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Comment Re:Left field / outside the box is American cultur (Score 1) 165

I suggest you look up the "the Toyota way" ( to get a few misconceptions cleared up and find out where that consistency comes from.
You have to write the book first to be able to go "by the book", and it needs correction from time to time.
An attitude of stasis has you selling buggy whips in the automobile age.

Although it's now something associated with Asia that cultural thing was a continuation of the ideas of Henry Ford and others.
What we see far too much of now as "the American way" is instead to ideas of trust fund babies like Edsel Ford who were happy to coast along and relied on people below them to make ad-hoc changes.
Our manufacturing culture used to look like the Toyota way, now instead it looks like a bunch of drunken roaming bandits looking for someone who has actually got something to work to steal from.

All that said, recent Asian graduates don't really know about that either - I'm just clearing up the idea that "just going by the book" is where the success of those Asian companies came from. They get things to work well, write the book, then go by it until it's time to change it - just like some successful places in the west have done.

Comment A dictionary is not just for attacks (Score 0) 81

No they CAN'T and AREN'T, you can brute force a hash or use rainbow tables to lookup possibilities but you CANNOT decrypt them as they are one way.

Solving with brute force IS a way to decrypt.
A dictionary is not just for attacks, it's also a book for looking up the accepted meanings of words such as decrypt instead of your own pet definition that I'm somehow supposed to know before you attack me for not reading your poorly educated mind.

Comment Re:Something deeper.. (Score 2) 165

Anyone who deals with such placement knows that you get a flood of obviously fake, misleading, and just plain silly applications from certain Asian countries

Advertise a job in Silicon Valley and you will get lots of applications from ethnically Asian people who are local and either have green cards or are citizens. There is no reason to assume that this issue is in any way related to foreign applicants (who can be legitimately discriminated against).

Comment I'd say the author does - eg. Linkedin 2012 hack (Score 1) 81

I don't think the author of the article understands what a password hash is if they think that passwords can be decrypted from them.

They can and are. "Salting" the passwords with extra complexity makes it a lot harder (to the point of impractical to crack if done right) and is the usual practice now to avoid situations like this when it was not done right:

Comment A VM is not security - idiots (Score 4, Interesting) 81

There used to a disclaimer every time an older VM program ran, I think it was "bochs", which told the user that a VM is not security.
It only gives you the illusion of it.
In reality the VM software has to get it's hooks so deep into the hosts networking and other sensitive bits that you can never be sure that software running on the client can't get up to nasty tricks on the host.

If you want security design for security instead of taking the lazy way out of using something completely different done by someone else and pretend that partial separation for totally different reasons is equivalent to security.

It's just like expecting to enter a Ford Bronco is a horse race. The name makes it sound like it belongs but it's not the same thing and was never intended to be.

Comment Re:A simple reality check (Score 1) 618

You have strayed way beyond the bounds of truth and reality so no ad homonym attack there - you are indeed an embarrassment.

I think the lot of climatologists

It obviously does not matter what you think since you know far less than the general public on the matter and even thought it was a new field!
As the kids say today - epic fail.

Comment Re:Questionable analogy and questionable analysis. (Score 1) 147

This is fallacious, as capacity is consumed and is a limited capacity.

So, if I understand you correctly, if I download 1GB, then for the rest of that month, the routers can only handle their normal traffic minus 1GB? And so on for every user?

No, your explanation is flawed because it assumes that, at a given time, one individual can consume all the bandwidth, locking out other users. In reality, of course, what happens is that everyone's Internet service slows down so that the sum total matches the capacity. But the network capacity for the rest of the month is unaffected. Even if no one downloads anything, the network capacity for the rest of the month is unchanged

Network capacity has an instantaneous limit, and capacity is not "consumed" in any meaningful use of the word.

What ISPs are really selling is speed. But this ISP only offers low speeds. It's offering a sub-par product and would like to hide that in ridiculous monthly caps.

Comment Re:A simple reality check (Score 1) 618

The El Nino, La Nina cycle was observed by a guy who gave it a name over a century ago

A guy who happened to be one of several scientists studying climate.
A few years later, not much more than a century ago now, other climate scientists joined explorers to the arctic and antarctic to fill in some of the major gaps in climate science at the time. A child in school could have told you these things.

You really know very little about this topic don't you?

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