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Comment Re:They are chickenshits (Score 1) 20

In part be because it's a horribly corrupt country run by crooks, and in part because it is a petrostate whose economy is largely dependent on oil sales, and because it's run by plundering thieves, there's no sovereign wealth fund, so low oil prices means economic collapse. Furthermore Venezuela cannot hope to raise money because their only friends are other poor Latin American countries, and wealthier investors wouldn't extend them credit.

With the exception of China, which will probably end up owning the country before it's done.

Comment Laumerlicious stuff (Score 1) 336

Chris, know what else would make a superb movie from Laumer? The Long Twilight. That book is awesome fun.

It has superhumans, aliens and alien artifacts, AI constructs, alien empires, broadcast power, several quite different levels of plotting, alternate history, near-future tech, military aspects of various ages, a love story, revenge, reconciliation... and it's all reasonably doable, movie-wise.

Any Laumer fan who hasn't read it... I highly recommend it.

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 180

I guess everything is extremist relative to something. What's with all these hypocritical Anti-Murder-Extremists running around saying I can't kill people! SOME OF THOSE HYPOCRITES GIVE LETHAL WEAPONS TO SO CALLED COPS TO STOP PRIVATE CITIZENS FROM KILLING PEOPLE!

Extremism in my view is violence, not demanding a reduction in pollution.

Comment Re:Why move to hangouts? (Score 1) 37

The way to improve a product isn't to scrap it and build a new one every 6 months,

Lets not exaggerate. Google Talk was introduced 12 years go. Hangouts came 8 years later. Allo, 3 years after that.

I understand that it can be tough to let go of old applications, but sometimes a software company can no longer support it.

For old desktop programs, that just meant that it may or may not work anymore as systems are upgraded (as long it it uses only local resources and just isn't a client for an internet service). For web based applications though, it means they go away. Either embrace web based software and accept that or stick to traditional style desktop software.

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 114

Okay, well, with a cut-down population, you also lose the labor required to produce to support the population. Then labor becomes a short resource. Without a labor reserve, you can't take advantage of technical progress, and so the economy becomes unstable and poverty becomes more wide-spread, rather than the normal model of developing better access to food, clean water, and healthcare as technology improves.

This flies in the face of history. Cut-down populations lead to boom times of reduced poverty and inequality (most notably after the black plague). A terrible way to get a boom time, but that's what happens.

Comment Re:So far the phone mfg with a public problem.. (Score 1) 50

Either way, if the *starting* point is Samsung's process, it paints a picture that is more advantageous to Samsung than others. That's the marketing collatoral Samsung wants, it doesn't need to just be rubber stamped.

Samsung competition is going to want to privately do improvements or collaborate without samsung, but privately, at least until the public forgets about the Note 7 Fiasco. They are not going to squander their relatively good image by giving the impression their house is not in order.

If anything, expect competition marketing push about how they have *always* been good and careful about battery testing, whether it's disingenuous or not.

Comment Re:Psst... Hey Samsung... (Score 1) 50

No, don't *publicly* learn anything from the mistakes of others.

Maybe Samsung was more lax, or maybe they were just more lucky. Either way, their competition isn't going to do anything *publicly* to demonstrate a hint that it was luck rather than quality.

If competitor processes were lacking, but lucky, you can be certain they did (quietly) learn and improve.

Comment So far the phone mfg with a public problem.. (Score 5, Insightful) 50

Is Samsung. They are talking *loud* about something they purport to be a super better thing. It would help their narrative if they make it sound like all the competitors are ready to fail at any moment.

So the competitors going along with it and making it look like Samsung is *leading* in battery safety would just play into Samsung's hands.

In terms of the actual relative merit, who knows, but from a perspective of marketable storytelling, it is very much not in the interest of Samsung's competitors to play up Samsung's process. If there is merit that their competitors are told about and recognize, expect them to silently improve their process, but in no way publicize that fact.

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