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Comment Re:You saying that makes me rethink BA (Score 4, Informative) 564

Actually, he WAS owed for his contributions to the war then bypassed by nepotism then accused of stealing when he actually used his own personal funds. Benedict did had genuine grievances and reason to flee his sleazy enemies. It's not hard to research either.

Comment Re:Better to spend on education than salaries (Score 4, Insightful) 197

There ARE enough. They just don't want to hire, pay, or train (as in standard practices or specific house standards for full pro projects, NOT base coding abilities/knowledge we actually DO know) us. Instead, they hire false credentialed jargon spouters (who don't even own their own computers prior, much less are remotely computer geeks ever) from body shops called consultancies (an inserted, ironically costly layer to setup a racket), pay them less (paying through the consultancy has little to no rules, paying "consultants" junior level for intermediate or beyond level work is never prevented, captive labor doesn't want to get thrown back for rocking the boat), and half-assedly train them (Hell, have a local, with years of experience, train their own inexperienced replacements for his own higher level position in a few WEEKS) because they think it's a bargain to get shitty code on the cheap and don't comprehend how net costs actual work over time in the software industry, much less care about quality or security.

Comment Re: Because (Score 1) 297

Tinder's counterproductive to intimate relationships since it exists specifically for hookup culture. Most males are regarded as less than average attractiveness relative to pretty boys that actually stick out in the minds of most women (ignoring a male's resources or social statuses), so the entire swiping-faces format's worthless for your average guy looking for a serious relationship. Mutual attraction's unlikely. Considering the vastly different values and preferences of most women, actual compatibility's practically impossible for most tech-geeks (as opposed to fake geek chic hipsters, not that they're all pretty either or capable of sufficient substance for serious intimacy).

The "Fixed." in my last post was supposed to be on its own line since the rest of my post was supposed to be a rewrite of part of your post, but I forgot I had to insert manual line brakes...

Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 2) 541

Fecundity negatively correlates with intelligence till retardation cuts off the curve. I'm not a fan of paying idiots to shit litters I also have to pay for, much less when the increasing plurality of irresponsible, parasitic idiots calls itself "the People" then claims to own me and anyone like or even useful me under hallowed mob rule.

Comment Re:Censorship has never improved society (Score 1) 117

The EU is a rising PC-police-state, with backroom Umbridge-like power-mongers making unquestionable laws without any public authorization. BAD example if you're promoting this...

The speech act of yelling fire in a theater isn't what's specifically banned. Any act that recklessly provokes a riot is illegal. Same as telling a gunman to fire can be an act of murder. It's not the speech that's illegal, just what's done with it, which applies to any act. "Hate speech" is something else entirely. You're conflating in very dangerous ignorance there.

"Child" porn law's based on a blatant case of false cause. It's politicians and moral guardians playing unqualified, idiot shrinks and shouting down anyone that calls them on it, while frothing at the mouth. They'll even spout shit about "How would like your rape being shared on the internet?", despite that being perfectly legal for any other victim and despite adolescents being jailed for producing their own material... It's just rabid "kill the icky" psychosis, not anything rational. They go scorched earth on anyone not special enough. Hackers can easily destroy random people with the laws as written, much less the legislation from the bench that's actually enforced. Try it on some grandmother or a judge, and they'll get handwaved where many others would be gone already.

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