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Comment Re:Russians didn't cause Hillary! to lose (Score 1) 295

>Hillary! might have had a chance had if she weren't an unlikable corrupt harpy and if she had some accomplishment to her name other than marrying Bill. You're right. If she had accomplishments like, say graduating from Yale law school, spearheading the clinton health care reform effort, surviving 30 years of ruthless attacks by conservatives, being a senator, being secretary of state, running the Clinton foundation which helped to lower HIV treatment to affordable levels among whatever else it does, and winning the democratic primary by a large margin, she might have, I dunno, won millions of more votes in the presidential election!

/s Seriously? Lack of accomplishments when compared to Don Trump? +4 insightful? "Unlikeable harpy?"

I think it's wildly optimistic to suggest that Russian propaganda is driving this unfortunately. I would prefer to think there weren't people out there this badly deluded, but I can't, Americans really are so stupid they think the DNC rigged it against Sanders and the electoral college overturning the vote is totally 100% fair.

Comment Re:It's ok (Score 1) 56

Net Neutrality can be summed up in 5 words: A packet is a packet.

No, that is packet or service neutrality.

Some people will say stuff like: you have to prioritize VOIP for 911, or real time emergency alerts, or whatever.

You don't HAVE to, but if done NETWORK NEUTRAL, then yes, you can prioritize VoIP over SMTP if you want, as long as you do it for VoIP on every network, and you've still accomplished Network Neutrality.

Comment Delayed start, live end (Score 3, Insightful) 57

I've not had a DVR for a couple of years now, but when I did, I would take a rough guess to start anywhere from 30-90 minutes late on the broadcast of whatever sportsball or racing I was watching.

The goal was to skip every commercial, yet still end up live for the last 30-10 minutes.

No spoiled results, and very few commercials in the last bit. Worked great.

I also did with with shows with big reveals and lots of live views, like The Walking Dead. Those are a predictable 10 minute delay to catch up to live by the last commercial break.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 1) 259

Yeah... sexist and misogynist. That's the new codeword for treating a woman as an equal. You're just playing the woman card and pretending that they are all just weak victims that need protected. This goes equally well for Trump's groupies, the professional entertainer, or Clinton herself.

When Germans need to put signs in bathrooms because the Syrians can't or won't use a toilet properly, you've got a real issue that can't be glossed over by liberal platitudes.

The issue of successful assimilation is not something to be glossed over or ignored just because it contradicts your politics.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 1) 259

The "Hitler Problem" wasn't that the guy said mean things. The problem with Hitler is that he also had an army of uniformed thugs beating people up. He didn't just say "bad things". He did things that relatively libertine Americans would consider illegal.

The Hitler problem is that he suppressed dissent. He did that long before he came to power.

It's even in that silly little poem that people have had fun misusing lately.

This Cliff Notes version of history that liberals love to peddle ignores a lot of very relevant details.

Comment Not quite dead yet (Score 1) 330

It means that we are now far more removed from access to the metal to even do a lot of the optimizations that we've done in the past.

Well... no, it means that you are, perhaps. Some of us still write in c or c++, and keep our attention on the details. You can tell you've run into one of us when the many-functioned app you get is a couple megabytes instead of 50, runs faster than the fat ones, and doesn't suffer from black-box bugs inherited from OPC.

I always thought that the user's CPU cycles and memory were things a developer was obligated to treat as the user's valued resource, and so not things to waste.

I know, totally out of date thinking. It's ok, I'm old, I'll die soon. :)

Comment machine code ate my neurons (Score 1) 330

But can you program in Z80 and 6502 machine code?

Yes. But more importantly, I can program in 6809 machine code. Including building all the index modes. Which, back in the day, is one of the things that saved me from having to design in, and then program, CPUs like the 6502 and z80, both of which are seriously anemic by comparison. But I prefer to program in assembler. Because I'm sane.

My affection for the 6809 ran so deep that I wrote the 6809 emulator you'll find here, which required me to implement the entire instruction set from the ground up.

But yeah, I can write machine code for about 10 microprocessors. And you know what? In the day... that was useful. I could read (E)(P)ROM dumps, I could cold-patch... but today, I just wish I could get the brain cells back. :)

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 5, Insightful) 259

Anyways, I'm curious why they are being so aggressive about this

Because Brexit, Trump, and the rise of a true conservative backlash in Europe has the liberal establishment there scared as fuck. Turns out that the common people are sick of open-door immigration policies and decades of sucking EU dick. And the left-wing establishment desperately wants to do everything they can to silence this growing popular backlash, by force if necessary.

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