUMEROUS lives.
When Model 3 hits the market later this year, it should become quickly obvious that tesla will be saving lives, energy, and money.

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