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Comment Re:The very same technology that did the old jobs (Score 1) 270

You're leaving out a few steps.
The invention of the steam engine (along with the new capitalist mindset that controlled the government and allowed the closing of the commons putting a lot of farmers on the street) created 70 years of chronic underemployment, where if you were lucky, you could be a servant or similar and totally at the mercy of your boss. This was limited to a large degree by the expansion into the new world through both voluntary and forced immigration and homesteading and such in the new world.
The invention of electricity through to the invention of electronics corresponded with a massive reduction in the labour force. The captains of industry suddenly agreed to the child labour laws and society stepped in with schools and the youngest spent ten years (now closer to 20) getting educated instead of being in the workforce. Then to avoid social unrest (and due to many studies that showed people were most productive when putting in shorter days/weeks) the workweek was reduced and reduced again. Retirement also became a thing, along with more support for the disabled.
There were also 2 large wars that brought high employment basically breaking and fixing windows. Once those wars were over, some countries such as the USA benefited due to still having infrastructure and had lots of well paying work. Other countries still haven't recovered.
I'm sure there's more I'm missing and sometimes (often?) automation has raised the wealth of most leading to more jobs, though lately we seem to be going away from that. The last 30 odd years seem to have been stories about good jobs ending, to be replaced by crappier paying jobs, usually in the service industry.

Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 1, Insightful) 270

Actually it was the curtailing of greed from the New Deal until just before Reagan was elected that created the middle class. Before and after that the middle class has always been wasting away as inequality was left unchecked to maximize itself, as it naturally does. The greed was curtailed due to political pressure from a credible communist rival. We need to learn to curtail greed once more to restore the middle class.

Comment Re:He's right. (and has been for hundreds of years (Score 1) 270

"that word doesn't mean what you think it does" regarding "decimate"

I'm pretty sure Stephen Hawking knows what "decimate" means, and his use is absolutely correct.

Either definition is true. Automation has already reduced a large percentage of the jobs in manufacturing (def. 1) and has at least replaced one in ten workers in traditional manufacturing (def. 2).

That Stephen Hawking. He think's he's so smart, amirite?

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 2) 239

In reality, physicists studying CO2 at the end of 19th century understood its solar absorption properties and hypothesized that if CO2 levels increased in the atmosphere, that it could lead to greater heating.

There is absolutely nothing controversial from a scientific perspective about even fractional increases in CO2 in the atmosphere causing increased trapping of energy in the lower atmosphere.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 239

China is incredibly vulnerable to overall sea level rises, considering that large portions of its population live in low-lying areas. I know China is the anti-emission control crowd's favorite bogeyman, but countries like China and India are at great risk in multiple ways if even the more moderate models for the latter half of this century come to fruition.

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