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Comment Re:also no 21 and up items can be sold with (Score 1) 110

I hated being in New York (upstate) in the early 00s.

Yes, shitty beer at grocery stores, but I couldn't find a good beer anywhere, it was the worst Liquor system I've seen (short of dry counties).

I assume beer becoming trendy has made this a lot less of an issue over the last 10 - 15 years.

PA was a close second in shitty laws though.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 86

Linking who you share your location with their habits. Alice went to McDonalds. Bob went to Burger King. Both like fast food, show Bob ads for McDonalds.

Very elementary example, but they are basically asking the users to confirm that when Alice and Bob are in the same (or a similar) place, it is not a coincidence.

Comment Re:Maybe, I should sue KDE? (Score 1) 118

Does it?

It seems to me similarly as different as Windows 7 and 10 to me.

Yes, the dock is still there, like the taskbar and start button in windows, but otherwise?

The look is different, the functioning is different (hit f11 in different version for a quick difference), aside from Windows 8, I'd say WIndows 95-10 is pretty consistent though.

Comment Re:Maybe, I should sue KDE? (Score 1) 118

Did KDE popup an update warning that went ahead and updated to a drastically new version when you clicked the close button?

That seems unlikely in a few ways (1 I'd expect FreeBSD to pop up the window if anywone, 2 I'd expect closing the window by clicking the X to not upgrade (the crux of this case I'd think).

Comment Re:Lovely but. (Score 1) 110

OK, thanks.

1) Clearly this won't work overall (for example the under 21 issue), but that doesn't mean they won't modify it for general public. Unless the state and local laws allow them to treat a pre age verified amazon account as enough proof of age

2) Does Amazon have family accounts? That should handle the family situation for 12+, and if they don't, they probably should

3) Is it really gathering much more than the site? Amazon makes suggestions not just on what I've purchased, but what I've looked at.

4) depends where you are, cabbies can be the worst, but that depends on where you are, I don't really see why cash is a necessity in most stores for their success, this is certainly an area that other stores can advertise to try and compete, but I don't see it making a huge effect on the bottom line

5) I'm not going to defend or promote Amazon and their vertical integration, I'm simply saying it's not going to be the thing that bothers people in 2016

6) So it's like costco, but non club members can't even enter? doesn't seem like a huge negative, but probably something they should consider

7) I'm sure there will be some security when they open to the public, as long as it can detect unpurchased items crossing through, it won't really require human interaction to purchase, and the phone off trick won't work.

Also, it's in beta, maybe some of these (1,6,7) will be resolved before public open, or shortly afterwards. Either way, it definitely won't be for everybody, but neither is a box store in general, or we wouldn't see them closing left and right.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 86

Thank you, you nailed it far more succinctly than I.

What gets me are the "So? Every other company does it." as if that makes it right. These are the same people that check in on Facebook, leave location metadata on in photos, and run Google Maps in the background because it gives them the warm fuzzies thinking they're helping.

Comment Re:Lovely but. (Score 1) 110

1) not sell them
2) don't know what you mean
3) the same way as on there website
4) I think that's part of the point, it's hardly a hurdle for uber
5) yes, and 100 years ago those connotations may have been in the collective consciousness in a real way
6) haven't watched the video, but that seems like a bad idea on their part
7) by not letting you purchase and having a greeter/security stop you.

Some of these will clearly be negatives, but they're betting on convenience and price being a good trade off. They don't need to be everything to everybody, they need to be something new to enough people to cover the extra overhead of a location with space for shoppers in a more prime location than a warehouse.

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