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Comment Re:Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 2) 43

"i buy cars that make me happy and will be fun to drive. All I'm looking for is what is the best can I can afford to enjoy driving for the money I can spend....gas mileage, I don't really even look at..."

Just because you don't doesn't mean all of us don't.

Gas mileage was one of my top criteria for choosing a car. I bought a car that advertised 27 mpg city, 37 highway, combined 30 mpg. I get around 32 mpg combined, or 35 when I am driving to maximize gas mileage. Overall, I have dropped my gas expenditures 100 dollars per month (roughly) for a car that was under $14,000.

So yes, many people like me do use it as a criterion for their car purchase.

Submission + - ask Slashdot: Windows RAID / backup advice 2

An anonymous reader writes: I have approx 2TB of photos. currently sitting on 2 x 4TB "Intel Rapid Storage" RAID1ed discs. I'm about to move to a new PC.

a) keep these exactly as they are
b) move to "Storage Spaces"
c) break the RAID, and set up the second disc as a file-copied backup.

a — The current configuration is OK, but it's a pain if a raid re-sync is needed as it takes a long time for it to check 4TB

b — I've not used Storage Spaces before, but reports seem to show it's good:

it even says in mirrored setup, SS beats HW, although write's take a hit. It's a Good Thing that the discs are 100% identical and removable and readable separately. Downside? unknown territory

c — would lose a (small) amount of resilience, but wouldn't suffer from the raid-sync issues, ideally a Mac-like "TimeMachine" backup would handle file histories.

Any recommendations?

Comment Re:I would invest (Score 1) 156

Your giving me flashbacks to working in NYC prior to smart phones. They didn't have GPSs yet in '05, and it was a mess.

Even when I had a smart phone, it was as you describe.

In Philly, way too late they were required to take credit cards by law, still refused, same in NYC (though three years earlier).

The cab industry used regulatory capture to make money and not innovate.

I'm crying them no rivers.

When a GPS was $200, every fucking cab with a 500k medallion (NYC) should have had one, but no.

Comment Re:I would invest (Score 1) 156

Where do you live that taxis are a viable alternative?

I saw someone at work wait 2 hours for a cab, uber had three drivers in 10 minute range (if I knew her I would have offered to call one).

My house has a thirty minute wait for cab, uber 5.

I've been areas where can companies have refused to route a ten minute drive, uber, shows up in ten, no complaints.

In the larger cities uber may be competing on price, but in much of the country, it's convenience and reliability.

When I was in New Orleans, $8 cab ride from bourbon st, I frequently paid uber surge of $15 to get into town (could flag a cab the other way, but took 30-60 minutes to call from where I was sleeping). In the college town I grew up (Newark, DE) cabs were useless, in Wilmington, DE where I love now, they're bad.

I fully expect uber to start creeping up prices in areas and make a killing, out side of downtown in million person plus cities, cabs aren't an option.

Comment Re:Not strictly Excel's fault (Score 1) 348

I just tested this,

A CSV file didn't let me adjust import types in Excel (2007), but I did a tab delimited text and imported a column of numbers as text, then changed it to numbers, and the behavior was not as in Libre Office. I tested in Libre, and it was indeed a huge pain.

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