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Comment Good Grief... (Score 2) 12

Tinder said in a statement that the photo sweeper "violated the terms of our service" and "we are taking appropriate action and investigating further."

TOS is meaningless in cases like this. TOS are meaningless anyway, except as, perhaps, a means to ban users. And that's pretty pointless as well.

But really, what do people that put their photographs out on the Intertubes like this expect? Privacy? Really?

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 131

"Tell that to someone whose brakes go out while they're driving."

Happens from time to time when master cylinders fail. Mostly people manage to get the vehicle stopped with engine braking and or the parking brake. Or they end up in a low speed collision with something solid like the vehicle in front of them.

Now having a ball joint fail causing the front wheel to tuck under the car... That's a different story.

But mostly car engines stop running and the car just sort of coasts to a stop.

Comment Re:repelling gravity? (Score 1) 131

The greatest innovation of Apple Computer was their Newton device, which generates the neccessary gravity to keep cars and users from flying off our planet because of the centrifugal force.

Man, you telling us that all we have to do to go to Mars is turn our Apple devices upside down? That's gotta be good for a Nobel Prize.

Submission + - Massive Tinder Photo Scrape Has Users Upset (

Frosty Piss writes: Images of Tinder users posting their sexiest selfies were swept up in a massive grab of some 40,000 photos from the dating app by a dataset collector who plans to use the selfies in artificial intelligence training, reports TechCrunch. Tinder said in a statement that the photo sweeper “violated the terms of our service” and “we are taking appropriate action and investigating further.” The creator of the data set, Stuart Colianni, has released it under a CC0: Public Domain License and also uploaded his scraper script to GitHub. He describes it as a “simple script to scrape Tinder profile photos for the purpose of creating a facial dataset,” saying his inspiration for creating the scraper was disappointment working with other facial data sets. He also describes Tinder as offering “near unlimited access to create a facial data set” and says scraping the app offers “an extremely efficient way to collect such data.”

Comment Re:the general public dont need flying cars (Score 1) 131

You're right. However, autonomous cars are almost certainly going to happen, albeit after a longer delay than most folks think. Once the problems of navigation in two dimensions are routinely handled by hardware and software, extending the sensors and computer control to three dimensions probably won't be that big a deal.

I think other issues like safety, maintenance, insurance, security might be a bigger problem than driver skill. Hopefully none of the latter will be needed, otherwise no structure or living creature will be safe.

Comment Re:Look at all the anti vehicle protection round p (Score 2) 131

If flying cars are available the defenses will be useless.

Naw, the flying cars won't work well enough to be a security problem.

Seriously, You're absolutely correct. I expect that once the problem becomes apparent, the use of Personal Air Vehicles will be SEVERELY restricted. Might still be some usage for taxis and delivery services -- if the vehicles can be made safe enough, if they can't land on people, and can really be kept out of restricted areas including military bases, public areas, parks, etc, etc, etc.

Comment Re:"constrained by cost" (Score 1) 245

Beware an AI that can do software development

It'll probably write nightmarish recursive logic in some language of its own design that no human or other AI can make any sense of.

Seriously -- given the diversity of human thinking and the fact that no two people can actually agree on much of anything, why do we expect that large scale AI will be trustworthy, useful, or even sane.

Comment Re: But how will I trick investors!?! (Score 2) 245


Fucking retard can't spell. I stopped reading right there.

That's a losing battle like chiding people for using "less" instead of "fewer" or "which" when "that" would be more appropriate. You're outnumbered and outgunned and might as well go along with the trend and pry the apostrophe key off your keyboard.

Comment Re:People like Musk need to do more homework (Score 1) 160

"Okay. The more efficient, more politically expedient approach is to level the majority of the LA metro area and start over from scratch?"

That idea has much to recommend it. But, I imagine that were it attempted, the result would be something even worse -- assuming that's possible.

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