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Comment Re:Thank god for Trump! (Score 5, Insightful) 351

Romney was not a clown. A moderate conservative politician whose Massachusetts "Romneycare" was used as a blueprint by Obama. The problem with the Romney's campaign in 2012 is that it was derailed by the radical wing of the Republican party, which threatened to mow down every candidate who dared not to oppose Obamacare and everything else the incumbent president stood for.

Comment Re:Cyanogen != CyanogenMod (Score 2) 118

The BIG difference between the Google apps package for alternative ROMs like CyanogenMod and the Google apps installed on Nexus phones by default, is that under ROMs like CyanogenMod, you can install a very _limited_ google apps selection. For example, you can have basically just the google play store, and that's it. No Hangouts, Gmail, Google app, Chrome, Drive, etc, etc.

Comment Life goes on (Score 3, Interesting) 118

Cyanogen Inc and its CyanogenMod project is basically the RedHat and Fedora of the Android ROM world. While losing CyanogenMod, in the worst case scenario, is going to be a loss and an annoyance in the short term, other ROM projects will take their place.

Speaking of alternatives, wasn't OmniROM supposed to be an alternative to CyanogenMod? I have had a good experience with older OmniROM ROMs, but their list of supported hardware is very short. Hope it gets better with time.

Comment Re:wth how is this legal? (Score 2) 84

None at all. The military runs its own space program. The last time the military was interested in cooperation with NASA was when the shuttles were build. However, the military bras saw how expensive, unreliable, and pointless were the shuttles and lost all interest even before the first shuttle flew. (Those things had basically no military, civilian, or scientific application that could possibly justify their cost. The NASA built them anyways)

Comment Re:netflix - nothing new ever, content or tech (Score 1) 450

The way I see it, subscribing to netflix is very much like adding say HBO family of channels to your cable. You get a limited selection of content (when I search for a show I want to see on Netflix, I succeed about one time out of every eight-nine attempts) on both, and both give you a streaming app for the web browser or tablet. Big deal. Nothing special. And Netflix doesn't provide any content related to day to day news or say sports.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 450

Meanwhile my cable bill is $220. per month.

I am calling BS on your claim. I have a Uverse "cable" too, and we pay $220 ish too, but this price includes a landline phone service, 40Mbps internet, and a selection of pretty much ALL news and sports channels out there, as well as all or almost all movie channels, and one foreign language channel we specifically pay 15 bucks a month to receive.

In my experience, while Netflix is cheap it doesn't have a whole lot of stuff on its streaming channel. Subscribing to Neflix is pretty much like subscribing to say HBO and Cinemax, in the sense that you get a few movies available on demand. Big deal. The Netflix selection of movies is pretty poor. My search on netflix succeeds about one time out of eight-nine attempts.

Comment Re:Bleah! (Score 1) 407

  • Against women's rights (check)
  • Against LGBT rights (check)
  • Would rather see the economy go down in flames rather than watch a democrat re-elected into the white house. (check)
  • Reduce taxes on the rich(check)

This sounds like the laundry list of a typical partisan republican nut (not only those in the senate). I assume the list continues with items like "unabated military spending", "the destruction of the Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare", "disbanding all unions", etc.

Comment A reminder: the VP is a ceremonial position (Score 2) 407

For those who haven't taken politics 101 in the high school, this is a good time to look up at the responsibilities of the American Vice President. (Hint, this is not the person who takes over president's duties when the president goes on vacation or a work trip).

The American vice president is technically legally allowed to retired into his Florida mansion immediately after his ticket wins the White House election, and then chill all day at the beach until one of two highly unlikely events happens. First, he is the first in line to succeed the president should anything happen to him or if the president resigns or is removed from the office. Second, the VP can break the legislative battles in the senate when the vote is split exactly 50-50, which you can imagine doesn't happen very frequently. In between of such highly unlikely events, the VP isn't supposed to do much. If he decides to chill all day at the beach, he can't be fired or sacked for having such a carefree life unless he somehow broke the law, because VP is an elected office.

So what good is the VP for? The VP is primarily a marketing figure. The Vice President has to be the side-kick of the presidential candidate during the election campaign. The VP candidate is always selected based on his ability to attract the electoral vote, rather than his ability to cast that precious tie-breaking senate vote (and usually, nobody chooses him based on the ability to lead the country because normally someone who is running for the presidential seat doesn't plan to die or retire soon).

For example, the Democrats often have a "south problem", because the American South isn't usually inclined to vote for a Democrats. So one type of electoral strategy is to have at least one southerner on the electoral ticket. Clinton had Al Gore (both were southerners) and Kerry selected John Edwards (a North Carolinian).

Comment Re:Translation (Score 0) 360

That's a great observation. We still have separation of powers between the branches of government at the federal and the state level (as well as between federal and state governments). The president will not accomplish "much". However, quite shockingly the Bush junior did drag the USA into the disastrous Iraq invasion, and he did manage to increase the defense spending from under 300 billions a year, to about 1 trillion a year the year he left the office. At the same time Obama did also accomplish quite a bit in the office. (some of that is positive, like The Affordable Care Act, which is why republicans hate it so much).

Comment Re:Trump will succeed because... (Score 1) 407

You confuse chaos with "change". Obama promised change, but except for the Affordable Care Act, we haven't gotten much else changed. The middle class is eroding, the racial tensions remain, and the American militarism continues unabated. We thank Bush for the disaster that was the Iraq invasion, but we can also thank Obama's administration for throwing more fuel into the middle-east and thus at least partially becoming responsible for the chaos that now goes on in Iraq, Syria, and Libya as well as for the rise of ISIS.

I don't see how Trump's policies will result in "chaos". The crux of Trump's policies is to bring security and prosperity to American workers. That means properly defending the US borders instead of spending billions of dollars on military adventures abroad. Reviewing highly unequal trade agreements with the likes of China, by which we must import pretty much everything from China without any obstacles (and while transferring truly valuable technology to them), while not being able to export almost anything in return. The Chinese for example will still buy our civilian aircraft, but they will not allow importing US made vehicles or items like chicken feet, both of which can be produced in USA at competitive prices.

Comment Re:Trump will succeed because... (Score 1) 407

People are tired of the elite ruling, making decisions based on cronyism and who lines their pockets. Trump isn't afraid to call them out.

I would love to believe that, but at the same time I am highly suspicious that bringing a corporate tycoon will not fix any problems with cronyism. The American corporate culture is highly corrupt. It's the culture that has given us the corporate scandals like the Enron, Madoff's pyramid, and the Long Term Capital Management. Trump himself is not out of the woods with regards to his "Trump University" business.

Comment The anti-Trump witchunt is getting ridiculous. (Score 1) 360

Trump never said that we should end all immigration. All he promised was to end the illegal migration into the USA by building the "wall" and banning the Muslims from entering the country. After winning the republican nomination, he backtracked on the second issue and said that only refugees from Syria and other trouble spots will not be allowed because we don't have an easy way to judge whether they have terrorist link. But now every leftie in the world (not just the US) as well as much of the news media has painted him as an isolationist racist who will halt all trade and end all exports and imports.

But in reality, Trump's trade plans are very simple. In the environment we already have, the government trade policies put the international corporations first, and the workers are just the scum to be exploited by them in every part of the world, be it USA, Mexico, or Asia. Trump wants to end this, and wants the trade to benefit everyone, and specially the American people, instead of just the faceless international corporations.

In the light of the Hillary Clinton's secretive and illegal record of putting her work mail on private servers, including top secret government communications, it's even doubly cynical to be accusing Trump of "reckless disregard for our legal and political institutions".

Comment Re:uhhh.. (Score 1) 170

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S/S2 series are pretty decent. I have no complaints about the build quality or design. They use a beautiful AMOLED screen which alone makes me overlook other shortcomings. The button is there, but that doesn't annoy me. The only problem with the Galaxy Tab S tablets is that Samsung puts in them effectively smartphone-grade SoC instead of tablet-grade SoC like in some other Google, Nvidia, or Apple tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is weeks away from being released. It will be interesting to see if Samsung learned anything from its past mistakes.

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