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Comment Re:Censorship has never improved society (Score 1) 117

The EU is a rising PC-police-state, with backroom Umbridge-like power-mongers making unquestionable laws without any public authorization. BAD example if you're promoting this...

The speech act of yelling fire in a theater isn't what's specifically banned. Any act that recklessly provokes a riot is illegal. Same as telling a gunman to fire can be an act of murder. It's not the speech that's illegal, just what's done with it, which applies to any act. "Hate speech" is something else entirely. You're conflating in very dangerous ignorance there.

"Child" porn law's based on a blatant case of false cause. It's politicians and moral guardians playing unqualified, idiot shrinks and shouting down anyone that calls them on it, while frothing at the mouth. They'll even spout shit about "How would like your rape being shared on the internet?", despite that being perfectly legal for any other victim and despite adolescents being jailed for producing their own material... It's just rabid "kill the icky" psychosis, not anything rational. They go scorched earth on anyone not special enough. Hackers can easily destroy random people with the laws as written, much less the legislation from the bench that's actually enforced. Try it on some grandmother or a judge, and they'll get handwaved where many others would be gone already.

Comment Re:Great news (Score 0) 269

Your presumption's consistent with gynocentric norms privileging flagrant but shallow, unilateral shaming tactics against males. Please, continue making my point. I've never met a single female that didn't regard issues differently dependent on gender nor have ever not been bashed for catching them in the act by citing their own admissions.

"It is a cheap thing, for example, in the case of a man and woman quarreling in the street, to play out the stage role of the bold and gallant Englishman "who won't see a woman maltreated and put upon, not he!" and this, of course, without any inquiry into the merits of the quarrel. To swim with the stream, to make a pretense of boldness and bravery, when all the time you know you have the backing of conventional public opinion and mob-force behind you, is the cheapest of mock heroics."

White knights've been around for a long time...

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 364

Certain cars that regularly sit in certain places and meet certain other non-uniformed people and unmarked cars there creeped me out for years even before they starting doing this. I KNOW some of the other parties are gang members but have never heard of a single officially gang-related arrest in this particular town, so something's very wrong. I see it more often now than them holding either the CB or talky things they still got.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 364

Most here already have a screen with a keyboard next to them built into the car. I've seen several every morning coasting haphazardly down certain streets while clearly fiddling with the thing. Same ones tend to end up following me around repeatedly for no reason. They're not doing anything actually useful in either case, and their mentality's clearly fucked up. If I coasted by driving like they do (ignoring that the typical 2 lanes means I'd hit them by crossing the same line), they'd very likely be glad to have an excuse to pull me personally.

Comment Re:Great news (Score 0) 269

They'll do in on purpose too. They'll play the normality privilege card on you, and anything you say will just be taken as proof they're right, and you're wrong since they're right for merely existing according to their dogma. Works like your average proudly chauvinistically myopic females using the creep card on males that don't play their games by their rules literally all the fucking time. You learn to avoid them, which will just get you generally blacklisted as that creep always alone over there, anyway.

Comment Re:Seems fine to me. (Score 1) 184

After a flashbang was shot into the wrong window and set a little girl on fire, SWAT then invaded the correct apartment on the other side of the hall, which means they fired the thing into a window on opposite side of the apartment building first. During the operation, one of them in the hall got into an argument with the girl's grandmother just before the girl ran out into the front room on fire. The officer preceded to shoot her to death 'cause that's what you do to flaming children? When questioned about that part specifically, he reemphasize the grandmother being argumentative.

His authoritay being questioned was not only a higher priority than burning then murdering a child, but he thought other people should see it that way too. Ironically, that's not the only little girl they've managed to set of fire that year even. Somehow they missed a teenage girl in her house's hallway with assault rifle fire though. How do you hit child beds through windows (and apparently cribs) with a grenade but miss an open door with burst fire? They got a medal for that last operation. Guess it's an accomplishment not to kill innocent civilian minors now.

Comment Re:Doesn't this pretty much kill 4chan? (Score 1) 134

I can attest. Make the increasingly epidemic SJW quasi-trolls look dumb enough by actual arguments that'll stick even in their otherwise reflexive idiot-supporters' craws, and the thread will vanish in a couple minutes, regardless of board, popularity, or thread age. They've killed plenty of unusually intelligent conversations within the last few months that way. Trolls on trolls or genuine freakouts will last way longer for no other apparent reason.

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