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Comment Re:Wasn't a "hacker" (Score 1) 135

My Russian friends tell me they know nothing of such a tradition for marking Den' Rabotnikov Reklamy (the Day of the Advertising Workers). (No, I'm not making that up.)

And I somehow doubt that the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution is being celebrated with much fanfare in Russia, either.

Nice try, though. Quite inventive.

Comment Re:No they won't. (Score 1) 343

So kid, in a few decades time when you turn 45 are you going to hand all your guns in?
No guns for girls either?
Then maybe the second amendment has got fuckall to do with your right to own a gun despite what people running the NRA like that guy that sold guns to Iran and Hezbolla, Oliver North, want you to think.

You've been played by a traitor and are pretending it is patriotism. That's just so fucked up.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 318

I think that's kind of the point.
Actions like this are to tell the people targeted that they are worthless and that the people perpetrating it can do anything they like to them.

There isn't a technical solution, it's a social one of removing the pricks on a power trip who don't seem to give a shit about doing a professional crime investigation.

Comment Re: Halfway There (Score 1) 343

Study after study has shown that concealed carriers commit far fewer crimes

It makes perfect sense because if they are too cowardly to openly carry then they are likely to be too cowardly to commit crimes so they are not people that society needs to worry about.
A stupid fantasy of pulling a hidden gun on a shocked mugger should not be pandered to by law. Wear the fucking thing on your belt and you won't get fucking mugged in the first place.

Comment Re:You're being silly (Score 1) 343

An armed populace makes enforcement of a police state impossible by default.

Very wrong. Tragically wrong. A well armed lone gunman is just a target to a large well armed and well run group.
You've got the lone hero myth stuck in your head. It's bullshit. Washington didn't win a country. Washington and his army won a country.

As an example of an armed populace under a police state - Chile under Pinochet. People could buy all the automatic weapons they could afford but they were getting truly fucked over by their government.

Comment Re:You're being silly (Score 1) 343

Not just because a large portion of said Army would walk out the day after being ordered to attack citizens

The Russian solution to that (which you will find has been copied and applied to the troops near you) was to post people in places a long way from where they are born so they have little empathy with the people they may have to control. It worked brutally well in the USSR.

Also you seem to have forgotten examples of US National Guard firing on protesters when ordered to do so. They didn't walk out. It was a long time ago but what has changed that would make them walk out?

If things go to shit so badly that the Army is called in they are going to know they are needed and will do the job, no matter how bad it sounds, and not desert. A few guys who hunt for ten days a year, even if they have the best guns they can buy, are going to be nothing but quick suicide by a professional force. All this "arming for revolution" shit is just a way for people to be legends in their own minds.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 1) 333

Columbia river for our secondary system

Never happened. People have know to keep their boiler water clean for at least one and a half centuries. On the other side of the condensors it can even be sea water but that boiler water is kept clean.
Nukes have the extra loop that exchanges heat with the boiler water - thus cooling water that goes through the cooling towers is the third loop. If anything from the first loop has made it into the third it's either a string of failures or a huge catastrophic event obvious to anyone within miles.

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