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Comment Re:Finland is not foreign? (Score 1) 98

There is major difference between what Russia thinks of Ukraine, and the rest of its neighbors. There are cultural and historical ties that are extremely strong. Both Russia and Ukraine trace their origins to the medieval state of the Kievan Rus. That's right! The first "Rus" had its capital in Kiev, what is today the capital of Ukraine.

Comment Re:I just want some fucking choices (Score 1) 98

Android is shit. Complete and total garbage.

I still prefer it to Apple's walled garden, and actually enjoy using my Android devices. Having said that, it's a pretty dangerous situation right now that there is no true independent and open source alternative. It's like the world of Mac OS and Windows from 10 years ago, except without Linux of BSD alternatives.

Comment Re:paranoia (Score 1) 590

Paranoia with Trump is completely warranted because he is a completely loose cannon beholden to no one and continues to prove it so with insane statements like Hillary getting million of illegal votes simply because he lost the majority.

I beg to differ. Trump did not make an insane statement regarding the illegal votes. What he really did on Monday was very skillfully troll the media using a tiny twitter post in revenge for the likes of Stein campaign questioning the integrity of the vote in three crucial Midwestern states that Trump won. Most people don't understand that Trump is a master of trolling. He feeds on it. He took five minutes to post that twitt, and then CNN spent the WHOLE DAY talking about it. It's a win-win for Trump. That's exactly the strategy that won him the republican nomination and got him elected a president.

Comment Re:Still better than Russia (Score 1) 432

So in 1990s Russia held almost no exercises, and then they hold an exercise where an old sub sinks. But do you realize how much Russian navy is spending on exercises.

It's really funny to hear that EXISTING state of art Yasen-class submarine, Su-35 fighter jets, brand new Sineva and Bulava class ballistic missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles, Brahmos anti-ship missiles are all "fantasy" weapons.

If you want to talk about broken fantasy weapons, let's talk about F-35, which are even US allies want to drop like a hot potato. Let's talk about A400M, which is so unreliable and below its originally stated specs that Germany, France, and UK have quietly ordered batches of C-130 and C-17 in case if they need a real battle ready aircraft. Let's talk about massively over budget and massively oversold and ineffective LCS ships and the Zumwalt destroyer. These are the real "fantasy" weapons that are completely inadequate for the real world.

These are brand new weapons systems already deployed and produced. Russia is so damn broke that they now produce 4++ generation fighter jets at the rate of 200 pieces a year. So damn broke. Russians gotta envy the British Navy which is so well-funded that it will apparently be left soon without anti-ship missiles.

Comment Re:Still better than Russia (Score 1) 432

For those who are really worried about the fate of the Russian aircraft carrier, it's actually alive and well, and it's already striking targets in Syria. Here is a collection of recent pics and videos.

Comment Re:Still better than Russia (Score 1) 432

You have conveniently forgotten that Kursk was an older-generation Soviet sub. Russia is currently producing Yasen-class multipurpose nuclear attack submarine which is basically state of art. Moreover, the fact that subs sink every once in a while simply highlights the fact that they're very complex devices, like the say the aircraft, which also regularly crash all over the world.

The Russian Northern Fleet has more subs than probably the rest of Europe combined. If one sub sinks for whatever reason, Russians will just view it as an acceptable collateral cost to owning a sub fleet with a massive strike capability.

Comment Re:Still better than Russia (Score 1) 432

It's an open question really. So far they have been only attacking third world countries that can't strike back. But is it a good weapon against.. say China. The Chinese have guided ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads specially targeting aircraft carrier groups for example.

Comment Re:Still better than Russia (Score 1) 432

Russia is working on developing tugboats for its submarines

You gotta be joking right? The Russian aircraft carrier may need a tugboat because it's a thirty year old ship with turbine engines that were build outside of Russia proper. Russian nuclear submarine fleet has always been a top priority for Russia and they have series production of ballistic missile submarines, multipurpose nuclear submarines and also diesel subs.

Comment Re:So Trump was right? (Score 1) 432

The Europeans should really get to work together in terms of weapons standardization. Right now the situation with all those small Navies, like Spain, Germany, Poland, etc is that they are all amounting to very little. They should all have ONE standard destroyer ship that's produced by the dozens, one type of frigate, ONE type of Aircraft carrier, one type of each diesel and nuclear subs, one type of anti-ship missile, and so on. The situation where each navy is trying to procure a little bit of everything with its own domestic resources is very expensive and inefficient.

Comment Re:Still better than Russia (Score 1) 432

Aircraft carriers are nice toys whose main purpose is displaying flag and being a nice target for the subs. If you want to compare the British and Russian defense capabilities, try to count how many Russian cruise and ballistic missiles can strike the UK or UK Navy ships and what UK can do about it. The nuclear missile subs is what really matters, and the Russian Northern Fleet has dozens of them.

Comment Re:Might've been OK if Hillary was POTUS (Score 1) 432

Well, I don't ever recall Trump offering any other country the role of a world's policeman. He did suggest that USA should get out of conflicts and alliances that are costly to the USA with no real benefits.

I don't know which way the Pentagon spending will go, as Trump has given a bunch of contradicting statements. A massive boost in Pentagon spending does not seem to be consistent with cutting the government size or its deficits.

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