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Comment Re:Sounds like wrong approach... (Score 1) 132

Nah, when he was put in place, it was a backwater little desk posting, exactly like it should have been. He was literally in charge of cleaning up the physical mess left behind by the Cardassians.

Then they discover the wormhole, and Star Fleet wants to put somebody appropriate in charge, but they have to appease the locals, who now view The Sisko as the Emissary.

At least, that's how I remember it.

Comment Re:Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 1) 261

Hey, fuck you very much too.

Why don't you try reading what I wrote rather than listening to the little voice in your head? I didn't even mention windmills in my message. I was pointing out that when it is cold in one place in Europe it is often cold in almost all of Europe. We all need electricity at the same time, so there is not much scope to use the grid, in so far as it exists, to move power from places where it's needed to places where it's not.

At this exact moment France is generating 1.32GW from wind, out of an installed capacity of around 8GW. Our neighbours in the UK are generating 0.92GW from a similar capacity.

Which is entirely consistent with the wind map you posted which shows very low wind speeds across France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and the UK due to there being a fucking big freezing cold anticyclone over our heads at the moment.

Luckily their is a bit of wind and some sun in Spain, so we're able to import about 2.3GW from them -- like I said before, thanks guys.

Comment That's what we call a buying opportunity. (Score 4, Insightful) 151

Wait for Trump to say something stupid that knocks a chunk of money off of a stock, wait a few hours for it to crash, buy low, and sell it after a week when the price rebounds. Once again, the ultra-wealthy with their high-frequency traders get richer, and normal people's retirement funds get poorer....

Comment Re:That depends, some can land the plane unassiste (Score 1) 172

Well, *technically* it's not supposed to be zero, but the plane is 200 feet long and you're supposed to have 150 feet of visibility. In other words, you can see only half a second in front of you.

The plane's length and its landing speed aren't necessarily equal. That said, it's amusing that the first plane I looked up—the 767—the landing speed is up to 199 MPH, and that does just happen to equate to almost exactly half a second. :-)

Comment Re:They might have reversed cause and effect (Score 1) 137

But it is at least as likely that having shorter telomeres predisposes you to be less active, choosing to sit more than other people. In fact, I would argue that genes affecting behavior is far more likely than behavior affecting genes. Without a truly randomized study with a control group, I don't see how you can convincingly prove causation.

Comment Re:Scorpio (Score 1) 127

The Xbox used virtually bog-standard Celeron CPU and NVidia GPU; the only real special thing was a unifed memory architecture. The 360 was, IIRC, three PowerPC chips and a fairly standard AMD CPU.

The PS2, on the other hand, was custom silicon; the Emotion Engine and what not, while the PS3 was Cell architecture.

The PS1 and Dreamcast were both also fairly standard components, while the N64 was SGI custom.

Consoles are absolutely migrating towards being PCs with purpose-built cases, and backwards compatibility is becoming an expectation rather than a bonus, especially in this digital era, when you can get old titles from digital marketplaces.

Comment Re:Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 1) 261

Are we still talking about France? Because it already has a grid. Basically the whole EU is one huge grid.

That is, in fact not really true.

France has interconnectors with its neighbours, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, but they are of limited size, for example the links to Germany are around 5GW max.

The other problem is that Europe is pretty small, we tend to have the same weather over large parts of the continent. It's freezing pretty much everywhere at the moment, so we can't actually share all that much.

Currently France is exporting 3GW to Italy and importing 2GW from Spain and 1GW from the UK (thanks, guys)

Comment Re:Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 1) 261

Windmills look a heck of a lot nicer than a coal fired electricity plant.

France has only two coal fired plants, at least one of which is being converted to biomass.

Personally I find windmills quite pretty, but then I also find our nice nukes quite pretty too, and given that it's fucking cold today and there is not much wind I'm happy to have them.

Comment Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 5, Informative) 261

To put it in perspective, some 130 GW of additional solar and wind power will be installed by 2020, equal to France's total renewable power generation capacity, said Frank Yu, principal consultant at Wood Mackenzie.

France has nowhere near 130 GW of installed renewable power generation.

Currently we're running near peak demand at 92 GW due to the horrible cold, we've got about 55 GW of nukes running flat out (5 reactors are off line for maintenance) and about 15 GW of fossils, 13 GW of hydro, 2.6 GW of solar and 2.6 GW of wind.

How many of the other figures in this article are bullshit?

Comment Re:IAPs (Score 1) 162

I thought Apple was only renting space to developers [], and got a fixed percentage from them. Isn't setting/raising prices something developer's should decide to do? Or are things somehow different in the UK?

Basically, when you sell something in any of Apple's stores, you choose a price tier in your default currency, and prices in other currencies are based on that price combined with the current exchange rates. For example, if I create a book right now, and specify tier 10 everywhere, that's $9.99 in USD, or $13.99 in CAD. If the Canadian dollar increases relative to the dollar, in a year, tier 10 could be $9.99 in the U.S. and $12.99 in CAD. In theory, the amount paid will always be approximately equal to $9.99 in USD.

To add further complexity, Apple provides some alternate price tiers that let you charge lower prices in developing countries, and for books, even lets you set per-country price tiers, IIRC, which could distort pricing even further... but that's a side discussion. :-)

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