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Comment Re:Oh trhat will make all the difference. (Score 1) 177

On the other hand, I do not get it why Google has decided to replace its successful Nexus brand name with Pixel. Google Nexus devices are almost like an underground brand, but the level of satisfaction among the consumers and developers who hold the Nexus devices is relatively high, while the "Pixel" name is so far mostly associated with a failed tablet "Pixel C".

Comment Re:3GB? Quaint (Score 1) 324

Oneplus X was a flawed device because it did not support AT&T's LTE band 17, and I believe the band 12 which was used by some other carrier. You could still use the Oneplus X with any major carrier, but the deletion of those crucial low-frequency bands meant you will have less than optimal LTE signal in many areas. Otherwise Oneplus X was great.

Comment Re:Wrong Market (Score 1) 324

Apple's marketing always needed to have something to hype the superiority of their device. SoC is a good target for that. I mean, just look at how they always hyped the superiority of their SoCs for the last three years, while keeping absolutely quiet about the fact that the iphones came with the absolute minimum of usable RAM. It's still shocking to me how fast those 1GB iPhone 6 devices will become obsolete.

Comment Re:Headphone jack is WAY overrated on a phone (Score 3, Insightful) 324

troublesome connector when dealing with phone cases

Then stop buying those troublesome cases.

When using a $100 extended battery case, such things become serious problems

This issue concerns an insignificant portion of smartphone users. Just because they can't plug the 3.5 mm plug with the charging case does not mean that the connector had to be deleted.

Basically, none of the arguments I have heard before, except those about space savings justified actually deleting the headphone connector. In iPhone 6S which had it, you could still use BT, digital or whatever other headphones you want.

Comment Re:Not Impressed (Score 2) 37

To be honest, I don't get what you're complaining about. That a four year old tablet is no longer fast enough? Please. You gotta realize that the mobile technology in 2012 was nowhere near being as mature as the PC technology. A 2012 PC notebook is usually a perfectly usable device today. A 2012 smartphone or a tablet.. that's a big question mark.

The 2013-2014 technology was a lot more mature by todays standards. A Nexus 5 from the late 2013 is still a perfectly usable device today, and still has a better SoC than most entry and mid-level devices.

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 203

The fact that some vendors are having "backdoor sales" blowouts of the less than one year old Nexus 5X smartphones (often though ebay) simply proves that Nexus 5X was ridiculously overprices. Just consider these two specs and the price: 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, almost 400USD MSRP. Shocking. Granted, I will still buy a google Nexus device over a carrier branded/locked garbage like LG or Samsung phones, but such pricing is not sustainable considering the presence of the Chinese startups like Onepus.

That's why I am not worried much about what google does. I can always fall back to Oneplus Three, Honor 8 or whatever else replaces those.

Comment Re:Samsung tablet user still waiting for Android 6 (Score 1) 126

The update problem was actually fixed. You just need to buy a Google Nexus device. They get the fastest and the most frequent updates. The way I see it, for the people who care about guaranteed fast security updates, there is only one choice, Apple or Google Nexus. On top of that, the Nexus devices often give a very good on the money spent.

Comment Re:Samsung tablet user still waiting for Android 6 (Score 1) 126

Well, google had this formal (or perhaps informal) agreement with the hardware companies and a promise to the consumers that all Android devices get two years of updates. I am not complaining that you get no update (supposedly it's coming). What I am saying Samsung takes almost like a year to give an update, which is ridiculous. I remember they did the same when rolling out Android 5.0.x (it took almost a year), and then they completely skipped the 5.1 and went for 6.0, which is now almost like a year old.

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