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Comment Similar scenario (Score 3, Informative) 2

If a local user is being used, you can change the password or clear it using one of the many rescue CDs / USB boot images such as Trinity, System Rescue, or anything that includes a recent version of CHNTPW.

There are plenty of other password reset disks / utils that work under WinPE like Active@ password changer ($50).

If the forced reboot x3 doesn't open a downgrade scenario, you can try to determine where the password came from.

It's rare that an account becomes password locked without user intervention or a password source.

The following assumes that the account is using a Microsoft Account or Live Account and not local.

Similar scenario:

"Let me confirm that, if have configured any Windows 10 feature(I.e. Like Xbox, Windows store, Cortana, or any other feature) recently that which requires Microsoft account, then it will automatically switch you to Microsoft account after you enter your account credentials and you need to use the same to access PC. In simple your Local account will be migrated to Microsoft account without any changes to your personal files.

"If you want to switch back to Local account, then navigate to Start/> Settings/>Accounts/>Your Account, on right side click Sign with local account Instead. Enter your Microsoft account password when prompted and follow the steps to switch back Local account.

"But ensure that most of the features on windows 10 require Microsoft account to access them. Refer the link for more information about Microsoft account."


It's possible that you used a MS account with Office 365, OneDrive, OneNote, XBox for Windows...? Maybe the credentials were pulled from there.

Comment Splice or nonsense (Score 0) 53

I'm going to assume the editor meant to say "its" and not "it's" because the latter becomes "it is," leading to a weird pigeon English reading of the line. It's funny when Newsweek did it, but not so much here.

Wait a second - do they mean "the creators' far more open platform" or that Viv is a far more open platform? Oy, the difference a single mark makes.

And re: naming, they should have gone with the vowel-less actioner: "Vivr." I'm not sure how any VC could have missed that crucial marketing point!

Comment Re:Yes, and similarly... (Score 1) 532

What you propose is preposterous, impractical and patently ridiculous. It should be blisteringly obvious that your suggestion should be amended to simply have each citizen marked with a tattoo of an identification number on the left forearm of each citizen.

Nothing fancy, but it does have the advantage of being indelible and attractive as well.

Comment Re:Ineffective? (Score 2) 170

Oh, my goodness! I can't even imagine the state of the populace's finger and toenails. Are there long lines and rations to use the services of the state-sponsored manicurists? Is there a National Policy to advise the glorious citizens as to what their nail states should aspire to be?

We must liberate this country of janky fingers, ingrown cuticles and hangnails in all haste!

God Bless

Comment Agree with Single-subject rule (Score 2) 166

How hard is it to define the scope at the start, then have all legislation following stay within those parameters?

I think any "lawmaker" that pulls these maneuverings - inserting legislation too far outside the intended scope of the bill - should be subject to censure, fines, and felony charges. The only defense would be to try to convince a bipartisan committee that you had a legitimate reason for injection, apart from bribes, handouts, contributions, kickbacks, and special favors of course.

If there are no penalties and no systems to steer the cows of Capitol Hill effectively, then the abuse will continue to run rampant.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 330

You may want to also consider Windows 10's increasingly heavy reliance on OneDrive (photos, music, backups) and MS cloud services for your phone, computer, tablet and refrigerator. As people are encouraged to use more space and dump more things online, they will quickly approach the new limits, and will hopefully buy more space from the convenient nag prompt that appears at 4.5 GB.

I've had a few free SkyDrive / OneDrive accounts for a while, and have gotten some bonus space via photo sync, reclaimed the extra 15 GB to counter the reduction to 7 GB, etc. So now they might be taking 10 GB away from me, in addition to the "Camera roll bonus" which is another 15 GB? I'm not sure what the final count will be... Possibly 15 GB out of currently 40 GB usable?

I didn't fill up their space, but it was nice knowing that was available to me. Oh, well. The last thing I bought from Microsoft was a force feedback Sidewinder wheel in 2000, so I'm hardly their target customer anyway.

At least I had the foresight to stock up on some free 50GB Box accounts during their various promotions. It's probably also time to figure out how to get OwnCloud running on the NAS, fighting Apache SSL and ports, rewrite rules, NAT, etc. For free, the external cloud services with paltry storage might work for important documents, frequent files, and current projects.

And the Chinese services give away 1TB for free to anyone with an email address. As long as you don't mind the Party admiring your photos and other collections stored there...

First it giveth, then it taketh away - QoTSA

Comment Re:Holy shit (Score 4, Interesting) 235

The only thing MojoKid (1002251) wrote for this submission was "Check out the demo. It's pretty impressive," while the rest was plagiarized from the "Hothardware" article written by Paul Lilly, who does seems to be breathlessly impressed by an internal demo of an unreviewed application.

I'm going to call this a formatting error and a sad omission of credit, because I refuse to believe that someone would shamelessly lift words that they hadn't written and posit them as their own. Maybe it's the editors' fault. In either case, it's sloppy posting and comes off as skeezy no matter what the excuse might be.

Hell, just submit the rest of the article next time - why bother linking to a source or crediting an original author?

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