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Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 1) 202

Scheme is now almost a history in college classrooms too. It was common back when MIT, Berkeley, and other top CS programs used SICP in their introductory courses. Now that many of those schools have dropped SICP and replaced it with a Python based course, the LISP now is on much weaker footing in the college instruction.

Comment Re:Why were the updates problematic? (Score 2) 156

"Is all the software/drivers on Windows considered bleeding edge? Is the hardware not abstracted such that it would cause a complete meltdown with no user interaction possible? Are recovery options insanely complex for the user?"

Absolutely. Microsoft and Linux vendors have released updates in the past that could cause if not a meltdown, then at least some discomfort. When the pending updates show up on my Windows 7 PCs, personally I prefer to install only the security updates immediately, and that is only if I am ready to reboot my PC at that moment. The rest of updates, I'd like to let them simmer and sit there for about a week. Then, if none of the tech news sites reports breaking news about how a recent update has destroyed something, then I also install it eventually on my PC, and again, only at the moment when I am ready to reboot it.

Now, the way Microsoft handles driver updates is doubly bad. First of all, a whole lot of drivers come as a part of a software suite that includes a configuration utility app and the actual driver. But microsoft often just wants to push you an updated driver, without the utility. Now imagine what happens when you combine an out of date driver settings app with the latest driver? I personally don't want to be the first one to find out.

Another, much bigger problem with the Microsoft driver updates is that Microsoft often keeps trying to push you completely old and out of date drivers. How many times I have seen the Windows update offering to install three years old AMD Radeon drivers, even though I already have a more recent AMD Catalyst suite, with drivers.

Comment Sorry, but this is not enough (Score 4, Insightful) 156

Nearly every home computer is running Windows 10 Home. So this means that most of non-education non-enterprise users still don't have the ability to turn off the automatic forced updates, and reboots. Jebuz, Microsoft, why can it be so hard to the way it used to be in Windows 8?

Comment Re:The salt is real (Score 1) 280

Some people? Please.

Most people don't want them to fail. Most people want to take back the control over their desktop OS. The problems with Windows 10 are well known. A crappy and inconsistent GUI on the desktop, although better than Windows 8, endless stream of bugs related to the updater, high CPU usage, etc, the updater that reboots the OS while the PC is in the middle of task, whole same data collection, etc. If Microsoft wants to improve the OS, that's fine, but people want to have the GUI and the level of control of Windows 7. Windows 8 and 10 were an inconsistent mess that took one step forward from Windows 7, then two back. No wonder people are hanging on dearly onto their Windows 7 licenses and PCs.

Comment Re:Mine is G (Score 1) 88

If by fine you mean having at best a 20-25Mbit connection to the internet, or 10Mbit connection peer-to-peer within your home network, then I guess wireless-g fine.

I have a 802.11ac router installed in the middle of a home, and I am able to transfer files between two computers in the far corners of the house at something like 150Mbps. Which is twice as fast as what I have seen with Wireless N.

Comment Re:Mesh Solves Little (Score 1) 88

If you're building a mesh wi-fi network, you're probably not doing it in a dense apartment complex. You're doing it in a suburban, possibly two story, home and there is probably some distance to the next home. Moreover, the 5GHz signal dies out pretty fast. I can probably still see the SSID of the neighbors 5GHz wi-fi, but not the one from a house next to your neighbor.

Comment Downgrading to Windows 7 (Score 5, Interesting) 280

Downgrading to Windows 7 was the best thing I have done to my desktop.

Windows 10, even a year after its original release, had signs of being a beta product at best. One problem I have been struggling with was the machine's CPU eventually constantly at 30-40% use with no obvious causes. I have tried all of the half-baked canned answers from Microsoft, including disabling/enabling/changing AV, disabling Microsoft services, and even wiping out and reinstalling the OS.

The next issue is with the updater. This damned thing simply eventually stops working. It shows there are pending updates, starts the downloads, but then sits at 0%. I have tried every canned answer provided on the Microsoft forums, including resetting the update components and wiping and reinstalling the OS.

And finally, I am not fine at all with an OS that decides to reboot the machine whenever it likes. It's downright dangerous to leave any work open. I have been caught off guard by reboots a few times.

Comment Re:Well.... damn! (Score 1) 113

I used OmniROM during the KitKat era, and it felt like an extremely solid and fast ROM. I think they were closer to the stock Android even than Cyanogenmod. The only problem with OmniROM has always been a very poor device support. If you have a Nexus phone, then you're set. But it's pretty spotty/poor outside of Nexus devices.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

The problem is not just with the hate for HRC. She lost because of an inept campaign. They basically blew it in Michigan and Wisconsin, where the margin was thin and all they need was to have a more effective campaign operation. But they lost those states because of their own arrogance, the belief that they get to win there by default. And now people like Podesta can't man up and admit it was their own fault. No. They say that Putin and Russian hackers stole the election, it was fake news, and FBI director, or some other external force.

The Clinton Campaign Was Undone By Its Own Neglect And A Touch Of Arrogance, Staffers Say

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

Regardless of what the official explanations that exist in the Federalist papers and other writings of the founders, a whole lot of historians agree that the primary reason the USA has indirect elections of the president is because the founders feared the rule of the populist mob, their ability to elect someone who did not represent the interests of the establishment oligarchy. Basically, the electoral college existed then to be able to override the majority vote in order to prevent the likes of Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump from winning. Hence, it is actually ironic that we see a non-system presidential candidate benefiting from the same system that was meant to do the opposite.

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