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Comment Re:MODS, GET A GRIP!!! (Score 1) 428

Get a grip!! Seriously. Go back and READ what I wrote.

I was attacking your analysis because it showed Obama in a worse light than is true.

I was pointing out that Obama's numbers are better than your original, incorrect analysis.

I was pointing out that the economy tanked during Bush Jr's term, so that unemployment was far worse at the beginning of Obama's term than the figures that you had erroneously cited.

You think that I am attempting to attack Obama's record. I'm not.

Comment MODS, GET A GRIP!!! (Score 1) 428

The parent has been modded up, yet every number in it is wrong or irrelevant because the parent poster thinks that Obama was inaugurated in January 2008, when in fact, it was an entire year later.

2008 was a year when the economy really tanked. All of parent's figures reflect the very bad last year of Bush Jr's term.

It should be modded down, not up.

Comment Re: It's Trumps Fault! (Score 1) 190

I think it's more like they declared war on him

The way he has been whipping up crowd hatred against media members at his rallies for months is what has been referred to as well as his comments.
Now we are seeing the sort of reaction that happens from media outlets when they have nothing to lose.
Attempting to be nice to Trump and pretending that his deceptions are real is getting the media nothing but more hate, so why play nice?

At least that's the way a professor of Journalism was describing the situation - I can't find the quote on the net since it was a radio interview. If you don't want to take my word that some people have opinions like that then you wouldn't believe a citation anyway.

Comment Re:Why would this concern Trump? (Score 1) 180

One of these is not like the others

Only if you follow Party Dogma like a good little Communist would elsewhere instead of facts. Ghaddafi didn't change right up until the day he was killed. All that changed is that he was accepted.
Should I mention Reagan dealing with Iran again? Will that cure the Dogma driven fake imbecility?

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 4, Interesting) 301

After living overseas for 15+ years, I've found I can no longer eat American chocolate--it's about 3x as sweet as chocolate made anywhere else. It's like trying to drink a cup of coffee with about 6 spoons of sugar in it. Gross.

Comment Re:Define "fit for business" (Score 1) 112

If you think I'm kidding about all of this

No I just think you are being unrealistic about the "care factor" of those execs you think will send in the lawyers with guns blazing.

If this happens once

There was that city in Germany and a few other things over the years. It has happened more than once already.

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