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Comment Re:Samsung tablet user still waiting for Android 6 (Score 1) 126

The update problem was actually fixed. You just need to buy a Google Nexus device. They get the fastest and the most frequent updates. The way I see it, for the people who care about guaranteed fast security updates, there is only one choice, Apple or Google Nexus. On top of that, the Nexus devices often give a very good on the money spent.

Comment Re:Samsung tablet user still waiting for Android 6 (Score 1) 126

Well, google had this formal (or perhaps informal) agreement with the hardware companies and a promise to the consumers that all Android devices get two years of updates. I am not complaining that you get no update (supposedly it's coming). What I am saying Samsung takes almost like a year to give an update, which is ridiculous. I remember they did the same when rolling out Android 5.0.x (it took almost a year), and then they completely skipped the 5.1 and went for 6.0, which is now almost like a year old.

Comment Samsung tablet user still waiting for Android 6.0 (Score 1) 126

It's been 9 months since the general availability of Android marshmallow, and yet the Galaxy Tab S still haven't received this update. I understand that most manufacturers these days treat tablets and tablet users as an unwanted bastard child, but the Tab S was basically Samsung's flagship tablet until almost one year ago.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

That's a good find, but I gotta tell you that the 5 dollar service certainly does not get the stuff I watch. (Why does the Slashdot crowd think again and again that ESPN is "all sports"?). Formula 1 racing, for example, is only on NBC or Univision Deportes, as were the previous Olympic games. I also want CNN, Fox, AMC, FX, Fox sports, Travel channel, etc. Seems like the $25 a month package gets that, which seems like a decent value, although you still need an internet connection. People getting their internet from cable get a fair discount. I pay like 40USD to cable company for 40Mbps broadband.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

So you are saying that you have zero interest in any sports or news? I think that's fine, but if that's the case, please don't tell the other 80% of the Americans who do watch live sports to cut the cable.

Personally, I only watch NBA, Formula 1 and IndyCar regularly. These are not available live pay per view on the internet. I also watch the major international soccer competitions, as well as big events like Olympics, and so on. Most of that is not streaming on the internet.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

If you don't care about sports, then that's fine. But please don't tell the other 80% of the Americans who do watch sports and live news to get rid of cable.

I personally a big fan of politics and political news, including on international level, and having a variety of sources such as CNN, BBC, RT, and Al Jazeera can be an asset, as you can often immediately see the spread in the tone and options. Besides, what do I watch on the big 60 inch screen as I do the dishes or cook something in the kitchen? Don't tell me netflix or some kind of crappy internet streaming "news".

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

I am sorry, but what you mean by a "sports nut" is something like 80% of the USA population. I guess you don't take interest in any sports at all.

Next onto the news, I am a big politics buff, and I like to receive news from as many sources as possible. Only then I can start seeing the big picture on the international news front. On the surface, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, BBC, RT, and Al Jazeira and many others are entirely subservient to the elites that control them. On the other hand, after skimming through a few of them you get a nice picture of the events that the internet won't always deliver. Moreover, what sort of news can internet show me as I am cooking something in the kitchen? Don't understand the importance of regular TV news.

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