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Comment Re:Hopper who? (Score 1) 251

Ever heard of self-depreciating humour?
Yes this place is a sausage-fest and I am also male - so? The kiddies who go on about IT as if they are lumberjacks and it's far too tough a job for anyone without a dick are worth laughing at. They don't get the irony that it wasn't so long ago that only girls were allowed in the high school typing classes and only boys were allowed in the metalwork classes.

Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 126

Without NASA there is nobody to pay for "private space" apart from communications satellites, and that's hardly enough to keep the lights on. Any "private space" company without military funding would be doomed.
It's appears to be one of those situations where there is far too little return for a purely private model to work.
It's worth mentioning that NASA didn't build the lunar lander, Grumman built the lunar lander. It's been "private space" ever since we ran out of captured German V2 rockets and started paying Chrysler and a pile of other companies for things to go into space.

Comment Re:prediction... more good comments... not (Score 1) 463

implementing a minimum-wage increase throws some of the poorest of poor out into the unemployment line to starve

Bullshit. That's like those old arguments about workers compensation or an ability to sue for damages encourages workers to permanently disable themselves. You've been infected by poisonous political rhetoric that was old and worn out more than a century ago.

Comment I'd better add (Score 1) 163

Perhaps you should consider more carefully your appeals to authority.
A model limiting itself to nothing but wind and solar, not even more hydro let alone anything else, is not meant to be taken seriously alone. It's a thought experiment designed to illustrate the obvious situation that monocultures suck. It's not designed to prove what you have suggested at all.

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 364

All I did to "earn" those attacks from all those fanboys and yourself was to mention situations I have encountered where systemd is not perfect.

Which results in weird startup issues occasionally. I managed to hang my laptop trying to add an autostarting emacs server to my user session. Which shouldn't influence system boot, IMO, but it did

That's the kind of scope creep I was referring to elsewhere which IMHO is yet another sign that Lennart just doesn't "get" the idea of a *nix system or multiuser systems in general, but maybe I'm reading too much into it and his blog posts.

Comment Re:prediction... more good comments... not (Score 1) 463

Morality is irrelevant; minimum wage is an efficiency model.

The efficiency model is to exploit the weak and desperate as much as possible so it is indeed a moral issue to draw a line beyond where exploitation cannot go.

I really don't know why you wrote so much to build a house of cards upon your faulty premise. What exactly were you trying to do with all of that? What's with the weird attack at the end?

Comment Wrong and wrong again (Score 1) 163

Your own link not only utterly fails to support your claim above (100% supply for an entire day!) but is also an incredibly naive one-dimensional view of electricity generation and distribution.
The world is three dimensional and we have these things called electricity distribution grids. We also have multiple types of ways to generate electricity. A strawman of limiting the number of sources and pretending that electricity is unavailable to be transmitted from another location is a unrealistic even for locations such as Hawaii let along the continental United States.
Just give up your silly little game - you are not even playing it up to high school project level so why bother?

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